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Levies Questionnaire

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The European Commission has started a consultation with questionnaire on levies for private copying. We decided to give them a joint response. This page is there to draft our response which should be done until April 4th. 2008.

The EC consultation page with background documents and questionnaire can be found here


Cover letter

FIXME: Blabla about who we are, and why we are stakeholders.


FIXME: General discussion about the levy system. Needed as we cannot support the premises of the questionairy.


A. Main characteristics of the private copying levy systems

1) Does Table 1 on equipment and blank media levies reflect the situation correctly? Is the information contained in Table 1 still correct?
2) How could the legal uncertainties as to which equipment is levied in different jurisdictions be dealt with?
3) What would be the fairest method to determine the private copying levy rate that applies to digital equipment and blank media?
4) Have new levies on either equipment or media have been introduced or abolished since 2006?