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Application from Democratic Pirates of Australia

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Name of Party Democratic Pirates of Australia
named coordinator: Chris McGimpsey-Jones
generic "info" email:
Press contact:
Party Constitution:
Party Policies:
Declaration of Platform and Principles: Democratic Pirates Australia was founded on the basic tenets of the platform and principles of Pirate Party of Sweden (Piratpartiet) and the policies of Pirate Party Australia:
  • Freedom of speech and expression,
  • Openness and transparency of information flow,
  • The civil right to liberty and privacy,
  • The protection of the freedoms provided by digital information capabilities,
  • The transparency of institutions, organizations and governments, and
  • The restoration of the freedoms and balance lost through the encroachment of harmful and overbearing intellectual monopolies.

As part of an international movement, we seek not only to change national laws, but to reform perceptions and effect worldwide change. We seek this democratically, through parliamentary elections and lobbying of government.

Democratic Pirates Australia was founded on April 2015, as per our Constitution Draft was presented to the public domain. We are still considered as a Party in development stage and do not qualify to register as a legal political party in Australia, until we have the required structure in place and the required amount of member numbers. As described in our Constitution, Democratic Pirates Australia is at present a political movement, with the goal of registering as a political party in Australia, under the title of Democratic Pirates Australia.

The Party structure is proposed as follows:

President > National committee > Policy Committee > Party Member. All members will have key responsibilities, each has been set out it in the Constitution.

We have no capability or infrastructure in place at this stage, to effectively accept membership applications. This is clearly stated on our Party website. We aim to implement this very soon, as interest in the Party has grown since our founding and we feel membership acceptance is a high-priority as it will be key to success and growth of our Party, for the future to achieve our goals.

Current member count consists of primarily the Party President and a small select group of individuals who are assisting with our operations and Party development. No more than a maximum of five at this early stage.

Democratic Pirates Australia is a grass-roots political party movement. We are an individually owned and operated entity. We do not have any subsidiaries, sub-party or sub-branch entities associated with us other than those we interact with and/or collaborate with.

Our official logo is released through Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0). All logos are available in the public domain on our Wiki.

Our Statement letter of application is attached to this email.

Thank you in advance for taking our application into consideration and we look forward to working with PPI in the future to achieve our common pirate goals.

File:CDC Profileau.pdf