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Global Pirate Party memberscount

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The combined member count of the pirate parties world wide is 50804 as of 14.04.2012.

Countries: in alphabetical order: (maybe someone could make a table of these?[DB-API-connector: better])

Country Members
Source Update
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentinia
Flag of Australia.svg Australia 560 Source 2012-04-14
Flag of Austria.svg Austria 1506 Source 2013-01-14
Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium 2300
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil 2346 1973 Source 2010-02-20
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria
Flag of Canada.svg Canada 2732 Source 2011-04-14
Flag of Chile.svg Chile 500 367 Source 2010-01-15
Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic 127
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark 328 2010-04-22
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia
Flag of Finland.svg Finland 3700 Source 2012-04-14
Flag of France.svg France 382 Source 2016-06
Flag of Germany.svg Germany 34078 Source 2012-09-14
Flag of Greece.svg Greece 1278 480
Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland Source 2012-04-14
Flag of Italy.svg Italy 307 Source 2010-02-21
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhastan 12
Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania 95
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg 249 Source 2012-06-25
Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands 1086 Source 2012-08-27
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand 205 Source 2012-04-14
Flag of Norway.svg Norway
Flag of Peru.svg Peru
Flag of Poland.svg Poland 850
Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal 449
Flag of Romania.svg Romania
Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia 43
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia 30
Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Flag of Spain.svg Spain
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden 8207 Source 2012-04-14
Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland 2038 Source 2013-01-13
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey 1050
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom 224 Source 2012-04-14
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine
Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay
Flag of the United States.svg USA 7000 Source 2009-10-14
Total 12547 38615 Sum –––