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Here you will find all the submitted information by the applicants for PPI membership that will be voted on by the General Assembly in Friedrichshafen.

Ordinary membership applicants

Pirate Party of Canada

Founding Date June 10, 2009 (Founding), April 10, 2010 (Eligibility), November 2010 (Official Registration)
Members 2126
Board composition
  • Leader - Mikkel Paulson (
  • Director-at-Large (CTO, Chief Agent) - Stephane Bakhos (
  • Director-at-Large (International and Interpartisan Relations) - Mike Bleskie (
  • Director-at-Large (Volunteer Coordinator) - Shawn Gray (
  • Director-at-Large (Public Relations)- Shawn Vulliez (
Statutes Appendix "A" containing the party constitution (PDF, see Comments below)
Bylaws Appendix "B" containing the party bylaws (PDF, see Comments below)
Political program Appendix "C" containing the party manifesto (PDF, see Comments below)
Comments You can find the Pirate Party of Canada's application package here: File:PPCA
Contact info[at]pirateparty[dot]ca

Pirate Party of Morocco

Pirate Party of Slovenia

Founding date Unofficial: Maj 2009; Official: 4. March 2011
Members Active: 9; On file: 25; Facebook: 4,295
Board composition Board (Engl.)
Statutes Statutes (Slov.)
Political program Program (Engl.)
Subsidiaries Acitve: NONE; Planned: Mladi pirati Slovenije (Young pirates Slovenia), Local city/region devisions.
Comments Currently in Slovenia we have formed the Society of Slovenian Pirates (Društvo piratov Slovenije), this is only temporary as establishing a political party is very costly and we needed a legal entity. When the Pirate party of Slovenia (Piratska stranka Slovenije) is officially founded we will request that membership in PPI is transferred to that entity.
Contact info[at]piratskastranka[dot]net

Pirate Party of New Zealand

Founding date 20 Feb 2010
Members 40 members.
Board composition
  • Interim President Tommy Fergusson (
  • Vice-President Peter Ajamian (
  • Party Secretary Noel Zeng (,
  • Treasurer Bruce (
  • Media Spokesperson Matt (
Statutes PP-NZ Statutes (Engl.)
Political program Core Policy
Comments PPAk/YPNZ is a group of PPNZ members and supporters which functions as both a regional chapter of PPNZ in Auckland (PPAk) and a youth wing (YPNZ) until they can be set up separately.

I can also add that PPNZ has already contested one parliamentary by-election as an unregistered party, and plans to contest the November 2011 parliamentary general election as a registered, or failing that as an unregistered party.

The logo of the Pirate Party of New Zealand can be found at (.svg)

Contact pirateparty[at]pirateparty[dot]org[dot]nz

Observer membership applicants

Pirates without Borders

Founding date 27.02.2010
Members 70
Statutes Statutes (German & English)
Internal regulations Pflichtenheft (German)
Background Pirates without borders is an association with seat in CH-9000 St. Gallen founded under Swiss legislation in Graz, Austria. We serve as a basis for international projects of the pirate community and encourage global exchange of knowledge and skills.
Comments On our first general assembly, held on May 14th 2010 in Bingen on the Rhine, Germany, the motion that Pirates without borders should join PPI was filed. This motion was accepted by the assembly concordantly.
Contact Contact form
Board & Board members, board[at]pirates-without-borders[dot]org

Pirate Party of Bavaria

Founding date 6. January 2007
Members 2650
Statutes Statutes (Ger. and Engl.)
Political program Program (Ger. and Engl.)
Comments More information can be found in this presentation: Application for observer membership at the Pirate Parties International (Ger. and Engl.)
Contact vorstand[at]piratenpartei-bayern[dot]de

Pirate Party of Hesse

Founding date 6. February 2007
Members 895
Statutes Statutes (Ger.)

Board Rules of Procedure

Political program the link will be included later.
Comments The General Assembly of the Pirate Party of Hesse has decided with a vast majority of votes to apply for the PPI Observer membership
Contact vorstand[at]piratenpartei-hessen[dot]de

contact details of board members

Pirate Party of Catalonia

Founding date: officially a political party since 4 of October 2010
Members Few more than 400 affiliates
Statutes Pirates de Catalunya ESTATUTOS (PDF, Cat.) (english translation)
Background We are the Catalan part of the Spanish Pirate Party. We found that their way of working was not good and making impossible for us to present for the autonomic elections last November. We met and decided to create our Pirate party. Catalonia has a lot of autonomic Parties, so it’s not something strange. Some members are in both Pirate Parties (Spanish and Catalan), between them are Kenneth Peiruza (The guy who signed for the Spanish Party to join the PPI last year) and myself, Xavi Vila, Core Team Member of the PPI, for example. We have contact with some Catalans that support the Pirate movement that are around the world (UK, USA, France, …)
Elections In the autonomic elections we obtained 6500 votes (0,21%). We are working to present in some local parts next May, in the local elections.
Comments We have contacts with some Pirates when travel here, for example Amelia.
Contact partit[at]pirata[dot]cat

Young Pirates Germany

Founding date: 2009
Members > 700
Statutes German
Background We are the official youth organization of the Pirate Party Germany, which already is a PPI member. Founded in 2009, we have now more than 700 members from all over germany.