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ACTA Arguments

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ACTA Arguments

Here you will find arguments against ACTA such as interesting article, blogs and links to PP's and other ACTA campaigns.

Articles / Blogs

USTR, Ambassador Ron Kirk said that ACTA “was different” compared to other international negotiations and the topics being negotiated in ACTA were “more complex.”, the counter comments are "Transparency is only a complicated issue when you're being dishonest." and it is also important to know that the rule in the US -- codified by statute -- when negotiating trade policy is that the negotiations will be "open and equitable" and that the negotiators must work toward fulfilling the "principal negotiating objective" of increasing transparency in the negotiations. See 19 U.S.C. 2901(b)(2)(3).

National PP ACTA campaigns

Please provide URL's to acta-tf (at)!

Other ACTA campaigns

We share goals with FSF, EFF, FFII, ERDI, EuroISPA and IP Justice etc, please read more on there ACTA campaign pages: