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=== Welcome to the Pirate Parties International wiki ===
{{Note|This wiki is thought as component of [[PP International|Pirate Parties International]], the umbrella organization of the pirate parties spread over the world. '''Anonymous edits have been disabled''', as too much spam hit our wiki. Please take the few steps to [[Special:Userlogin|register yourself an account]] or use our [[User:Guest|guest]] account.

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[[File:PPI_signet.svg|thumb|PPI Signet]]


* [[Members of the PPI]]
** [[Membership application]]
** [[Become_an_Individual_Member_of_PPI|Individual Membership (supporting)]]

'''PPI Bodies'''

* [[PPI General Assembly]]
** [[Decisons of GA|Decisions of General Assembly]]
** [[Resolutions]]
* [[PPI Board]]
**[[PPI_Board/Board_Meetings|Board meetings - minutes]]
* [[PPI_CoA|Court of Arbitration]]

'''''Rules of Procedure'''''

* [[Rules of procedure|General Assembly]]
* [[PPI Board/Rules of Procedure|PPI Board]]
* [[PPI CoA/Rules of Procedure|Court of Arbitration]]


* [[Statutes|Statutes of Pirate Parties International]]
* [[Statutes PPI HQ|Statutes of PPI Headquarters]]


* [[Finances]]
* [[Finances PPI Headquarters]]

'''Individual Membership'''
* [[Become an Individual Member of PPI]]

* [[Action Plan 2012]]
* [[Conferences]]
* [[Contact PPI]]
* [[PPI Resources]]

'''Task forces'''

* [[Press_Work|Press work]]
* [[ACTA Taskforce | ACTA task force]]
* [[Censor taskforce|Censor task force]]
* [[Conference taskforce|Conference and event planning taskforce]]
* [[Pirate Times|Pirate Times - An International News Service]]
* [[Legal taskforce|Legal task force]]
* [[&quot;New parties&quot; taskforce|&quot;New parties&quot; task force]]
* [[Pirate Party Europe task force]]
* [[Statutes task force]]
* [[IT/Website taskforce|Tech task force]]
* [[Translation team/text production taskforce|Text production task force]]
* [[Translation task force]]


* [[Pirate Party of the Week|Pirate Party of the week]]
* [[EU consultation on net neutrality]]
* [[User:Bogomil/Projects/WOPI| Woman Pirates]]
* [[User:Bogomil/Projects/IntPPD|World Pirate Day]]
* [[PPI Identity]]
* [[Pirate Dictionary]]
* [[International Coordinators Meetings]]

'''National Pirate Parties'''

* [[List of Pirate Parties]]
* [[Global Pirate Party memberscount|Global Pirate Party members count]]
* [[Pirate Manifesto parties at a glance|Pirate Parties' manifestos at a glance]]

'''Regional Pirate Party associations'''

* [[European pirate party]]
* [[IberoPanamerican Forum|Ibero-Panamerican Forum]]

'''Main Page in other languages'''
* [[:es:Portada|Main Page in Spanish]]


* [[Wiki Info]]
* [ MyPirates] page for developing Statutes etc.
* [[:Category:Who's who|Who's who]] in the world of pirates and antipirates
* [[Building the principles of PPI]]
* [[Young Pirates International]] (YPI)
* [ Pirates Without Borders]
* [[OpBigBrother|International day for privacy June 1st 2013]]


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{{Pirate Parties}}

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