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PPI Conference 2016

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Call for Hosts

Offer from PPI Berlin

Proposal in PDF format

General Assembly PPI 2016, Berlin, Germany




The conference will be streamed. During the conference the streaming will be available at:


The PPI GA will be in Berlin
on the 23th and 24th of July 2016.


CCG Congress Consult und Immobiliengesellschaft mbH
Franz-Mehring-Platz 1
10243 Berlin
The gathering of the PPI will take place in the heart of Europe, the city of Berlin. The venue is located slightly to the east of the city centre in an area that still radiates the historical charm of East Berlin. The grey and durable structures of appartment blocks which surround the venue give every visitor a good idea of what Berlin looked like during the era of the Cold War. So the venue is not only in the centre of Berlin, it is also a historical site in itself. The "Haus des Neuen Deutschland" is owned by a left-wing newspaper publishing company and has served the Pirate Party Berlin well for a couple of years now.

Directions (Train, Plane)

The venue is situated in the eastern city centre about 500 metres (or only a 5-minute-walk) from one of the main train stations called "Ostbahnhof". The train station is part of the main public transportation line going from east to west through Berlin City.
Costs: A oneway ticket for public transportation costs about 2.70 Euro and a day ticket for most of Berlin costs 7 Euro.
It's really easy to find your way to Berlin. There are daily flights from anywhere to the city. Train connections are available as well. Via public transportation it takes about 45 minutes to get to Tegel Airport or to Berlin-Schönefeld Airport.

Accommodation (Hotels, Couch surfing)

There are hotels basically everywhere and you get the full range of comfort, from back-packer to 5-star-hotels. Prices are ranging from 10 Euro per night for a cheap shared room in a hostel. The average costs for a hotel room are lowest among european capitals.
Cheap Hotels in East Berlin
The local members will try to provide as many couch surfing places and shared appartements as possible. Feel free to ask Jessica Miriam Zinn via email:
A lot of restaurants of different kinds and levels of prices can be found in walkable distance.


Become a volunteer and be a part of the GA - Call for volunteers
Please fill in your Name here, we will get in touch with you soon: Volunteer Padlink

Preliminary Agenda and not binding timetable

Proposed Agenda

Proposed Agenda for the General Assembly 2016

Not binding timetable

22. July 2016 - Friday
  • 18:00 - Volunteer Meeting at the GA location
  • 19:30 - Social event at the GA location
  • 19:30 - Committee - Session
  • 21:00 - Socializing at
23. July 2016 - Saturday
General Assembly
  • 10:00 Delegates accreditation
  • 10:30 Keynote & Opening of the General Assembly
  • 11:00 Admittance of new PPI Members
  • 12:00 Issues of Statements
  • 12:30 Statutes Amendments
  • 13:30 Pause / Lunch
  • 14:30 Reports (Board, Coart of Arbitration, Lay Auditors)
  • 15:00 Elections of PPI officers (board, court, lay auditors)
  • 18:00 Press Conference
  • 18:30 Motions Amendments
  • 19:30 Social event
24. July 2016 - Sunday
General Assembly
  • 10:00 Conference reopen
  • 10:30 Motions Amendments
  • 12:30 Workshop(s) / Standing committees
  • 14:30 Discussion about the results
  • 15:30 Speakers
  • 17:00 Official Conference End


Concerning Amendments and Candidatures

Social Events

  • Friday
19:30h Meetup social event at the GA location
21:00h Socializing (Food & Drinks) at
10243 BERLIN
  • Saturday
19:30h Socializing after the GA
22:00h Screening of international electional spots, short movies, interviews and documentaries about the Pirate Parties in the inner courtyard of the building - please take all you've got (Videos or clips) with you!
Barbeque (meat & vegan)


Each PPI member can register up to 6 persons as official delegates (PPI Statutes IX.4)
Please follow Rules of Procedure
According to the standing Rules of Procedure, all local and remote delegates must present written authorization from a member of their respective board unless they are designated International Coordinator or equivalent on their parties official website. Each person may represent as a delegate no more than 2 parties. (PPI RoP Art.1 §4)
We kindly ask the delegates to present such accreditation in advance, in order to speed up the conference proceeding. This is especially true for remote delegations, as we would like to connect you with your designated local proxy for technical set-up.


To register for the conference please send in an email to conference (at)