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| Title= Title
| Title= Title
| PutBy={{Flag-nz}} PP-NZ
| PutBy={{Flag-xx}} PP-XX
| Sponsor={{Flag-nz}} PP-NZ
| Sponsor={{Flag-xx}} PP-XX
| Motion=Title of Motion
| Motion=Title of Motion
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New Motions


Title Title
Put by Template:Flag-xx PP-XX
Sponsor Template:Flag-xx PP-XX
Motion Title of Motion

- text text

- text text ...

Rationale Rational


Title That the General Assembly accepts all late entries for statutes, motions and candidatures or on a case by case basis.
Put by PP-NZ Andrew Reitemeyer international coordinator - contact
Sponsor PP-NZ
Motion Acceptance of late motions, statute amendments and candidatures.

- a) all late motions, statute amendments and candidatures be accepted for voting by the General Assembly

- b) if a) is not passed then a vote on each is to be made on each late motion, statute amendment or candidature individually before the commencement of voting.

Rationale Rational The time limit does not give opportunity for alternate proposals to be developed and potential candidatures may be affected by withdrawing board members - there being no candidates for the board at the deadline.


Title abort mailing lists
Sponsor Pirate Party Serbia,
Contact data Jelena Jovanovic, jelena.jovanovic at
proposal ballot(s) Motion to abort having mailing lists in PPI.
reasoning and motivation The motion aims to provide working enviroment which is abuse-free, harrasement-free for people to work in. Culture of criticism went too far, and we've seen it before how members are leaving based on high school politicking conducted on IRC and abuse of official PPI mailing lists. Mailing lists so far proved as ineffective method of communication. Communication conducted via cheap and instant dehumanized tools is harmfull, offensive, counter-productive and redundant, as it results in lower level of motivation and unsafe enviroment.

Other issue is related to admins of ppint list who stepped back, never placed any community standards, and enjoyed placing bets on which country will come up next with the flame wars. Lets end the toxic environment.

Until the next GA, the current mailing list should be open periodically on a 3-month basis (by the calendar quartals) to all members and for purpose of reporting on current state of the development in PPI. And closed before the GA one month prior to the GA for members who exited, or announced voting of no confidence to PPI.