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The Chongqing man at home in the erection of radio stations

's also far from a microwave radiation. Fun: have received Antarctic airwaves 31-year-old Wang Yucheng has nine years of amateur radio enthusiasts, in addition to is an architectural designer, Jimmy Wang Yu Chongqing Radio Association amateur radio club vice president. 23 this month, Daily reporter came Wangyu from home,air jordan 6, saw a study, where more than 10 square meters, filled with all kinds of radio equipment. Jimmy Wang Yu fiddle with the radio has become an indispensable part of his life, weekday home design architectural drawings, he would habitually open the radio, listen to the radio waves emitted by other amateur stations, while the design work in such a relaxed state, his work more efficient. "The radio amateurs preferences classification, roughly divided into four categories: one is like a DIY radio equipment; love to communicate with each other contact with other stations; One is only like radio transmitter; only love radio receiver Jimmy Wang Yu, now belong to the last type, only like to receive the radio waves emitted by other stations. Rivalries between the radio amateurs, that is, to see who received the radio more,air jordan, or to see who is the signal being sent more other stations received. Wang Yu said, the beginning of last year, he received a radio signal sent from the Antarctic Zhongshan Station excited for several days, "This is the signal emitted by a Russian radio enthusiasts, he went to the Antarctic Zhongshan Station guest, the way there erected an amateur radio transmitter signal, the result is my receiver to the I immediately by e-mail to his hair seal acknowledgment letter. Chongqing may be only one person I receiver to a! "recalled then, Jimmy Wang Yu also seemed very excited. Equipment: years spent more than ten million because the love of radio, Jimmy Wang Yu is also keen to collect a variety of old classic radio equipment. A few radio enthusiasts love to collect this type of equipment, they also established a special trading a variety of radio equipment of a website. Online Taohuo in addition,グッチ 財布, Jimmy Wang Yu, old vessels demolition factory radio enthusiasts paradise, because often Amoy to the value of a collection of radio equipment from there,グッチ. Jimmy Wang Yu for their love of amateur radio has spent more than 10 million, most of which are used to collect classic old radio equipment. "I collect old equipment over 20, one of the most proud collection of 1980s British Marconi radio produced a receiving device, and spent more than 10,ヴィトン 財布,000 yuan." Wang Yu playing with this his very favorite collection. Troubled: neighbors Chongqing amateur radio enthusiasts more than 1,000 people, according to the national norms, amateur radio operators, and radio level divided into four, a maximum Chongqing only one amateur radio requires demolition Radio " radio, I am also in Chongqing only way to get an amateur radio operator qualification. "Wang Yu took out a suitcase, which is filled with a variety of radio qualification erection documents. However, this time Jimmy Wang Yu as their hobby encountered troubled the - neighbor claimed his radio radiation enormous, asking them to remove the antenna off the radio, it was even specially invited a electromagnetic pollution detection to detect, results nothing measured. "At home, he erected a forty-five meters of antenna radiation good yo,ヴィトン! Completely disregard the feelings of others." Jimmy Wang Yu, a neighbor, told reporters that the radio radiation is huge, and in case of so ill, who to be responsible for Subsequently, the reporter interviewed a random three households Jimmy Wang Yu to live on the first floor, their views are the same - Jimmy Wang Yu dismantle the radio. Although neighbors are nothing more outrageous move, but Jimmy Wang Yu, or this trouble several times in order to match the testing company hired by the neighbor detection, and leave home waiting for neighbors to visit. "My radio is approved through the National, the indicators are qualified,abercrombie, how possible adverse effects on human Besides, I just listen to other radio signals, the radio equivalent of a large radio,バーバリー, where the huge radiation a microwave electromagnetic radiation infinitely greater than my radio. "said Wang Yu, his own children, 1-year-old and a half, since the wife is pregnant with the child to the birth of a child to grow since he fiddle with the radio, the child is still healthy without any problems. Wang Yu suffered distress exist in many amateur radio interview with reporters, the Jiangbei one radio enthusiasts set up in the roof of the antenna, and even neighbors to radiation damage the health grounds, forcibly removed. "Some people still exist misconception that the radio radiation is huge, in fact, by the people to make and receive phone electromagnetic radiation than radio." Amateur radio enthusiasts Zhang Huajun said. Amateur radio power is basically only a few watts to tens of watts, my neighbors was also my erection stations doubt, I patiently explained it to them come up with the station license issued by the state, most people can understanding, does not embarrass me. "amateur radio enthusiasts XU Jing told reporters. Expert doubts do not have to talk about the "wave" the mere mention of the amateur radio electromagnetic radiation, the reporter the day before an interview with consultation with the Office of Radio Management Committee of Chongqing. A staff member told reporters the airwaves covered every corner of the city, and every year they received a decade or two similar complaints, in fact, members of the public do not have to talk about the "wave" pale,アバクロ. Amateur radio after registration are in line with national laws and regulations, and will not cause any adverse effects on the human body. Electromagnetic radiation of a standard amateur radio, not like a microwave. The run time of the microwave oven, the front and back sides of the electromagnetic radiation, a person standing close running microwave positive, the amount of electromagnetic radiation received is even higher than the amateur radio times, so that the public using the microwave oven, after the operation stop of the microwave oven,ナイキ ジョーダン, and I recommendations of a minute or so out of the box door, in order to avoid adverse effects. Amateur radio electromagnetic radiation can be said to be minimal, the public do not have to worry about fear.</p>

When the subway stop, the man jumped into the track knocked

's Square station platform, the recurrence of a man jumping into the track events, and train collision, was seriously injured. Meanwhile, the 3rd line evening peak sudden equipment failure, some regional trains speed limit, causing the train interval prolongation. According to eyewitnesses, the incident occurred, a middle-aged man wearing a dark shirt and black pants standing on the 1st line Wenshui Station to the direction of People's Square station platform when a train roaring pit stop, the man suddenly jumped into the track, the train drivers brake is less than a man with a train collision. Subsequently, after the train's emergency brake stop, subway station personnel into orbit Jumping man rescue. Witnesses said the station personnel to stretcher the man from orbit lift out,グッチ. "That man has multiple blood looks Shangdebuqing." Immediately,mulberry, the Metro staff rushed to the man near the Tenth People's Hospital for treatment. The medical staff said the injuries are critical,ナイキ ジョーダン, not yet out of danger. Orbit delivery of the police have been to the scene,ナイキ ジョーダン, investigating the exact cause of the man falling,ジョーダン. According to eyewitnesses, do not rule out that the man may commit suicide. The reporter then confirmed by the stakeholders from the Metro Transportation Management Center, the No,hollister uk. 1 line Wenshui station passengers Jumping event does occur,ジョーダン, affected, leading to the the Wenshui station two-way shut down for about 10 minutes. Field staff after emergency treatment at the fastest speed, two-way to restore access. Almost at the same time,バーバリー 財布, the cross-rail line 3 also evening peak suddenly encountered equipment failure, leading to Hongqiao Road Station to Zhongshan Park station to extend the frequency of trains,グッチ 財布, affecting about 14 minutes of operation,abercrombie. Shanghai Metro delay information posted in the official website: 18:14 Hongqiao Road,アバクロ, Shanghai Metro Line 3 to Zhongshan Park section due to equipment failure, the current train speed limit running operating frequencies interval prolongation,air jordan; 18:28 updated information that 3 Line operations returned to normal, the cause of the malfunction is still under investigation.

The girls refused to courtship was disfigured continued the

's family confirmed the saying the Department of Tao Rukun parents, Internet rumors Hefei Audit Bureau level cadres and Hefei City Planning Bureau Director of Finance. ■ details of the back of the injured mother before the incident SMS alert daughter the morning of the 25th, an old dormitory in Hefei East Seven Mile Station,グッチ, Taoyuan Road, one of less than 90 square meters of the house lived a family of three weeks rocks. Weeks rock covered wound with bandages, lying on the sofa to rest, revealing only the eyes and neck. Zhou Yan's mother, Ms. Lee about the trouble the moment. "In the afternoon of September 17 last year, I'm ready to go out to take some money, Tao Rukun sitting down stairs, and I know he is looking for big treasure (Zhou Yan's nickname), I shout at him, he drove down the stairs. 5:00 when I am ready to go to work at night, he saw Tao Rukun eat something in the cell door, I was on a kind of a bad feeling, think the Tao Rukun again cursed Dabao, I'll send a message to remind her daughter to pay attention to safety did not expect the tragedy occurred. "Ms. Lee conceal his excitement. "Tao Rukun later to the house like PopCap door. But we dream did not expect teenage children, even frenzied, so to make this thing come,hollister." "Yesterday daughter told me to say, Mom, I artistic photo shoot, you do not agree, after never take artistic photographs. "According to Ms. Lee introduced, the doctor told her to be psychologically prepared, even plastic surgery, it is impossible to return to the previous, the future looks certainly very ugly. "But these words, I have without the knowledge of her daughter." Ms. Lee's sudden outbursts of emotion, tearful. Side Zhou Yan heard this, although his face is unknown, but his eyes overflow tears. He threatened not allowed to say the truth girl Zhou Yan "That afternoon my aunt at home, my mother going to be working at night, Tao Rukun came to my house, door and asked my aunt what time to go, I say, 'You do not come back to harass me, I want to learn 'but he called I promise to his high school three years do not fall in love, if he found the boys chasing me, I'll be dead. "said Zhou Yan was ignition Tao Rukun said:" Why I want to listen to you. "Later, he took out a bag placed inside a bottle, and I did not react, he took the jug of oil pouring into my head, and then set fire to me my aunt require Tao Rukun call after the fire was extinguished, call an ambulance, he did not agree, and also say: 'You do not play ah'. "" Later, after the 120 arrived, parked in the yard door, I went down to the stairs when has also been stopped. "said Zhou Yan," when he stop me to say, you are the best and the family when we play carelessly got He also said that, if you alarm, even if because of this thing, I was caught in, up to a week to put out. "trying to use the quilt extinguishing week rock aunt" to hear that kind of screams, I quickly rushed rushed, silly (Zhou Yan) standing here blindfolded, his hands,ジョーダン, his head is up and down all the fire. "see niece into a fire,グッチ 財布, she quickly picked up a quilt, Zhou rock cover. "No Meng (cover) off,air ジョーダン, fire or with badly, I immediately took the pad off to a floc, and Mongolia (flutter)." Zhou family said Tao Rukun incident followed them downstairs and ready to take a taxi , Yan Zhou aunt took did not let him get away until the next day Tao Rukun taken away by the police at the hospital. ■ question the "Tao Rukun" update microblogging evening of the 24th, a signature for Tao Rukun my microblog users in the network, another update two microblogging, said: "careless throwing her, I really did not mean to." 25 morning, Hefei Public Security Bureau certification microblogging Hefei police to release information,ナイキ ジョーダン, said: In the evening of 17 September 2011, Tao Rukun because of a trivial altercation, Tao Rukun prepared in advance (male, born in 1995) and Zhou Yan (female) The lighter Youpo Zhou Yan body and ignite, resulting Zhou Yan multiple injuries. September 18 of the same year, Tao Rukun suspicion of intentional injury crime Yaohai Public Security Bureau in criminal detention Procuratorate approved September 26, police execute arrest. At the same time, the police said, the Tao Rukun has not been released on bail,ナイキ ジョーダン. ■ focus Tao patronymic the Tao Rukun and Zhou Yan Department of puppy love Following a public apology on the microblogging on the early morning of the 25th, the 25th night, the Tao Rukun the father Tao Hefei forum issued Thousand posts apologize again, and before and after the incident do explain. The Post said: "My son Tao Rukun early 2010 and Zhou Yan puppy love, although we are strongly opposed, but the feelings have been better about a week before the incident, boyfriend due Zhou Yan otherwise, Tao Rukun not correctly treated well, in September 2011 in the evening of the 17th of Zhou Yan hurt. "Both parents have been in talks on the issue of compensation. Zhou Yan parents to ask compensation payments fell to $ 600 million in December from 10 million yuan by the end of October 2011, to February 12 demands for compensation of 2.8 million yuan, plus an apartment. Because we are also working-class during hospitalization, the borrower, it can not afford a huge indemnity, hopes to continue negotiations, but rejected, then published an article in the network. The post also said, "has been, we, with atonement and grief the mood every effort to rescue Zhou Yan,air jordan. Dec. 20, agreed to discharge, I paid a total of 338,600 yuan of medical expenses during hospitalization, and do not owe any hospital costs,グッチ 財布. Discharge, we also requested the hospital opened Mepiform enough for six months with scar paste, valued at 60,000 yuan. 01,700 yuan referral medical expenses paid on January 31, 2012 Zhou Yan, posts back also attached a photo of several invoices night,mulberry, Tao Rukun mother the Miss Xu confirm the thousands of words post is indeed their hair. ■ respond to the evening of 26 Zhou Yan's family at the End of the World Forum, Tao saying one by one response. Zhou Yan evade entangled puppy love Zhoujia not said injury Zhou rock its otherwise boyfriend, completely absolve Tao Rukun crimes, would like to go the week rock body splash dirty water and out of nothing the Chou family is in order to let his daughter to escape the entanglement of the Tao Rukun, to stay in school, and only then, Zhou Yan transfer to Feidong summarized town middle school. later, continue to struggle Taoru Kun, Zhou Yan last resort and took a year off. incident Zhou Yan took a year off after only two weeks time to return to school in the September 17, Chow resolutely oppose children puppy love, Zhou Yan is a very well-behaved child, does not exist otherwise boyfriend was discharged due to the home of the Tao Chou family, said Tao Rukun parents so that they had signed the note "say the Tao Rukun with 120 rushed to the hospital, that is, you want to prove Taoru Kun Zhou Yan active treatment. November 13, Tao Rukun parents took arrears medical expenses Help to allow them to sign, they refused to sign. Thereafter, Tao began to default on hospital costs, do not give the cost of living until owe the hospital 7-100000, hospitals require that they discharged so-called hospital agreed discharged, owed medical expenses because Tao Rukun parents. claims 2.8 million cosmetic surgery Spring Festival, Tao's father holding "released on bail application" to let the Zhou family signature is rejected,アバクロ. February 12, Tao Rukun lawyers came home again proposed to them to report figures, they heard similar treatment in Beijing, Shanghai cosmetic surgery,バーバリー, also need three million at current costs, not to mention, Zhou Yan surgery will take many years to complete, so they the Tao The lawyer asked the 280 million compensation figures this is not their intention, because the commitment before the Tao Rukun the parents accompanied them responsible in the end. Tao old house 10 years and 20 years of treatment, they never asked to lead Instead, the Tao of the the Shuanggang old house as compensation, they refused such a huge sum of 10 million, 600 million is likely to be proposed. recent exposure Tao lose the trust of Zhoujia person, Zhou Yan still life-threatening in the intensive care the the rescue chamber Tao Rukun parents responsible for the treatment of Zhou Yan, with Zhou Yan Korea cosmetic treatment for 10 years and 20 years are accompanied. listening to this commitment, heart injured by the Zhou family is slightly comforting, but also believe that the Tao Rukun parents. Zhou family said, which is all the media and netizens doubt, why the incident did not immediately disclose the matter, recently turned to the media reason. discharge of 60,000 yuan worth of scars paste with the facts, this 60,000 $ contains 33.8663 million yuan in Zhou Yan, now or in the hospital when the old scar paste. ■ lawyers say, less than 18 years of age or mitigating Jinghua lawyers lawyers careful that the practice of criminal suspects in the case constituted crime of intentional injury, in accordance with the provisions of the Penal Code, causing the other seriously injured more than consequences, shall be sentenced to 3-10 years in prison, to cause death or cause serious disability caused serious injury to especially cruel means, more than 10 years in prison or or death due Taomou is a full 14 years younger than 18-year-old suspects, should be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. edition, according to the reporter Huanghai Lei market Star Anhui TV reported

The guy plug hundred dollars ragged old man after bus, home

's Square Law, in the evening, ready Jiefang Road - Dalian Bay bus ride home. Flowers Center nearby, a ragged old man caught everyone's attention. Station car passing people, were watching him,グッチ 財布. "Miss Jiang said, to see who the old man you can not help an acid. The old man looked at nearly 70 years old. Rags whole,グッチ, shoulders lug a shopping bag of old clothes, walking instability, trembling shuffling pace. Miss Jiang are hesitant to want to help him, I saw beside a young man hurriedly walked over,air jordan, took out 100 yuan superimpose the elderly,ヴィトン 財布. The elderly shook the young man's hand again and again thank for a while, the two exchanges,hollister uk, the young man to see the bus and quickly got into the car,mulberry. Miss Jiang also on with a bus. Miss Jiang was the young man's behavior moved deliberately sit down at the young man beside her and struck up a conversation with him. Chat,abercrombie, Miss Jiang learned young man in the back of a company of the municipal government to do software work. Work late, the young man wanted a taxi home, but he is too poor to see the old man decided to taxi money saved to the old man with. Lad Miss Jiang told,air ジョーダン, that the old man is living alone, he said he is nursing home hit,ジョーダン, so I decided to leave,アバクロ. Old man even more sober, to go to the rescue shelter temporary residence,ルイヴィトン. Miss Jiang asked the young man's name, young man, but do not want publicity. Miss Jiang was ashamed saw no fewer than five people in the elderly, but only lad dare stepped forward to help the elderly and other people are just talking about. Miss Jiang heart of compassion, but some hesitation, no timely lend a helping hand. Miss Jiang hopes to carry forward the lad helpful spirit out,ナイキ ジョーダン. Reporter Zhang Lu

A four car accident the mother was trapped inside shouting t

's injuries,air ジョーダン, and forget about his injury critically ill,hollister. Subsequently,ヴィトン, the injured were sent to emergency vehicles rushed to hospital for treatment,ナイキ ジョーダン. The cause of the accident is still under investigation,hollister outlet. Text and photo J002

The court said during the National Day to handling cases pol

's Court responded: indeed the court handling the case of vehicles, the photo on the way back,air jordan, but the photo is not the court staff,hollister. User: Your Honor, do not be too hard, "the long journey to Mount Emei handling the case also with the wife and kids, eat small restaurant still being roadside, Your Honor, do not be too hard,ナイキ ジョーダン." The hair microblogging users "Fat Man" is Xi'an people, he said, the afternoon of October 3, he and his friends in Emeishan downhill, at a roadside farm music found a Zheliang of Mizhi the police car. Door printed with the word 'court', not far from the car down the four people talking at the dinner,ヴィトン, "he said, four people in a man and a woman older man wearing glasses,グッチ バッグ; another two looks young, about 20 years old, looked like a family. This microblogging situation, users talking. The users "Baidu music box," said: "busy judge handling the case, take the opportunity to travel the license plate number, should be leading the car Oh" friends,アバクロ, "six decades",グッチ 財布. The Procuratorate: Court had asked to go with Sichuan handling the case inquiries from reporters learned, of Shaanxi KA600 Police "丰田越野车 Department Mizhi County People's Court all,air ジョーダン. Yesterday, the hospital director of the Office of Yangzhan Fei said, police car, the court handling the case of vehicles, was way back, but the four people in the photo is not a court staff. Yang Zhanfei said to Mizhi County Public Security Bureau cracked with drug trafficking cases and arrested a number of drug traffickers, including a man is Sichuanese, suffering from infectious diseases, not to bring back Mizhi. "The court specifically sent regular one, Wang three judges and a driver to the local sentencing, the handle for the men released on bail formalities,グッチ." Said Yang Zhanfei. Four on September 26 from Mizhi on unfamiliar routes, was sentenced on October 2, drive back to the 3rd to the 5th Mizhi. Hill Road, and coincided with the afternoon open vehicles in a restaurant before,ジョーダン, four dined at the restaurant. "Mizhi County Procuratorate prosecutor confirmed that this matter,ルイヴィトン, the court had asked them to go to a Sichuan handling the case , but the work time relationship is not sent his staff. Huo Jing Chu, president of the hospital, said four staff members at the expense of the holiday time to off-site handling the case very hard time handling the case, have detailed records. He said "If by Bus travel behavior,abercrombie, given when strict at the reporter Gao Yu Long (Original title: Mount Emei to see the the Mizhi police car (Figure))

Son street to go after the father to demand money to play ga

's filial son by the police administrative detention,ジョーダン. According to this elderly man named Zhang Qiang,hollister, son Moumou all day to indulge in the game room, also repeatedly burglary, been punished. Elderly to seek clemency for a time,hollister outlet, but the last perpetrator was arrested,グッチ 財布, the elderly do not control him, he will be the father heart resentment,air jordan. January 21, Moumou money to the father says to see a doctor,hollister outlet, Zhang Qiang, knowing that he has to the money to play the game, but dared not much to say, they came to town credit unions to withdraw money with Moumou riding a motorcycle,グッチ バッグ. See Credit Union in front of packed,air ジョーダン, Zhang Qiang said let's wait for his son. Behold, Moumou impatience, to pick up a brick to pound his father,hollister, the past will be covered in blood Qiang rushed to Des Ridge Town Center Hospital bandage. Came out from the hospital,ヴィトン 財布, Moumou still not miss the father, chasing the elderly to hit the streets,ヴィトン, giving rise to the scene of the beginning of this article,アバクロ. Text / reporter Bai Zhongyi correspondent Li Na (original title: money to play games unfilial children street to go after the father)

Hospital staff sticker sheet to remind registered a long tim

's Hospital of parties to the registration room has been criticized and deduction hydrology / Reporter Long Kun Figure / reporter Yang Qin "Whether you are a fever, diarrhea, cough or HFMD, will have to wait 6-8 hours! If you can wait registration, can not wait to go to other hospitals! "at 8:00 pm on May 19, says the above paper stickers the registered window at the Children's Hospital in Shenzhen, the tone is so stiff paper immediately be patient photographed put microblogging, "Children's Hospital, you attitude " voices of doubt rolling. Shenzhen Children's Hospital for many years overloaded operators, already difficult registered anger of family members of patients, the paper makes the event warming. Two nights ago, Shenzhen Children's Hospital emergency meeting to find out the sticker sheet is a young man of the registration room,hollister outlet, a notice of criticism and buckle salary of punishment to him, and the whole of society to apologize. However, one can not overlook the fact that, since May more than 20 days, the average daily hospital accepted patients with 4900 people, far more than originally 2000 passengers daily treatment capacity to 2500 passengers. Paper event the epitome of high-pressure state of mind is the hospital staff, the hospital has decided to hire a counseling doctors for health care workers do divert. Who have been abusive before the sticker piece about this paper the microblogging crazy turn on the network. Take the kids to the doctor, the results have to wait the fifty-six hours to see a lot of doctor parents, but they have expressed dissatisfaction with the Children's Hospital of Shenzhen. "Holding children and five hours to wait until the doctor you're star but also cattle." One mother said so. Seen on the video surveillance of Shenzhen Children's Hospital yesterday, May 19,hollister, 8 pm, at the 4th window of the receptionist, a young man of the stage there are a lot of patients in the queue up around 8:10, his stage patients seems to happen a quarrel with him, ten minutes later, the young man took Tips paper for a children's hospital, in the back of the pieces of paper,グッチ 財布, stickers in the window,アバクロ. With people quarrel,air ジョーダン, he scolded night of a matron's explanation for his actions. Li Defa, deputy director of the Shenzhen Children's Hospital outpatient department said, this thing is a bad influence, hospital leaders had even considered To his dismissal, but "he was a just out taking into account the work of the young man, his parents trained not easy, not spoil his future. " Therefore, ultimately he made a written examination and informed criticism, and after deducting penalties of three months' pay for performance, this staff has also been removed from the department,air jordan. Three months' pay for performance, equivalent to 20% of the year's income for him. "Frank" pieces of paper "Whether you are fever, diarrhea, cough, or foot and mouth disease,グッチ, will have to wait 6-8 hours! If you can wait, it is registered, can not wait to go to other hospitals!" Leaving aside the emotional factors pieces of paper are the truth. Reporter 7:00 yesterday came to Shenzhen Children's Hospital, long queues have been discharged to the gate, said already the norm. Infusion room has no vacancies, a father even bought clothes hook, hanging above the bottle on a string to the children infusion. Treatment amount, according to the Shenzhen Children's Hospital, the first quarter of this year has reached 35 million people,ルイヴィトン, an increase of 10% over the same period last year, the total number of personnel has not significantly improved,ナイキ ジョーダン, maintained at more than 800. Counting 20 days from May admissions over 4900 people a day on average, the number of hospitals the number of doctors and hospital consulting room is only enough admissions 2000-2500 visitors a day, has been greatly exceed the scale. "If the child is sick with stay with there parents, children's hospital admissions for 4900 people, the flow of people thousands of." Said Li Defa. According to statistics, hospital petition of complaints received each year more than 400 items, 80% are complaints outpatient, emergency, especially medical clinic emergency long waiting times,hollister outlet, hospital difficult observation with difficult patients, hospital size is not enough, resulting in registration difficult, long waiting times. Inpatient wards in the hospital, too, and always will not be free beds, children with morning and discharged, will soon have new children come in, and often build beds in the corridor. An urgent surgery in the operating room, typically a month or so. Registered difficult to breed batch No. traffickers, specifically doing down the number of business and some number dealers is very rampant. 6:50 on the morning of May 15, the security chief of the Shenzhen Children's Hospital led to the registration hall cleanup No,ヴィトン 財布. traffickers in the a registered windows and self registered machines at discourage down No. staff leave on your own, but was No. traffickers abusive, there are number dealers even scratched, bitten by the security personnel. Doctor-patient conflicts highlights the predicament of medical resources "media, Shenzhen Children's Hospital of Shenzhen people's happiness index has affected the status quo." Ma Xiaopeng, deputy section chief of Pediatric Surgery, Shenzhen Children's Hospital Medical Services, said the hospital was built in 1997,hollister, when The hospital is designed for a population of four million pediatric hospital. Shenzhen population has reached 14 million, and the young people, the majority of infants born in recent years about 180,000. Therefore, the medical staff has been at work under the pressure of the high-load, this paper event can be said that the Children's Hospital now the epitome of high-pressure mentality. Saw the endless patients, doctors psychological is not the kind of irritability, but a worry, hope can the situation of each patient identification clear. "Ma Xiaopeng the paper event staff, or too young, not control their mentality. It is understood that the Shenzhen Children's Hospital has begun to attach importance to the psychological problems of health care, has decided to hire a psychiatrist to do for them psychological counseling.

Kelong Ka who steal bank depositors 360,000 yuan sentenced f

WASHINGTON (Xiaogan Evening News reporter Jia Guo-hong correspondent Yin Xu) suspects clone bank cards to steal 360,ルイヴィトン,000 yuan large sums of money savers,グッチ バッグ, depositors seek compensation for the bank successfully sued. The day before yesterday, Hanchuan City Court of first instance verdict: full compensation for the bank. According to the to Hanchuan Municipal Court,abercrombie, April 21,グッチ, 2008, Chen,ジョーダン, Hanchuan public in a branch of the Agricultural Bank of subordinate branch application to handle a Golden Harvest Tongbao card,ナイキ ジョーダン. November 28 of the following year, Chen withdrawals suddenly found original 366,495.15 yuan bank cards, only 64,アバクロ.15 yuan deposits,ヴィトン, Bianxiang public security organs,air ジョーダン. By public security organs, on November 25 last year, Chen withdrawals in the ATM machine is located in Jingzhou City ABC $ 200,abercrombie shop, the ATM machine has been suspects install a card reader and camera. The day after the withdrawal, 366,049 yuan deposit card suspects in Dongguan fractional transfers and cash transferred out. Hanchuan City Court in January of this year, after Chen repeatedly ask for the deposit to the bank card Bank unsuccessful lawsuit requests according to an order the bank to pay a deposit of 366,049 yuan and the corresponding interest. The court heard that Chen handle Kins debit cards to form savings deposits contractual relationship with the defendant. Suspects take advantage of lax management of the bank ATM machine, stealing savers Data and forged bank card transfers and cash, the bank is unable to accurately identify counterfeit bank cards mistakenly deposits of the plaintiff delivered to the fake card holders, against bank financial capital,ヴィトン 財布, not savers personal property. Then decree bank compensation to customers of all economic loss of 366,000 yuan,hollister outlet.

The unemployed man borrowed a marriage cheat divorced busine

girlfriend" after playing more than 60 million missing. Recently, the Tianhe District Court decision easy a constituted fraud, the first trial sentenced to ten years six months and fined 20,000 yuan,アバクロ. It is understood that the 47-year-old defendant easy a jobless and no source of income in 2008,ナイキ ジョーダン, has been married before, and soon his wife their marriage work,ジョーダン, often gambling with their divorced. The 38-year-old Yang is more economically well-off,hollister outlet, but because of the divorce, the parents kept reminder of their marriage,hollister outlet. April 2008,グッチ 財布, easy a pseudonym, "Liang Zhiwei" introduced by the Guangzhou City, a marriage service department recognizes Ms. Yang,abercrombie, followed by two established a relationship. After a easy it several times to various fictitious grounds Miss Xiang Yang borrow money, such as looking for stalls business needs capital, the European Cup broke to borrow money to buy Zucai,グッチ バッグ, the mother sick borrow 15,000 yuan daughter had heart in Australia disease to undergo an operation to borrow 130,000 yuan and 605,000 yuan ...... before and after the fraudulently obtained, which lured money are easy used to own a splurge,hollister. To borrow money, easy a gradually alienated Ms,air jordan. Yang more months not to contact her,ヴィトン. In April last year, easily a Youyi debt to repay grounds to borrow 50,000 yuan to Yang,ヴィトン 財布, already suspicious of Ms. Yang then alarm. In February of this year, easily a in Foshan was arrested and brought to justice.

Man half of theft 60 times 3 times obtain elite research uni

pathological stealing" the court lenient sentence Morning Post reporter Like Cheng correspondent Cai Xiaoqi recently, Binhu District Court with theft the defendant Xuemou in a university crazy theft of more than 60,abercrombie. Based Xuemou graduated from elite schools, and obtain three degrees prestigious graduate, the court its authority Forensic Psychiatric results show Xuemou a significantly impaired ability to control people. Accordingly of pathological stealing "trouble be a lenient sentence,abercrombie. According to the introduction, in 1998 when he was 26 years old Xuemou graduated from a prestigious university undergraduate, stable and bright future. But in the ensuing ten years, he was found guilty of theft was sentenced to reeducation through labor. Came to Wuxi last year,abercrombie, from November to May this year,hollister outlet, Xuemou in a university classroom building, library, cafeteria, laboratories,グッチ バッグ, and other places, the use of lock picking, slide doors and other practices of theft 60 times, a total of stolen 220 yuan, laptop 11 46,グッチ 財布, cell phone and other belongings,hollister outlet, valued at nearly $ 70,000 has been reached Theft "an extraordinary amount of standard. The case was transferred to the lakeside district court judge after scoring As colleges and universities Thief "Xuemou of three times to obtain a prestigious graduate in 2000-2008. During the trial, the defendant Xuemou Cheng recognition, he is not committing the crime for financial gain,ジョーダン, the proceeds of stolen goods removing certain gift for my girlfriend phone,air ジョーダン, music player and other objects,air jordan, most of them on the rental place did not sell. When asked why theft, Xuemou said the willingness they have to turn over a new leaf, but can not control the theft. For the protection of the legitimate rights of the defendant, the judge decided to immediately adjourned, and commissioned Wuxi City Mental Health Center of Justice identified by on Xuemou,hollister, conducted a forensic psychiatric expertise. The results showed: Xuemou Department pathological stealing; modus behavior substantive identify capacity exists, but control was significantly impaired capacity for criminal responsibility should be assessed as a limited capacity for duties,アバクロ. Pursuant to which, combined with the defendant Xuemou recidivist justice can truthfully confessed, restitution behavior other punishment fits the crime, and ultimately the court sentenced him to six years in prison and six months for theft and fined 5,000 yuan.

Drivers speeding car hit the bus caused two deaths and 10 in

'll go where,air jordan. And at home are afraid to contact,hollister. The days of hiding the bad,アバクロ. Reporter: So why are you not surrendered or contact compensation for the injured Shuai: I have no money,abercrombie. Had never inquired the matter,ナイキ ジョーダン, do not know exactly who hurt what,hollister outlet. These years also thought this matter,abercrombie.

Baby boy car accident to hospital killed Continued Family me

's grandmother picked up the child was at 12:24,hollister. 12:58, doctors announced that Pakistan CITY ineffective treatment confirmed dead. Smell is fragrant said the kneeling 4 times, hospitals are "neglecting", which leads to the grandson death. Sheyang County People's Hospital, "preliminary findings" insisted the treatment process to meet the specifications, there is no rescue is not timely fault,hollister outlet. Said the grandmother knelt 4 times "when the doctor, the doctor let go to registration within 34 minutes, and then come back to check." Smell is fragrant told the China Youth Daily reporter. The smell is fragrant holding the pale purple grandson, came to the CT room. "Knock knock over 10 minutes, and no one is open. Later a doctor to help out we call opened the door." Smell is fragrant recalls, "At that time the house no patients, only one doctor in we do not know why did not open the door. "smell is fragrant said that, after the children put on a CT machine, the doctor sat before the instrument, motionless, without any operation. The smell is fragrant kneeling on the ground, "Could you quickly give my grandson a look at." This is her in the hospital the first kneeling. CT scan bar into Landmark subarachnoid hemorrhage with ventricular system a small amount of bleeding, the left frontal subdural effusion. Both sides of the chest cavity and a small amount of fluid (blood), anterior mediastinal thymus slightly larger hematoma to be ranked. The smell is fragrant memories, when the doctors said "child brain hemorrhage, and you rushed to Yancheng go the. Called 120 ambulance I have given you." At this point, the bus Xuan hand still slightly moving. The smell is incense and take their children to a nose a tear washed out. In the hall outside, smell is fragrant saw the 120 ambulance parked. She mistakenly thought it was to send their own cars, will go up,abercrombie france. However, the smell is incense driver refused, according to her memories, the driver said no travel article "do not send. The smell is fragrant second knelt down. "I beg you to my grandson to Yancheng hospital, I beg you ..." but fail to beat that travel bar, smell is fragrant seeing the car heading for the emergency center west of the ambulance, stopped. At this point,グッチ, the second ambulance to the need to travel the same article, the smell is fragrant and holding grandson to get off. Went to pieces, she went back to the hospital lobby kneeling down, seek the help of those who wear white coats. Ambulance down the nurse to see this scene, and took them to the second floor pediatrics. Want infusion, no infusion single. Want to see a doctor, but also line up. "To save my child!" Smell is fragrant and knelt down. "I do not remember the child opened his eyes, there is no scar." Smell is fragrant tone choked, "then the entire people are ignorant, just want to quickly find a doctor to save our children." That doctors do not have time to see a doctor, who The nurse went next door to the emergency room with a smell is fragrant and children. "A doctor came in to give children infusion after his pick ECG, let a crowd of one-armed old man gave the child oxygen and she does not know how to get the oxygen mask on the child mouth." Smell is fragrant said. 12:58 Flanagan straight line on the ECG completely destroyed the last hope of smell is fragrant, "the child is still fluid, and how useless it " Hospital: treatment process compliance, through no fault of smell is fragrant and its Homies 34 minutes to rescue Pakistan Xuan prime time hospital as a result of the departure of the grandson. Sheyang County People's Hospital physician-patient communication when to do Zhang Yuying Director interview with China Youth Daily reporter said that Pakistan CITY CT, first check to go after hanging sign,hollister. "Children come to the hospital, pale purple, weak breathing. Parents seem to worry a physician to take them to the surgical clinic, less than 1 minute, to the CT room door,abercrombie shop, knock on the door less than a minute to open. "said Zhang Yuying, which can be seen in the video to. Zhang Yuying, said the hospital's camera is a 24-hour surveillance, and the rescue of more than 30 minutes of video "coherent", and Ba Xuan families of police officers witnessed "When I saw the video. However, the family members of the bar into Xuan said saw only "ten minutes" video, the smell is fragrant screen less than "five minutes", "incoherent", "do not see the CT room. Pakistan Xuan grandfather Lvjia Tiger interview with China Youth Daily reporter said he had seen the hospital to produce the video. He said: "We only see that she was holding the child into the hall, there is a doctor took them out of the picture, her knees and begged the screen does not find the picture of the 120 ambulance entrance hall, the one-armed man to help oxygen no. many places are empty. "As for why the known bar into Xuan injuries serious situation, not to take treatment measures, just let him transferred, Zhang Yuying, said:" This is a medical problem, I do not explore with you, that you will not necessarily be able to understand how our hospital is not at fault, this should not be liable by the court investigating judge. "December 17, the the Sheyang People's Hospital to smell is fragrant and its The family produced a report Pakistan into Xuan medical controversy, whether the smell is fragrant several 120 ambulance refusal to respond. Reported infant families of the baby on the ambulance attendant medical staff busy transfer of patients just pick back. Later,abercrombie, 120 nurses hear emergency room patients to be transferred, and take the initiative to contact them. However, the 120 ambulance smell is fragrant no travel article refusing hire, whether onlookers staff to help oxygen and other issues, did not mention on the reported book. In reporting the end of the book,グッチ バッグ, the hospital wrote: baby into the hospital, the appropriate measures and the treatment processes compliant conventional baby after the accident sent to our hospital, our hospital open green channel, the implementation of the spirit of life-saving humanitarian taken positive diagnosis and treatment measures,hollister outlet. "Sheyang County People's Hospital that" baby lead to death due to a serious car accident, thirty-four minutes from admission to the time of death, there is no rescue is not timely fault ". December 19, Zhang Yuying, said only preliminary findings of this report to detail the process still have learned through recorded video. Witnesses and hospital "video" uncompromising in the last 34 minutes on the bus into Xuan 3 people witnessed this process. The police station Sheyanggang defense team Wufeng Hu is the first witness. He went to the scene of the accident, and the smell is fragrant and sent her children to the hospital. "I spent 12 yuan to help children linked to the number of registered single I still have it." Wufeng Hu told the China Youth Daily reporter,air jordan, "smell is fragrant with the kids to do CT No. I go hang." Wufeng Hu said after a media interview, said: "I have heard is a traffic accident, the hospital also agreed film, but non require registered doctors." second witness is a hospital patient's family Keith Goodall. Keith Goodall interview with China Youth Daily reporter, said: "finish the CT, the children there is breath, hospitals, even the most basic oxygen are not connected. Later, the child's grandmother saw two 120 ambulances at the door, climb down again repeatedly pleaded with the hospital to arrange 120 ambulance sent to Yancheng District Hospital, were rejected. ZHOU De spend third witness, a 65-year-old one-armed elderly,アバクロ. Prior to that, she said when interviewed by the media buy oranges downstairs to see a woman holding a child on the first floor on the second floor up and down ran very distressed, and from time to time to kneel to the doctors and nurses, so that they help the smell is Hong Fu to the second floor . A female doctor in the emergency room on the second floor just let me help give children access of oxygen, "so I inserted an oxygen tube this one-armed people to the children, I will be where ah." In the report on the book, the hospital stated in the emergency room series of rescue measures taken by Pakistan CITY, oxygen, open venous channels,ナイキ ジョーダン, cardiopulmonary resuscitation "notify the the electrocardiogram physician EKG baby ECG showed a straight line", was declared dead stop rescue. Today, the smell is fragrant and relatives have been in the hospital for four days, "We do not ask anything of compensation, is trying to figure out why the doctor does not rescue. December 19, Zhang Yuying told reporters, have not talked about the issue of compensation, hospital clinic must first find out whether the measures properly, fault and flaws. Medical Malpractice families can apply for, or to the court, to to take judicial means to solve the problem. (Original title: baby boy after the accident to hospital killed, said the families of the hospital "neglecting")

Chinese students suspected of raping female homeowner may be

' allegations on the ground,abercrombie shop, but did not revoke Tang Peng same charges. Accused of a kidnapping felony Tang Peng is still in custody and thus increased to 80 million (75 million) bail, if convicted,hollister, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment,abercrombie. Local media reports,hollister, Tang Peng, a 57-year-old father,oakley, tong,アバクロ, and 49-year-old mother Qiaomou has been released on the 18th. Lai Nisi in a statement that, in view of the "cultural differences",abercrombie, she decided to revoke the couple's "bribe witnesses' allegations, because they do not know the legal consequences of their own behavior,グッチ バッグ. However, Lai Nisi has not revoked the same allegations Tang Peng, also did not say why. Police said Tang Peng in prison victims landlady tried to contact her to change her testimony. Lai Nisi told the media that she did not know Tang Peng's parents to stay in the United States, or have returned to China. Ethnic Chinese political science professor at the University of Iowa said, Tang Peng's parents do not understand the judicial process in the United States,abercrombie, the intent went ahead to contact the victim,air jordan, may be regarded as intended to influence witnesses or bribes, in fact,air ジョーダン, they may just want court TANG Wen Fang (Wenfang Tang) to reach a settlement outside the court settlement is perfectly legal in the United States,abercrombie france.

Four 90 boys collective with girlfriend into prostitution ja

's Court held that the defendant Wang Rong,グッチ 財布, Chen,グッチ バッグ, Wang Xiaorong,hollister outlet, Yasukuni gang organization of prostitution of others,air jordan, the circumstances are serious,abercrombie, his behavior constituted the crime of organizing prostitution. According to the four defendants of the circumstances of the crime and the harm to society,abercrombie shop, the court ultimately sentenced Wang Rong imprisonment for eleven years,hollister outlet, and fined 8,ジョーダン,000 yuan,hollister; Pur,グッチ, Wang Xiaorong and Yasukuni were sentenced to ten years imprisonment for six months,abercrombie, and penalties gold 7000 yuan,air ジョーダン. (End)

Death row inmates did not appeal the Supreme Court for revie

's Court for trial,abercrombie, the family of the deceased civil compensation of more than 30 million. August 19, 2009 at noon at Hanyang Wing Fung Street, Pengmou the next Zhao Village, the small pengjiachang drink. Three drinks, Xiaopeng a word no less favorable than those attracted Pengmou furious, angry Pengmou readily pick ax, Pend killed mats cover the corpse in the backyard. ,グッチ バッグ, About with Pengmou, Xu came the Pengmou worried about killing act was exposed,abercrombie shop, and one runs hit by Xu Xu injured more than 200 yuan in cash, a cell phone to the Pengmou,hollister outlet, and promised again get 1000 dollars help Pengmou escape, was spared. At this time Pengmou, lamb, and the nearby two acquaintances had holidays come For killing,ナイキ ジョーダン. Fortunately, these two survived for special reasons yet to come. The case was detected by the police,ジョーダン, the Wuhan Intermediate People's Court of First Instance of intentional murder, robbery Pengmou sentenced to death,abercrombie france, Pengmou said the service contract, and did not appeal,air ジョーダン. But in Pengmou wait for the execution order was given when the case of a turnaround. In December last year, the Supreme People's Court of the play a death penalty case review, "the fact is unclear, the lack of evidence" hair Wuhan retrial,abercrombie. Last week retrial case additional families of murdered people the civil claims Pengmou again confessed to the killing of the facts of the Pend. The prosecutor recommended that the Tribunal again to intentional homicide, robbery and sentenced to Pengmou death penalty, but the court is not in court for sentencing. Legal sources said that the case, the defendant, although not to appeal the death sentence, but the case for review by the Supreme Court remanded the case proceedings are still worth adding detail,hollister, regardless of case outcome,グッチ, are fully reflects the national laws on the importance of procedural justice side,hollister.

The juvenile suspected low wages robbery single women involv

I thought the robbery money faster,ナイキ ジョーダン, I did not expect so soon come a cropper." Shortly after midnight on May 16, When Wang Ping trailing a single women into the alley for robbery, "Freeze! Held forces to "police fell from the sky, Wang Ping, press and hold,グッチ バッグ, and his possession a knife. Turned out just over a month from April to May this year,mulberry, Xiushui County, there were many incidents of robbery cases, the looting objects are single women walking at night,グッチ. Ping caught, after a trial in the public security department, he admitted robbery facts. At the same time, he also explain to the police,abercrombie shop, just over a month,hollister outlet, his total from robbery 7, involving more than 30,000 yuan. Robbery up time is one of late 8000 yuan single women armed with knives robbed. Suspected of working for low wages and actually choose robbery Ping told police his 18-year-old, people of Xiushui ancient town. In April of this year,ジョーダン, he came to the county from home, had been planning to do things on the site,abercrombie france, but felt that the wages are too low,hollister, so most of the time he spent in Internet cafes. Run out of money at home, Wang Ping want to robbery, because we feel that the robbery money faster,air jordan. He went down to the street to buy a fruit knife, choose the single women out in the middle of the night when specifically robbery of late. Several robbery succeeded, Wang Ping bolder become increasingly committing the crime is getting crazy. Midnight the bloodshed alerted the entire county the evening of May 7, Wang Ping came Xiushui county one called the door of the two shopping malls "when I met a taxi stop in front of the two shopping malls, got out of a middle-aged woman. Miss Gong is to send his son to Nanchang just go home, get off her street lamp near by shopping malls, the taxi driver to find to her change back into a satchel carry. Just then, a 20-year-old man has been before he went to her side to seize the Miss Gong, the side with the muffled sound of Mandarin and said: "Do not move, contracted out to my. Instinctively, she knew it shouted out "looting it!" At the same time, the hand to seize the man. Panic, the man with a knife to the right hand of Miss Gong suddenly stabbed a knife, a sudden, Miss Gong felt a sharp pain in the, feel loose to take the bag of the right hand, the man picked up the bag and ran towards the direction of the pedestrian street, Bun Scrambling who is Ping. Midnight the bloodshed alerted whole Xiushui county. Original, since Recently, the county consecutive occurrence of several single women for late-night street robbery, did not break did not expect the old cases of robbery murder. The lack of understanding of the merits, a time various rumors flooded the streets, leaving panic. Public security special team composed of more than a dozen Hyde robbery occurred one after another, not only attracted the attention of Xiushui County Public Security Bureau also attracted the attention of the county party committee and government leaders. County Public Security Bureau, the mobilization of criminal investigation, more than 100 police special team composed of more than a dozen special patrol,グッチ 財布, law and order, anti-drug brigade, city police station, 24-hour monitoring of key parts of the county,abercrombie. By analyzing the police that the people who commit crimes more likely to view from the time the crime and young people dressed in the case, and the suspects also most likely hiding somewhere in the county, the police surveillance video screenshot suspect The blurred images printed a number of rented houses, small hotels, hostels inventory with the image of the county. Early morning of May 16, Wang Ping crime again single women are waiting for the police to arrest a positive significant. At present, the suspect Wang Ping has been under criminal detention. Zhu Xiulin, the reporter Chen Shangping / text

Man comes with the rice cooker poor tour countries overseas

's most beautiful scenery, the most comfortable and most enjoy a good mood, which did not pass with the group, completely experience their own efforts,air jordan. "Tang Shen early to Australia with the group travel guides recommend purchase of Australian wool is A $ 100 (equivalent to about 600 yuan) a, but later he and his friends "poor tour to Chinatown when a comparison,mulberry outlet, better quality, higher grade wool is only 10 - 30 Australian dollars,mulberry, converted will 60-180 yuan. Only a poor tour to "inspect the property market truly local residents up close, understand the market." Rich-million pound the floor shop also dares to buy all Jinling class, but generally rent a car in the local self-driving slowly visits. The general area of ​​the UK average residential price of about 3,000 yuan -4000 yuan / square meter; London about 5000 yuan -10 000 yuan / square meter. Tang Shen said, as long as the cost-effective, even for one million pounds worth of floor shop, members will also invest,hogan. "However, the annual rate of return on real estate in London is not and Chengdu." In London and its surrounding cities expedition two weeks after we discovered that British house prices generally drop by about 30%, a decline of almost Chengdu,abercrombie. "Buy shops or offices in the United Kingdom, the intermediary said, but 6% of the highest year-on-year rate of return. Shop in Chengdu Investment House,abercrombie shop, the annual rate of return of 8% -12%." Recently heard more people to invest in Australia, many in Australia to buy a house also,ジョーダン, incidentally, to buy a yacht. 10 group members intend starting in November,abercrombie france, is still poor tour the entire trip of 65 days, four island countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, "four-way tickets, including taxes and fees only 2000 yuan,グッチ 財布." They intend to still with the rice cooker live local people, the only luxury intend to rent a RV to open. Big Bottom Tearing Chengdu floor shop enthusiasts Union group members are engaged in real estate,グッチ バッグ, operating a hotel, medical equipment, there are many open factory. In the urban area of ​​100 square meters of shops, 150-200 square meters of shops in the district towns, into their shops certificates of title to the group. Early as 2007, the group of people in the United States and Australia investment floor shop. Few years together trips,ナイキ ジョーダン, group members have successfully bargain-hunting in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and other villas, but the yield is not satisfactory,abercrombie. Tang Shen said an inspection tour of 35 countries of the property market, the highest rate of return of the Chinese real estate investment. Tips For poorer enthusiasts travel, Tang Shen prompt: first, online collection of Raiders is very important, you can go to the poor travel network, the countries official tourism information center search. Second, the search for information about tickets, please pay attention to the poor travel network, special ticket information released by the Shenzhen Mill forums, and airlines. Third, to bring things done in advance to prepare, the beach, the desert, and so on are different. Electric cup, bring a large caliber want to save money to go abroad to the supermarket to buy raw materials can cook their own food to eat. Fourth, the use of network voice equipment called cheap money, clear sound also than expected. Fifth, ahead of time to buy insurance, it is recommended to select valid for one year of insurance. Sixth, failing to endure, especially in a foreign country, do not get angry with the police and other law enforcement officers.

The 77-year-old twice imprisonment another theft of more tha

Twice in prison do not repent, Jilin Province, a 77-year-old man in Ningcheng County, Chifeng City, 20 cases of crime and theft, was arrested,abercrombie shop. It is understood that,hollister, on February 17th,hogan outlet, Ning County Public Security Bureau in Chifeng City of West police station received Ryu report: 9 am,ナイキ ジョーダン, on the 15th day the righteousness town bus station ticket office to buy tickets, pocket loaded 1500 was stolen. After receiving the report, the the Tiexi police station immediately go to the bus station visited the survey found by looking at the surveillance video, an old man wearing a blue coat with a major crime suspects,グッチ. But informant report is not timely,mulberry outlet, the suspects left by bus on the day. 18 9 am, police found the bus station waiting room, a physical characteristics consistent suspects,air ジョーダン, secret tracking this person came to the ticket office to implement the theft, the police approached the spot and arrested him and seized stolen wallet 1, 515 yuan in cash and bank cards,グッチ 財布, ID cards and other items inside,abercrombie. At the trial,air jordan, the suspect confessed only this time the facts of the crime of theft, evading the other facts of the crime. However, the police retrieved surveillance video showed the person in day the righteousness town bus station ticket office theft has more than 20 cases of crime (including the theft of the Ryu cash after). After investigation,mulberry, the suspect Moumou 77-year-old,グッチ バッグ, people of, Yongji County shuanghezhen, Jilin City, Jilin Province,, in 2008, two in 2009 for theft was sentenced. The case is under further investigation. (Reporter Zhou Jianjun correspondent Ma Jinhui)

Arrested after killing police heroes and models murderer abs

's national "clear network operations',abercrombie, Mengjin County Public Security Bureau to re-sort the clues and found the suspect Ma Daoting could be hiding in Aksu. The investigators then went to Xinjiang to investigate. Alar, investigators visited the villagers in Henan personnel was informed that "one operation in Shaanxi,グッチ 財布, then the man in the Golden Garden District,hogan, with obvious Luoyang accent, I feel more suspicious." Investigators after careful inquiry, the final determine its true identity,ジョーダン. September 14, has been waiting in the Golden Garden District police get the message of the two-day, in the afternoon,hollister outlet, Ma Daoting will go home to visit his son. 6:00 am,air ジョーダン, Ma Daoting appear in the cell door,mulberry outlet, police immediately stepped forward shouting the say "Ma Daoting", while Ma Daoting is a Shaanxi saying: "I 'Xu Jianwei', you got the wrong guy." "Do not pretend we Mengjin County Public Security Bureau,グッチ. "heard the arresting police showed the identity Ma Daoting know no longer hide do not go on, the police said:" Don said, since you found me, I go with you,air jordan. "Seeing Madao Ting was taken away by the police, Ma's wife,mulberry, Ma rushed forward the Ma Daoting shouting fought" You lied to me 13 years ...... until then,hollister, Ma a learned his true identity. According to Ma Daoting account, 17 years, he did not dare said Luoyang, then,ナイキ ジョーダン, has been, then spoke the words in Shaanxi and Xinjiang, in the brick field, construction sites doing odd jobs, full day of exile life lived on tenterhooks. "This time do not have all day on tenterhooks know that after all, there is such a day." Ma Daoting captured fugitives police said.

Users admit there is a family of three received 50,000 lucky

's money,abercrombie shop, really, "Alexander",ジョーダン! Pressure to send some money, the resumption people are not necessarily happy. Ningbo, the 28-year-old, friends "lrtfp2007" says the back Cixi home within 24 hours, a family of three received more than 50,000 yuan lucky money. "Just finished dinner, Dad took out three red envelope, said sub-year-old money (Cixi dialect equivalent of New Year's money), me, my wife, kids, one, my wife and I each 1000 yuan,mulberry outlet, 2800 yuan son . "" lrtpf2007 "this money anyway, mid-, and also used to the idea,グッチ 財布. But the morning of the first day of the first lunar month, his mother come one sent a red envelope, called open year red envelope, I told my wife 1,hogan outlet,800 yuan, 12,hollister outlet,800 yuan son,グッチ バッグ! Then, the brother and sister of the father's home to the New Year, meet 1080,2680 ...... the first day of the Lunar New Year night is a number,air ジョーダン, and has more than 50,000! "Lrtpf2007",ナイキ ジョーダン, this is only the parents' side,abercrombie, mother-in-law over a go, it is estimated that there are twenty thousand. Received so much money to repay the debt of gratitude sooner or later, ah! So the beginning of the second morning, they go home,グッチ, directly fled to Ningbo own home,hogan. The reporter Shao Qiaohong

The 17-year-old boy in order to prevent others occupy girlfr

's boyfriend beat her, Yuan Jie order was beaten helper, at noon with a key to him. Yuan Jie's phone can not get through the evening he went to the rental housing came through. Rental again at 10:00 on the 11th or so, only to find Yuan Jie has been killed in bed. As touched at the scene the Yuan Jie phone and room items thrown on the bed, afraid the police suspect, think twice before drag noon alarm. "Yang Jikun Heilongjiang yesterday because YUAN Jie back home with his two quarrel. Evening,hollister, I came to Yuan Jie, Yang Jikun said she ran away,hogan. Both of us had to split up to the the Taining market looked after breaking his The phone no longer get through. "Wang Tao Xiang police reflects another important clue. Yang Jikun has a major crime suspects, the police decided on its implementation of the arrest. "Loitering young people,mulberry outlet, much like Yang Jikun near the train station in the MSC." At noon on the 14th, the police access to this information, flew closer to the vicinity of the station search,abercrombie shop. "What's your name " Or Alarm Zhu's police officers first discovered the suspect. Yang Jikun hear thick northeastern accent, Zhu police officers when about its Qinzhu. Suspects Yang Jikun soon explained the whole process of committing the crime. Go out battles case of "Lovers" 17 years ago, Yang Jikun was born in a small town in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province,ナイキ ジョーダン. 10 years old, his father died, and then my mother remarried. Yang Jikun home irascible little unhappy mother blows,ジョーダン. Once my mother because they did not meet the requirements he demanded money, the neck was cut Mito, after she was out of danger. Read the second grade of junior high school, he would go out to work. During the school cooks in Beijing last year, Yang Jikun Yuan Jie encountered the same as a waiter in a restaurant,hogan outlet. Although Yuan Jie Yang Jikun age, but looks mature. Yuan Jie Yang shouting at her sister. They developed into a romantic relationship,abercrombie, and soon moved to live with, foreign claims siblings. In Beijing in April this year, the two men suspected of low wage income, went to Yuan Jie in Shanghai brother at work to make a living. Happens Yuan Jie's brother despise Yang,グッチ バッグ, the two others introduced down to the MSC. Yang Jikun in Hai'an city flooring Street Hotel garnish workers seek to earn nearly a thousand dollars per month. One person to make money two overhead, to make ends meet,mulberry. In September, Yuan Jie candidates to pot city as a waiter. Love to hate stuffed tragedy Yuan Jiesheng fun, work more, accompanied by things go out at night, often playing one or two in the morning before I came back. On the night of October 9, Yang Jikun found the Yuan Jie one night did not go home. Yang Jikun to let her out, the scare she says she is sick, not take long, let her at home to spend more time with him. At the same time, he wanted to take her back home in the Northeast, Yuan Jie heard too scared to go. The morning of the 10th, They have been bickering for this topic. Finally, the two men agreed, Yuan Jie sent him to Beijing after the break up. Afternoon, after two quarters some gentle Yuan Jie said go and Yang Jikun strongly disagreed, and claimed that they like other people. "Must not tolerate someone gave me a cuckold." See groggy sleeping girlfriend, Yang Jikun heart is hate,グッチ. In order to prevent the the others occupy Yuan clean, he decided strangled her. To think this over again, Yang Jikun find a rope from the room, sets Yuan Jie in the neck. Yuan Jie woke up only enough time to shout the sound: "SOS", the hands but Pa not open "brother" and a pair of malevolent hand, watched Yang Jikun will send their own lives way. Yang Jikun Yuan Jie still in a coma, breathing, and repeatedly Le few, and sealed her mouth with tape and facial release the hand,hollister outlet. See their beloved girlfriend killed, Yang Jikun began to regret. To escape from the rental property, Yang Jikun tried to slit his own neck and wrists to commit suicide, but ultimately find the courage to give up. Until he was arrested, his hands carrying pesticides. (Text characters as a pseudonym) correspondent Chang-Chun Zhang Baude into Express correspondent Zhu Junjun