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(Acta Taskforce Agenda)
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=== Acta Taskforce Agenda ===
=== Acta Taskforce Agenda ===
Next meeting 2009-12-06 at 20:00 (GMT+1 / CET) on IRC (#ppi-acta,
Last meeting 2009-12-06 at 20:00 (GMT+1 / CET) on IRC (#ppi-acta,
1) Discuss PPI ACTA statement - Proposed by Nicco
1) Discuss PPI ACTA statement - Proposed by Nicco

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Acta Taskforce Agenda

Last meeting 2009-12-06 at 20:00 (GMT+1 / CET) on IRC (#ppi-acta,

1) Discuss PPI ACTA statement - Proposed by Nicco
Additional feedback?

2) Discuss status of press release for PP's - Proposed by Nicco
Where have PP's published press releases about ACTA, has it triggered any effects or generated new connections / channels of interest?
We are searching for national ACTA pages for our ACTA Arguments page, please provide URLs!

3) ACTA EU actions (MEP's in particular) - Proposed by Nicco
Swedish PPSE MEP Christian Engström have asked if ACTA negotiations are fully in line with the recent provisions of the Telecoms Package:
In my opinion a smart move, but to soft! Should he not also question the lack of transparency in the process, other ideas on how he could attack the ACTA negotiation process?
What other options besides Swedish MEP's do we have to attack the ACTA negotiations in EU? Other MEP's and organissations.

4) ACTA outside EU - Proposed by Nicco
A interesting report from the mexican PP:
What is going on in the rest of the world and how can we get our point of view to the negotiation table?

5) Working with other organisations? - Proposed by Nicco
We share goals with FSF, EFF, FFII, ERDI, EuroISPA and IP Justice etc. in regard to the ACTA issue so how do we work together with them?

6) Anti-ACTA petition - Proposed by Mikulas (PPCZ)
A national, continental and global petition against ACTA, how to go about this? Setup our own stuff or use a organisation that are used to petitions such as for example? What is our goal in signatures 100k or 1m, digital or analog, what counts as valid in each country?

Additional points / changes? Please drop us a mail about it at before the meeting starts.