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Meeting 2013-02-12

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Protocol: Andrew


Can't make it - it's pancake day! Sorry - Gefion

Start: 20:10

Agenda 1) Introduction of team members (quick 2min intro - who are you? why here?)

No new members present - no intros

2) Pirate Times status (quick report by Josef) + answering of questions

Current issues:

-reader acquisition, podcast,

-Articles are going ok thanks to Andrew mainly - Kim Dotcom article and endorsement added to the count

-6 months birthday coming up

-translation of articles: regular translations not working yet but 1 article has been translated into PT from Flaschenpost and vice versa. 1 from Swedish and Janita's to Greek and one of Stathis' to Portugese

need to motivate translators

need to gather translated articles together

3) Open tasks + follow-up on last meeting

Articles (progress?)

Last meeting minutes on wiki

Flaschen post gallery up and working

4) Contact over the WP page.

A contact for an urgent guest article sent by Christian Engström was not replied to. This is probably because the contact@piratetimes is full of spam. It is suggested that a contact page with a contact form and a security feature like a captcha be used to prevent harvesting by spam bots. This could be sent to the news teams gmail account on a temporary basis. We could also think about a separate email for guest authors or people who wish to give us leads that could go to - that could go to the news email address permanently. [Andrew] - Explanation of current setup and why mail was missed [josef] Josef gets a copy but he was very busy but the subject was not telling - bad luck - Justus now gets a copy too.

5) Recurring article concept [josef]

lack of replies - Justus need to look for people

e.g. report on PPI every 2 weeks - responsible person named so Daniel and Andrew can ask where it is -

AR - can we have a calendar? Josef - PPI has set up a calendar

we have 2 regular articles currently flattr (10th) FB & twitter (end of month)

AR tips & tricks can be regular - he takes responsibility Justus wants to do a what happened this week series - Loïc will help

To be published Tuesdays AR will start it until Justus is ready.

Loïc & Stathis will do PPEU and EU issues - AR - Josef will send Andrew details

AR ,Gefion? and Josef - directly ask especially new members to write a topic

6) Interview templates need to be completed [Andrew]

call to action and when designing an interview put new questions down.

7) Banner (Cullen drafted some) - we might need a slogan to go with it? I personally favour "international pirate news" /daniel? ('the state of the movement' /Josef


Banner of Pirate Times

Banner for Facebook page

small picture for Navigation-bars etc of other parties

Andrew will ask a graphic designer in PPAU - pospone to later meeting also Stathis and Loic will ask around - Justus will talk to SG Gestaltung

Article in Pirate Times (maybe Pakki)

8) Accessability issues with website 75

These need to be implemented and added to style guide AR will orgainse meeting with Janita

9) Translated articles

Josef has not had time to set up team and organise processes - Some articles have been translated Ru Sb

Josef will Set up a page of translated articles - search for translated articles mailing list and social media

When translating for an article add to and enrich the content - start regular through translation team and see what happens.

10) PP fb admin collaboration

Content of mails sent by Andrew to some FB admins


It has occurred to me that we Pirate Admins should work out a way to talk to each other and see if there are ways we can help and support each other. So I am contacting a few Admins quasi at random (see list below) at a national and international level to gather some opinions.

I do not foresee any need for something formal or organized – a Facebook group should suffice. Keep it closed and limited to national and international oriented sites for the start and see what happens. We can expand the reach or set up other groups as required. Also PPI are looking for a Social Media Chief since last May but, as far as I know, not had any success. We can cooperate with such a person when one is appointed. In the mean time there are new parties being formed and election campaigns being waged. Why wait?

Please tell me what you think and if you have suggestions let me know. If you know of a similar effort already in existence let me know about it.

Thanks, Andrew Pirate Times Editor and Facebook Page Admin

Copies to:

Piraten Streaming












PPFR (contact at, write in English, someone there will understand)

PPGR ( you can write in English too)

Andrew has enough positive replies to start this coming weekend 16.02.2013

11) Other questions/topics for meeting

Meeting closed 23:20

12) Next meeting 22.02.2013 at 20.00 GMT (Berlin time) = 19.00 (London) = 13.00 (Mexico) = 14.00 (Detroit)