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Building the principles of PPI

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This press release is still a draft and therefore not yet an official statement of the pirate parties. This press release is being written at the moment. Just participate in the process but keep attention to the discussion page.

The principles of PPI should be a reference of any Pirate Party or party member.


  1. Defend the freedom of expression, communication, education; respect the privacy of citizens and civil rights in general.
  2. Defend the free flow of ideas, knowledge and culture.
  3. Support politically the reform of copyright and patent laws.
  4. Have a commitment to work collaboratively, and participate with maximum transparency.
  5. Do not accept or espouse discrimination of race, origin, beliefs and gender.
  6. Do not support actions that involve violence.
  7. Use free-source software, free hardware, DIY and open protocols whenever possible.
  8. Politically defend a open, participative and collaborative construction of any public policy.
  9. Direct democracy
  10. Open access
  11. Open data
  12. Solidarity economy, Economy for the Common Good and promote solidarity with other pirates.
  13. Share whenever possible.