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  • create the European website
  • deploy and enhance the pirateweb (member admin & communication tool)
  • establish a redundant IT infrastructur to aid pirates in distress (e.g. server raids, slashdotting, legal problems)
  • build a media server
  • build the sms distribution system for the Fireextinguishers


  • Jan Huwald (coordinative, only rarely as developer)


The IT working group has a project (space) on sourceforge:

If the majority agrees, code will be developed and published their. The admin of the SF project is Jan Huwald. Contact him to get access (after registrating yourself on



The pirateweb (running at is a membership managment tool with some business logic. It is not yet published. It has been developed by Rickard Falkvinge.

Almost finished ...

OpenID auth

Common authentification using OpenID. This is currently implemented for the international wiki, German wiki and German forum. It is thought to allow every pirate party to host it's own authentification server (simple web app) as well as using one offerend from PPI. It is not thought to allow strange (non-pirate) OpenID providers for authentification. Metadata (espcially wich country/party a user is from) can then be used within our applications.

We urge you to use OpenID for your sites, too. This will allow a pirate to immmediatly take part in any discussion of any other pirate party. Especially for strengthening the connection of national and international wikis/forums.

Tutorials and patches for common applications, to include OpenID will be published here soon.

VoIP telephony for pirates

"Skype sucks" --Jan Huwald

Therefore an international telephony service based on Asterisk has been developed in Germany and will be announced soon. It allows large (and sophisticated) conferences, the possibility to reach every pirate or leave him a (voice) message on his mailbox. In theory it allows video telephony but I have not tested.

The solution includes:

  • (limited) offer to host the service for you(r party)
  • (simple) scripts and how-to to enable the service on your (Linux) server
  • easy interconnection of different asterisk servers of pirates => free, international calls & conferences
  • clients for SIP telephony are available for almost any OS and as hardware solution, too

What's neccessary for using it efficiently is a contact list.

Details of this project will be released probably around 11.8.-18.8.