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!align="right" |Sponsor
!align="right" |Sponsor
| Pirate Party Florida
| Pirate Party Florida, Pirate Party Netherlands
!align="right" |member of Pirate Party
!align="right" |member of Pirate Party

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Here you can write your application for PPI board member. To submit your application copy-paste the table or write an e-mail with the information to and we will add you to the list. ( we do have temporarily problems with wiki, so we are glad to help)

Sponsors - According to IV (4) (b) and V (2) (b) of the PPI statutes candidates to any body of the PPI must be proposed by an ordinary or observer member of the PPI. If you submit your application please add your sponsor. One member can support multiple candidates and the person applying for a position doesn't necessarily need to be a member of that organization. If you don't have a sponsor before the conference you still might be able to convince a delegation on the spot.

Please use the following template:

Name and nicks YOUR NAME

Chairperson (2 positions)

Name and nicks Gregory Engels
Sponsor Pirate Party of Germany
member of Pirate Party Pirate Parties of Germany, Hesse, Kazakhstan, Russia, Luxembourg and Sweden
Gregory lptby10-by-pixelmurder.jpg
  • I have studied Physics (with specialization in atomic physics)
  • since 1998 I am running a company that provides consulting services for Lotus Notes customers. (Mostly managing big multi-national migration projects)
  • In my field, I am considered to be a "guru" - I am IBM RedBook author, member of the Penumbra partnership and a frequent speaker at international Lotus Notes conferences.
  • I am married and have two children

Pirate Qualifications:

  • Member of the City Council of Offenbach am Main and leader of the first parliamentary Pirate Group ever
  • Candidate for the upcoming European Parliament elections for PP-DE (List position 6)
  • Judge in the Court of Arbitration in the Pirate Party of Hesse 2011-2012
  • Main organizer of the PP-DE GA in Offenbach (1500 attendees)
  • Co-Chairman Pirate Parties International April 2010 till March 2011 and from April 2012 on.
  • International Coordinator for Pirate Party of Germany since 2009
  • PPI Statutes Task-Force leader 2009-2010
  • Campaign manager foreigners elections City of Offenbach 2010 - achieved 4.2% for the Pirate Party, resulting in a win of one seat.

Other Memberships

  • Chaos Computer Club Frankfurt (C3F2M)
  • Humanistische Union (HU)
  • Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV)
  • Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobilclub (ADAC)
language(s) I am fluent in English, German and Russian
motivation and political background I would like to repeat at large what I have said in my last year presentation:

The coming year is a turning point for the Pirate Movement. Pirates have entered into Parliaments, and we are seeing its gain momentum that many have not dreamed of even a year ago. New Pirate Parties are being founded and old ones experience a land rush like growth. But this dynamics also bring new challenges. We need a shift in professionalism inside our structures and inside PPI to make sure that the Pirate Movement will survive this growth. We need to reach out to our allies to face the growing global threats that are threatening to all of us - things like CEEP, TTIP, TTP, and new challenges like IPRED. We need to support PPI's members on the international level. And we need to focus on the whole world, not just our neighborhood - because this world is interconnected and bad legislation in any part of it will in the end be everyone's problem, if we remain motionless.

I am running for reelection as PPI Co-Chairman on the post. Being on the post has turned out to be rather an obstacle for a Pirate than an advantage. We have struggled a lot to unwind a chaos left over by the previous administration and, even that we were partially successful, some of more important issues remain unsolved. We have started a lot of projects and I really would like to execute them to a level of completeness where it is easy for the next board to take it over and not going through the same struggles that we had to face.

Contact data I can easily be reached at a number of channels - see my profile page in the German Pirate-Wiki

You can also ask me public questions on Formspring

Name and nicks Patrick "Argure" Godschalk
Sponsor Pirate Party Florida, Pirate Party Netherlands
member of Pirate Party Piratenpartij (The Netherlands)
  • I'm very good at telling when someone is actively bullshitting this organisation.
  • I'm also very good at getting those people to stop doing that.
  • I'm Dutch, which means I'm always either drunk or high - and therefore good fun! This is obviously a lie.
  • I realise that I can just write whatever the bloody hell I want in here since most people won't even check these.
  • On that note, I have a PhD in creativology.
  • I'm not at all narcissistic or cynical. I do not know the meaning of sarcasm.
  • I will love you long time. ( ⊙‿⊙)
language(s) C, Perl, zsh. I also do Python when I'm feeling masochistic. Oh, and I can say ARRRR really loud!
motivation and political background See, this is where it gets interesting. I actually have a serious motivation for doing this, despite the cynical and somewhat humourous first paragraphs here. And that motivation is simple.

It's an important one so let me place it on it's own line just so people read it better:

You do NOT. Fucking. "Announce". A GA *TWO WEEKS* before it actually starts.

I mean come on, this is some A+++ stand-up bullshit going on here that I expect from 'liberals', but not from a Pirate Party. Or at least, I don't want to expect this. So, my motivation for my candidature is simple.

  1. I refuse to acknowledge the validity of this GA in the interest of the member parties that are not the in-crowd of Gregory Engels.
  2. If this GA still happens, elect me to the board in whatever position and I will immediately move to declare this GA null and void.
  3. After which, I will immediately step down as board member because I have no actual interest in being one.

If I am unable to declare the GA null and void, I will simply not do anything as a board member other than righteously 'abuse' this position to actually fucking *inform* the member parties of shit like this. And any other board member who in that case would have a problem with this can cordially go fuck themselves.

And yes, in case it needs explaining, despite writing this on a cynical and highly frustrated note, - I am *dead serious* about this candidature with this specific motivation.

Contact data Argure on IRC. If you're wondering which network, I'm on pretty much most of them, just pick one at random. You can also mail me at but honestly, I read my mail maybe once a week at most.

Name and nicks Marco Confalonieri
Sponsor Pirate Party of Italy (PP-IT)
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Italy (PP-IT)
Marco Confa.jpg

I am a freelance software developer, working in the city of Genova, in Italy. My adventure with the Pirate Party began in 2008. This is my Pirate CV:

  • International Coordinator for PP-IT from 2009 to 2013
  • Member of the Court of Arbitration of Pirate Parties International for one year (elected in Friedrichshafen, 2011)
  • "Privacy Guarantor" of PP-IT (internal officer that verifies the procedure for the admission of new members in the Permanent Assembly of PP-IT) in 2013
  • Running for the Italian Chamber of Deputies during the 2013 national elections in the "Piemonte I" district list of PP-IT
  • Currently Member of the Court of Arbitration of PP-IT
language(s) Italian, English
motivation and political background In a world where the global economy dominates the political decisions there is a constant trend to subordinate individual rights to the needs of the global market. Unlike other political movements, Pirates are not limited by borders in their actions, and the common values that we share are as global as the pressure on the rights that we defend and strive to extend. Therefore, I believe that communication and coordination between the Pirate Parties around the world are crucial to win these battles, and that Pirate Parties International has a duty towards its members and the whole Pirate Movement to ease these processes.

I think I can have a role in serving the interests of the Pirate Movement worldwide, therefore I'm putting forward my candidature.

Contact data My contact details:
  • Email: marco.confalonieri(at)
  • Mobile: +39 349 6948 145
  • Skype: marco_confa
  • Facebook: Marco Confalonieri

Board members (5 positions)

Name and nicks Denis 'SciFi' Simonet
Sponsor Pirate Party Switzerland
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Switzerland
Profilbild Polo Ocker Zoom.jpg
  • I work as a software engineer for a company which integrates FOSS and I am a Bachelor in Computer Science
  • PPI board member since 2012
  • Chairman of Pirate Party Switzerland from the foundation in 2009 until March 2012
  • Founder member of the Swiss Privacy Foundation
  • Spokesperson for PP-CH
  • International Coordinator for Pirate Party of Switzerland
  • Many other activities, also see my page on wikipedia
language(s) Swiss German, German, French, English, a bit Italian
motivation and political background I already was a board member for two years now and I offer my time for another period. I won't do treasurer nor CAO. But I'd be happy to continue visiting organizations such as the WIPO or the WTO as I think that international relations are important for the pirate movement. I will also help in other ways where my spare time allows me to do so, such as help organising the next ThinkTwice conference.
Contact data
  • Skype: SciF0r
  • Twitter: SciF0r
  • Jabber:
  • E-Mail:

Name and nicks Patrick "Argure" Godschalk
application/contact data See above

Name and nicks Marco Confalonieri
application/contact data See above

Name and nicks Thomas Gaul
Sponsor Pirate Party of Germany
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Germany
* Civil Engineer - Building Energy Consultant
  • married, one child
  • International Coordinator for Pirate Party of Germany 2011 -
  • Vice Chairman Pirate Party of Lower Saxony 2012-2013
  • Vice Teamleader Pressteam PP-DE 2013
  • Member of the Board 2011-2012
  • Alternate Member of the Board 2012-2013
  • Member of the Board (CAO) 2013-2014

International experience:

  • working groups on CEN TC 227 WG2 (1997-2005), CEN TC WG 5 (2004-2005)
  • technical comittee CEN TC 227 (2004-2005)
  • Secretary to CEN TC 227 WG2 on behalf of British Standard Institution (2003-2005)
language(s) German, English
motivation and political background In my eyes it is vital for PPI to be in touch with other NGOs and hopefully with other international institutions, as the board had already began. Beside the board we do need some kind of a second level within the PPI, you might call it teams. As we all can see some few elected members to the board can't solve all the problems that evolve. We do need the members of the PPI to be acting as one on some aspects, e.g. CISPA. On ACTA we all did a great job! Now it is time to move forward. "Infiltrating" all those lobbying filth might be a start. But as you might know - my main issue is something else. Human rights and related issues would be on my agenda (beside the boring every day work of a board member (don't forget even access to information via Internet is a human right). We have to be in touch with relevant organizations beside PPI on this. This means: attend meetings, exchange of information with relevant organizations and so forth. (tbc)
Contact data Email:

see my profile page

Name and nicks Bastian (Sebastian Krone)
Sponsor Pirates without borders
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party Germany

Within the international movement:

Curriculum vitae:

  • Studies in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Law
  • Professional rallying, German Amateur Masters
  • Accountant
  • Commercial pilot (flight instructor started)
  • Instructor ITSE
  • MCSE
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Working since 1971 (!) in the IT
  • Commercial Consultant
  • Father :D
language(s) I had the opportunity to visit many countries in my life and I can also be found capable of coping with their language.
motivation and political background I am applying to be elected as a Member of the Board (treasurer).

Since my first General Assembly chairman’s job in 2011 in Friedrichshafen, I have accompanied the International Pirates Movement continuously.

For the PPEU foundation process I worked in many international conferences since 2012, such as in Prague (CZ), Aarau (CH), Barcelona (CAT), Rome (I), Manchester (GB), Paris (F), Warsaw (PL) and Luxembourg. I have participated at several online-meetings for developing PPEU-Statues and PPEU-Manifesto. Financially I am independent, so I could pay for my expenses on my own.

It will be an extraordinary challenge to organize all necessary structures for the PPI and would mean a great honor to me to take on this task.

I am a professional accountant, so I know what that task means.

To unite the international Pirates movement is a challenging goal that will make us stand together.

Pirates should work together without borders.

Contact data

Alternate Board Member (4 positions)

Name and nicks Patrick "Argure" Godschalk
application/contact data See above

Name and nicks Marco Confalonieri
application/contact data See above

Name and nicks Bastian (Sebastian Krone)
application/contact data See above

Court of Arbitration (3-7 positions)

Name and nicks Bradley Hall
Sponsor Florida Pirate Party
member of Florida Pirate Party
  • I stand up for what is right.
  • I cannot be bribed or otherwise have my impartiality called into question.
  • I research all sides of an issue.

Pirate Qualifications:

  • Chairman of the United States Pirate Party (former)
  • Records Officer of the United States Pirate Party (former)
  • Chairman, Florida Pirate Party (current)
language(s) I am fluent in English.
motivation and political background I would like to be a member of the PPI Court of Arbitration because the

PPI needs members for this court that are honorable and able to arbitrate whatever comes before them. I aim to do this, and to do it well.

Contact data I can be reached at

Lay auditors (3 positions)