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PPI Board/Proposed Rules of Procedure

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§1 Board meetings

  1. Regular board meetings will take place no less than once a month. At the end of each meeting the date and time of the next meeting will be announced.
  2. Extraordinary meetings can be called by any member of the board for urgent matters.

§2 Agenda

  1. The provisional agenda of the regular board meetings shall be published before the meeting
  2. New items to the agenda can be brought in during the meeting and will be discussed at the end of the scheduled agenda.
  3. Every member of the Pirate Parties International can propose an agenda item to the board.

§3 Publicity

  1. The board meetings are public, unless the board votes in favor of a non-public meeting. The decision to hold a non-public meeting has to be motivated.
  2. Guests are allowed to speak up during a meeting if requested to do so by the chairman.
  3. Guests that disrupt the meeting can be excluded by the chairman.

§4 Procedure

  1. At the beginning of each meeting a chairman and secretary will be appointed.
  2. The secretary of the meeting will write the meeting minutes.
  3. The chairmen of the meeting moderates the discussions and makes sure the rules of procedure are respected.

§5 Votes

  1. Only members of the board are entitled to vote.
  2. Decisions are taken by a simple majority of board members present at the meeting. If less then 4 board members are present decisions require an unanimous vote. At least 3 members of the board need to be voting for a decision to be valid.
  3. Board members not present at the meeting can vote on a proposal published in the provisional agenda by citing the proposal and expressing their vote in an e-mail sent to (postal vote). The postal votes shall be added to the votes casted at the meeting if the proposals are exactly the same. The postal votes shall be mentioned in the provisional agenda and can be repealed before they are added by a different postal vote or by a vote casted at the meeting.

§6 Meeting minutes

  1. The minutes of the meeting will be published before the next meeting and not later than two weeks after the meeting.
  2. The CAO is responsible for publishing the meeting minutes and links to the published meeting recordings on the PPI wiki.
  3. The minutes of the meeting are resolution minutes and contain the wording of motions and resolutions that had been voted on. In case of an non-public meeting the minutes contain instead the motivated resolution to have the non-public meeting (ref §4.1). Any board member can submit within 24 hours after the meeting a text of personal statement to the minutes explaining his or her particular vote to a motion or resolution.

§7 Tasks

  1. Suggestions of new tasks and committees can be formed at any time, to create a task or committee you must establish a single head and for tasks there must be a set deadline.
  2. The CAO is responsible for entering all tasks that have been agreed upon in the meeting in Redmine, ensuring that the due date is set.
  3. By the end of their term of office, each board member should create a text report of their activities.

(new)Suggestions of new tasks and committees can be formed at any time, to create a task or committee you must establish a single head and for tasks there must be a set deadline.

(removed)During each regular meeting the board members will present a report with all the new developments concerning their respective tasks. (removed) The person responsible for a specific task can take minor decisions concerning that task without prior voting by the board.

§8 General provisions

  1. These rules of procedure can be modified at any time by the board.
  2. These rules of procedure are immediately applicable.

Annotation: Chairman in the text above is the Chairman of the meeting.