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ACTA Taskforce Agenda

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Acta Taskforce Agenda

Next meeting 2009-12-13 at 20:00 (GMT+1 / CET) on IRC (#ppi-acta,
Discuss point 5 - 7 from previous week + additional points.

Last meeting was 2009-12-06 at 20:00 (GMT+1 / CET) on IRC (#ppi-acta,

1) Discuss PPI ACTA statement - Proposed by Nicco Additional feedback?

2) Discuss status of press release for PP's - Proposed by Nicco
Who sent out press releases? What kind of feedback?

3) National actions - Proposed by Nicco
Do you have your own translated ACTA statement, what is the status?

4) ACTA EU actions (MEP's in particular) - Proposed by Nicco
The Swedish PP MEP (Christian Engström) is fighting ACTA in a very diplomatic way by asking the commission if the ACTA negotiations are fully in line with the letter and the spirit of these provisions in the Telecoms Package:
How should he address the issue on a deeper level (question the lack of transparency etc.) and what other MEP's and organissations connected to EU could we use to provide a clear message?

5) ACTA outside EU - Proposed by Nicco
How are the negotioations held in countries outside EU, how can we prevent the media from being a service of the state in countries or vice versa caused through corruption like in Mexico?

6) Work with other organisations? - Proposed by Nicco
FSF, EFF, FFII, ERDI, EuroISPA and P Justice etc. have campaigns that support our statement, how do we work toghether with them?

7) Anti-ACTA petition - Proposed by Mikulas (PPCZ)
How many signatures do we need, 100k, 1m? What is valid in each country, digital vs. analog? If digital should we do it ourself or use a established actor such as for example?