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Meeting 2012-06-13

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Agenda for todays meeting

Next meeting = 21/6 18.00 GMT

People present: Gefion GMT +1 Daniel GMT+2 Josef @collentine GMT -6

Last meeting:

1) Follow-up on tasks from previous meeting -> 2) Areas of reporting (alternative 1 or 2) 3) Newsletter content target 4) Structure -> 5) Relations with others. How we fit in. 6) Launch of crowdsourcing name? 7) Anything else for meeting? 8) Next meeting?

1. Josef notified the PPI, they are happy to help and support us They will provide us with infrastructure They might be able to help with translations Would love to see us under their flag Some people willing to become editors already (Jerry and Gregory) Pads Suggestion to look for another pad structure Captchas do not work, new members cannot sign up themselves Emails to do not arrive, maybe a problem with the mailing server We don't know for sure who is in charge for the structure We will keep the .eu pad and create new accounts for new members manually for the moment Mailinglist Change in settings: reply to should go to list All three of us will get admin rights to the whole structure (Pad and ML)

2. Agreed to use second alternative as suggested by Josef Think about wordpress categories and subcategories Pirate Topics (Global PP related news) Pirate Party News (Election Results, changes in Pirate Parties + EU parliament) Asia Australia Europe North-America South-America Interviews Party Introductions Pirate Introductions Tips & tricks (Organizational tips)

3. How many articles do we need? Balance between topics is important Pirate Topics: 35% Pirate Party News: 30% Interviews: 20% Tips & tricks: 15%

4. Each of us should think about some suggested topics and add them to the taks list ACTION Josef: Set up a wiki site under the PPI wiki for detailed information and to recruit new team members We want an open pad for the name-crowdsourcing Regular mumble conference call: Thursdays, 6PM GMT ACTION Josef: Create a mumble room for us We will use our shared skype channel for quick communication for the whole team ACTION Gefion: Include all changes into the structure!

5. Seems only relevant in comparison to other news services We should establish relations with national news services Germany: Flaschenpost, (done) Sweden: Newsletter, just for members, Josef is in contact with Anna ACTION Josef: Get us onto that distribution list! Czeck Republic: Josef is in contact ACTION Josef: Ask the PPI about any other national news services ACTION Gefion: Contact all PPI press teams and establish contact What is our relation to the PPI? ACTION Josef: Find appropriate wording for what we are to be added to the wiki site

6. Need to finish actions around wiki and structure, then we are ready to go. Crowdsourcing will be launched at the nex meeting on June 21st


  1. 2

Alternative 1

   1) Global PP related news
   2) Organizational tips
   3) Election Results, changes or interesting new programms in national pirate parties
   4) EU parliament (reports from the two pirate MEPS)
   5) Introductions of pirate parties around the world
   6) Important dates (elections, GA's, international meetings)

Alternative 2, a focused approach.

   1) Global PP related news 
   2) Organizational tips 
   3) Pirate party news ->Election Results, changes in Pirate Parties + EU parliament
   4) Interviews (introducing pirate parties and pirates)
   ** Important dates

  1. 3

Newsletter content target = 10 articles per month.


1) Global News 2) Organizational Tips *2 3) election results and GA's (depends on how many happen), 1 EU parliament 4) 2 pirate party introductions, 1 pirate interview

  1. 5

Relations with others. How we fit in. We should define our relationships with the following groups of pirates imo: Press services and officers on international (PPI (parrot)), national and subnational level news services on national and subnational levels, podcasts etc. Websites like LQDN,, ... as to where we want to advertise, for what we want to advertise, and whose content we want to scan for possible translations