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PPI Board Minutes 2010-08-17

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--- 17/08/2010 ---


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

Aleksander (IRC Only)

1.2 - Others

Ralph Hinterleitner
Marko Djordjevic


Quorum not met, ist is an informational meeting.
Meeting not opened by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is ....
Quorum not established with 3 of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: [No]
Recording started: [No]
Meeting closed at ... : ... (CEST) by ....


Quorum not met

3.1 - Status Server Migration' (proposed by Gregory)

PPI has now a vhost server from We also have the full DNS controll now. The migration will take a little longer.

3.2 - Item Title (proposed by ...)


4.1 - Regional Issues in Ostrava, Czech Republic (proposed by Jakub)

The members of the region of MSK in the Czech Republic insisted that I inform you of what is happening there. As the legislative body of the Czech Pirate Party accepted a statute saying that the regional webs will be integrated to the party web once it is ready, one of the 14 regions of the Czech Republic changed its web presentation at presentation so that it now says "As a result of the decision of the central organs of the Czech Pirate Party the contents of this page was removed. Therefore the page of the Regional Association of Czech Pirate Party in Moravskoslezsky region are unavailable. Retain the goodwill to us."

4.2 - PPI website (proposed by blaeks) I have update on this. A drupal hacker is with us and one deigner too. This would be introduce and common q&a with him/me about site redesign. We need tech specs in order to procede with job.

4.3 - PPI short presentation

we need a short text about the PPI, like a bio - work is being done here:

5 - no REPORTS, since it is an informal meeting.

6 - NEXT MEETING is next week, Tue 23.Aug.2010 21h (CET)