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Name: Florian Pankerl
Nick: Panky9
Domicile: Aschaffenburg, Germany
Political information
Party: Non-party
National Association: None
Discrict Association: None
Contact Information
Mail-Adress: florian.pankerl(at)members(dot)piratenpartei(minus)bayern(dot)de
Fingerprint: 546F 7048 6555 D945 64DB 573E A66D 3FC7 84FB 31CF
Twitter: Panky9 Panky9
GooglePlus: 113088803100028656468


From 2009-06-18 to 2013-04-01 I was a member of the Pirate Party of Germany. Beginning of 2011 to the 1st of April 2012 I was elected to the board of the Pirates without Borders.

Specific concerns

  • More direct democracy (eg. Liquid Democracy)
  • Protection of critical infrastructure
  • Strict adherence to the separation of powers
  • Abolition of censorship
  • Strengthening of fundamental rights

Participation in

  • From 2011-02-26 to 2012-04-01 as Technical administrator of the board of the Pirates Without Borders
  • Discussion on mailing lists in Germany
  • Member of the BundesIT in Germany
  • Administrator of the mailing lists of the District Association Unterfranken
  • Administrator of the German pirate planet
  • Always on site, in Aschaffenburg (eg at information booths)


On the wiki page GPGkey is my GPG key is for everything that concerns the Pirate Parties. My private GPG key is available in the wiki of the Pirate Party Germany.