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ACTA Taskforce Agenda

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Acta Taskforce Agenda

Next meeting 2009-12-13 at 20:00 (GMT+1 / CET) on IRC (#ppi-acta,

In case the time do not match your agenda, please update here:

Discuss point 5 - 7 from previous week + additional points, add new items on the top section of this Etherpad:

Last meeting was 2009-12-06 at 20:00 (GMT+1 / CET) on IRC (#ppi-acta,

1) Discuss PPI ACTA statement - Proposed by Nicco

Additional feedback?

2) Discuss status of press release for PP's - Proposed by Nicco

Who sent out press releases? What kind of feedback?

3) National actions - Proposed by Nicco

Do you have your own translated ACTA statement, what is the status?

4) ACTA EU actions (MEP's in particular) - Proposed by Nicco

The Swedish PP MEP (Christian Engström) is fighting ACTA in a very diplomatic way by asking the commission if the ACTA negotiations are fully in line with the letter and the spirit of these provisions in the Telecoms Package:

How should he address the issue on a deeper level (question the lack of transparency etc.) and what other MEP's and organissations connected to EU could we use to provide a clear message?

5) ACTA outside EU - Proposed by Nicco

How are the negotioations held in countries outside EU, how can we prevent the media from being a service of the state in countries or vice versa caused through corruption like in Mexico?

6) Work with other organisations? - Proposed by Nicco

FSF, EFF, FFII, ERDI, EuroISPA, IP Justice and La Quadrature Du Net etc. have campaigns that support our statement, how do we work toghether with them?

7) Anti-ACTA petition - Proposed by Mikulas (PPCZ)

How many signatures do we need, 100k, 1m? What is valid in each country, digital vs. analog? If digital should we do it ourself or use a established actor such as for example?