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May 2010, UK parliamentary election

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In May 2010 the UK had a parliamentary election.

In the UK, the voting system for parliamentary elections is FPTP in 650 individual constiuencies. Pirate Party UK fielded candidates in 9 constituencies.

The results

Candidate Constituency Votes Total votes  %
Andrew Robinson Worcester 173[1] 0.4
Graeme Lambert Bury North 131[2] 0.3
Alexander van Terheyden Bethnal Green and Bow 213[3] 0.4
Tim Dobson Manchester, Gorton 236[4] 0.6
Luke Leighton South West Surrey 94[5] 0.2
Shaun Dyer Leicester West 113[6] 0.3
Finlay Archibald Glasgow Central 120[7] 0.4
David Geraghty Derby North 170[8] 0.4
Jack Nunn Cities of London and Westminster 90[9] 0.2


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