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International Conference 1/2008

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The second International Pirate Conference will take place in Berlin in the beginning of 2008. Currently it is up to you to decied about the exact date to achieve a high turnout.

Vote the Date

This is to get an overview, not a formal vote.

Please use 'X' for impossible, '0' if you can attend at all, '-' if you can attend but would rather not, and '+' if you prefer the date. Don't hesitate to add comments. Please add your name and the country you're from.

Who? 19.-20.1. 26.-27.1. 1.-2.2.
Jan Huwald X 0 0
Jens Seipenbusch - + 0
Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes - + 0
Rick Falkvinge - + 0
The Netherlands
Core-TX / Samir Allioui
Alper Çugun +
Partia Piratów - Poland
Błażej Kaczorowski + - -
Piratenpartei Österreichs
Wolfgang Weißinger - - +
Dmitriy Kremneff +
Artyom Susloff +
Your Country Here
Your Name Here

In the end we should concentrate on getting as much countries as possible represented.

Please be aware, that between 29.1. and 3.2. the 'transmediale' takes place in Berlin, so that the last proposed weekend is not a good choice. --Nanuk