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This is the application to host the conference at Osnabrück, Germany.


  • 2011-04-02P2D
  • 2011-06-18P2D
  • 2011-06-25P2D
Not all of these dates are confirmed by the owner of the building,
so this is preliminary/TBD. Confirmation is expected within week 48.
It would be good to get a wishlist/priorization from PPI.


Piratenpartei Deutschland, Stadtverband Osnabrück

Osnabrück has successfully hosted a convention of the PP Niedersachen
in March, 2010. The project team will be mostly the same experienced people.



Some nearby cities are:

There are voluntary helpers from Osnabrück and nearby cities.

The Venue

Gymnasium in der Wüste,
Aula (Assembly Hall) Pictures

Address of the venue:

Kromschröderstr. 33
49080 Osnabrück
Google Maps




  • Münster/Osnabrück international airport (FMO) (winter flight schedule, direct bus connection):
    • German destinations: FDH (Friedrichshafen), FRA (Frankfurt), MUC (München), NUE (Nürnberg), TXL (Berlin), STR (Stuttgart)
    • European destinations: ARN (Stockholm), CPH (Copenhagen), DME (Moscow), FCO (Rome), GOT (Gothenburg), KRK (Kraków), LED (Saint Petersburg), OSL (Oslo), POZ (Poznań), STN (London), SZG (Salzburg), VIE (Vienna), ZRH (Zürich)
  • HAJ (Hannover) (1:30 hrs by car):
    • German destinations: FRA (Frankfurt), MUC (München), NUE (Nürnberg), STR (Stuttgart)
    • European destinations: AMS (Amsterdam), BRU (Brussels), CDG (Paris), CPH (Copenhagen), DME (Moskau/Domodedovo), GOT (Gothenburg), IST (Istanbul/Ataturk), LED (St. Petersburg), LHR (London/Heathrow), MSQ (Minsk), PMI (Palma de Mallorca), PRG (Prague), RIX (Riga), SAW (Istanbul/Sabiha Gokcen), SVO (Moskau/Sheremetyevo), ZRH (Zurich)
    • mideast/Asia: AER (Sochi), ESB (Ankara), KSN (Kostanay)
  • BRE (Bremen) (1:19 hrs by car):
    • German destinations: Berlin (Schönefeld), Frankfurt, Stuttgart
    • European destinations: Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona (Girona), Bristol, Brüssel, Gdansk, Edinburgh, Faro, Fuerteventura, Porto, Paris (CDG), Riga, Stockholm (Skavsta), Tampere, Teneriffa, Toulouse, Venedig (Treviso), Zürich
    • mideast/Asia: Antalya, Sharm el Sheikh
  • FRA (Frankfurt. connecting flights to FMO)
    • anywhere else

Size of the venue (people, m2)

appr. 300 (chairs only)
appr. 200..250 participants (chairs + desks)
See picture galleries of our conference in March 2010:

Number of chairs and tables available

Since the building is a school, there are plenty of chairs &
desks, which only need to be carried by our helper team.

Access for disabled persons?

Full access. Everything is on ground floor.

Details on the sound equipment

Available microphones and mixer have
proven well suitable for a conference.

Details on the video equipment

One large beamer (see pictures)

Details on the electricity setup

There is at least 1x32A three-phase, which will comfortably power
laptops etc., but no microwaves / kettles or the like.

Details on the internet setup

For a fee of €250 + VAT I was able to get a 14M/1M ADSL from a
friendly Internet service provider at cost price, which I probably will
be able to, again. With borrowed equipment we had a setup that suited
our needs of LAN and Wi-Fi coverage very well.
Re-using the connection for another event would cut the costs.

Details on the streaming setup

Our Member Florian "medienfloh" Schuster from Oldenburg would be happy
to do the live A/V-stream again, like he usually does at our conferences.


was not necessary yet, but improvisation well possible

1-2 extra rooms?:

Break hall just outside of the assembly hall.
Extra rooms tbd.

Possibility to decorate (e.g. flags, posters)

Yes. See pictures.


There are volunteers who would provide coffee & snacks at small fees or
for voluntary donations. If there is demand and participants are willing
to pre-order at roughly 1 week in advance, we would provide hot food at
affordable prices.


Contact data of project leader:

Kevin Price
Languages: de, en

Size of planning team:

 Approx. 5-10

Size of on-location team:

 Approx. 20



Approx. costs of the conference: (total and summary detail)

Approx. € 500 .. 800 w/o accommodation/travel

Funding possibilities

The last conference had a budget of ~€1000, and the expenses finally
were in the order of €600. The major assets were ~€200 for hall
cleaning, and €250 +VAT for the Internet connectivity.
Some figures are just from memory right now, I will give more precise
figures soon.

Additional funding concepts:

The Niedersachsen division decided on 2010-12-01 to offer €150 in case
the conference takes place in Osnabrück. The German Pirate Party Federal Board 
agreed to donate another €300.


Sleeping directly at the venue is not possible.

Approx. number of hostels/hotels near venue:

Abundant. We will provide a list of possibilities from couchsurfing,
camping, hostels, guesthouses to multi-star hotels.

Approx. costs for accomodation for 2-3 days:

Most anything possible between €0 and €150 per night.
More precise list will follow soon.


Social Event

  • Michael Berlekamp will organize a social event on Sat night at Big Buttinsky
    • There will be live music performed by the NONSTOPS (donate afterwards if enjoyed)

OpenPGP keysigning

  • I would organize a proper OpenPGP keysigning party if desired