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My Name is Edward, I'm a german pirate, studying biology and I'm a big Pirate-Party-enthusiast!

The reason, why I am a pirate

We need a global change! Not the climatical one and also not the change Obama pledged.
I think, the Pirate-Party is the first one which has the potential to link
politically interested people from all over the world, to work on one aim:
saving freedom, privacy and the rights of the individual!

Other interests...



My favourites are Drum&Bass, other electronic music, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Dancehall and a lot more stuff.
At you can see to what I'm listening right now and sometimes i share some good music via


I really love skateboarding! I'm rolling around on four wheels for 11 years, since the 13th year of my life.
Some Pics: Ollie over a gap - Bluntslide on a curb - Boardslide on a handrail - Tailslide on a ledge




Email: eeedddeee1 [ äd ] gmail [ dod ] com