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PPI Coreteam Minutes 2010-03-15

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MARCH 15, 2010


1.1. Members of the PPI Coreteam

Aleksander Blagojevic (Blaeks, CTO)
Will Tovey (Duke, CAO)
Jerry Weyer (Jay, Co-President)
Nicolas Sahlqvist (Nicco, CFO)
Xavier Vila (XaviVila, CTNO)

1.2. Others Present

Moira Bruelisauer (Akallabeth, PPCh)
Gregory Engels (Dichter, PPDe)
pertain (PPDe)


Meeting opened at 20:15 (CET) by Jay.
Secretary for this meeting is Duke.
Quorum established with 5 of 7 Coreteam members present.
Meeting closed at 22:02 (CET) by Jay.
Next meeting on Monday, March 22, 2010.


  1. The minutes from the previous meeting were discussed.


4.1 - Conference update - Proposed by Jay

It was noted that a registration page had been set up for the conference. It was proposed that the page be announced to the PP leaders only for now, to ensure that the two delegates per party would have the first opportunity to register. Proposal Passed (Yes: 5| No: 0| Abstain: 0). It was noted that the refund from the EP will be given in cash immediately following the event. Priority for places would be given first to Coreteam members, then proposed board members, the two delegates per party, and then any other NGO members (such as YPI representatives) or additional party members. Coreteam members would not be able to act as delegates for any party or be allowed to vote. They will be responsible for leading the conference. The importance of having the conference streamed live to those who are unable to attend was noted. Proposed Coreteam members will be invited but will not be allowed to vote unless they are PP delegates as well.

4.2 - Conference taskforce leader - Proposed by Jay

Jurgen Rateau (PPBe) was proposed as conference taskforce leader. It was noted that he was already handling much of the conference business from Brussels. This would only be an internal role and nicco would still count as the "group leader" for the EP visit. Proposal Passed (Yes: 5| No: 0| Abstain: 0).

4.3 - PPNl account update - Proposed by Jay

It was noted that PPNl had set up their own bank account and they may want the money to be transferred from the PPI account. As the money belongs to PPNl PPI should transfer it as soon as requested. It was decided that PPI would wait until the transfer was requested.

4.4 - PPI second account update - Proposed by Jay.

It was noted that a significant amount of paperwork needed signing by CoreTX, Jay, Valio and nicco. The Coreteam will be updated with any progress.

4.5 - PPI to PP-national funding proposal - Proposed by Blaeks.

It was suggested that PPI might want to set up a money redirection system whereby funding could be redirected to the PP that has the greatest need for it. However, it was noted that PPI has no authority to control individual PP funds nor should it be recommending what they do with their money.


  1. It was noted that the PPBr delegate needed a place to stay in Brussels so that she can apply for an official invitation through CE's office.

6. TO DO

  1. The conference registration page will be published to the PP leaders along with instructions for how to register.
  2. A location for the PPBr delegate to stay in Brussels will be sought.