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The Internet Relay Chat is used for short term communication between party members and distributing geek jokes. You are welcome to join.

North American Pirate Parties Server ( // - international channel
#uspirateparty - USA pirate party
#canada - Pirate Party Canada
#PirataMX - Mexican Pirate Party

EFnet ( )

FreeNode (

#piratenpartei - German pirate party
#partidopirata - Spanish pirate party
#ppoe - Austrian pirate party

PirateNet ( / )

#ppi - International channel
#piratpartiet - Swedish pirate party
#piraattipuolue - Finnish Pirate Party - Finnish public channel
#partia_piratow - Polish Pirate Party
#ppbr - Brazilian Pirate Party
#ppau - Pirate Party Australia
#partipirate - French pirate party
#ppuk - Pirate Party UK

Shared IRC/XMPP Chatroom

The following experimental international chatroom is accessible by both IRC and Jabber technologies.

irc:// (IRC users join #pirates on
xmpp:* (Jabber users join *pirates on (SSL-Webchat)