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PPI Conference 2011/Friedrichshafen

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How to get to Friedrichshafen? See OpenStreetMap, wikitravel

By plane

Friedrichshafen Airport website

Find cheap flights from/to Friedrichshafen or nearby airports at

By train

Coming from Airports at Munich, Zurich and Stuttgart (or the minor Airport Memmingen) one can reach FN in about 1-3 hours.

Train station "Friedrichshafen Stadt". German railway website

By car

By ship

There is a catamaran regularly travelling from Constance to Friedrichshafen

The venue

How to get to the venue?

By bus

Line 5, bus stop "Messe", see time table and route map.

By car


Messe Friedrichshafen
Neue Messe 1
88046 Friedrichshafen


Cheap&Easy: Youth hostel in FN.

You need to be member of the "deutsches Jugendherbergswerk" or a similar Youth Hostel organisation in your country. Becoming member in Germany costs 12.50 Euro (if you're at max. 26 years old) or 21.00 Euro (being 27+).

The detailed prices for an overnight stay:

                          Till age 26                27 plus
bed/breakfast 1st night        22,60 €                26,60 €
bed/breakfast following        19,30 €                23,30 €
bed/half-board 1st night       27,50 €                31,50 €
bed/half-board following       24,40 €                28,40 €
bed/full-board 1st night       31,50 €                35,50 €
bed/half-board following       27,70 €                31,70 €

Other accommodation:

There are lots of hotels in Friedrichshafen, prices for a single chamber start at about 50 Euro. You can consult a price comparison site like "", but keep in mind to keep the distance to the airport or the city low. Once the target date for PPI has been found, I will also assist attendees in finding a suitable hotel room.


These people can be contacted for more information concerning travel arrangements and accomodation:

  • Having trouble getting in or finding an accomodation? Let me know!
  • ...