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PPI Board Agenda 2010-06-22

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--- 22/06/2010---


3.1 - Pirate Party of the Week (proposed by Jerry)

This week's PP of the week will be Austria, next will be France.

3.1 - Pirate Partis in Hungary and Turkey (proposed by Jerry)

Gregory and I are trying to get some information about the Hungarian Pirate Party and a working group from the Turkish Greens that call themselves Pirates. We should encourage cooperation.


4.1 - "Pirate Services" (proposed by Jerry)

Andizio wrote an article in our Wiki ( and Jurgen from PP-BE contacted me about a similar issue. Please read through the mail I forwarded to the board and the wiki page so we can discuss if PPI supports these ideas and in which way.

4.2 - Membership applications (proposed by Jerry)

With the Pirates without borders we have our first applicant for membership after the conference. Joachim can you take care of the process (if there is anything more to do) and make sure no application documents get lost so the Assembly can vote on the application during the next conference?

4.3 - PPI newsletter (proposed by Jerry)

I have a concept for a newsletter. I will propose it and we should discuss. We should also ask Joeri Oudshoorn about the progress on his newsletter idea.


5.1 - Item Title (proposed by ...)

5.2 - Item Title (proposed by ...)