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Pirate Party of Argentina

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Name (abreviation): Partido Pirata (PIRATA)
Country: Argentina
Status: aktiv
Founded: 06.12.2006
Registered: 22.01.2007
Foundingplace: -
Slogan: none
Chairman: - -
Vice-President: not applicable
Treasurer : -
Secretary General: - aka -
Public Relations: - aka -
International Coordinator: Aiarakoa, mail: presidente.jdn ät partidopirata d0t es
Members: 62(23.03.2008)
Supporters: 1525(23.03.2008)
Percentage of women: ~10 % (23.03.2008)
Campaign finance: 0 € (23.03.2008)
1 regional organisations
0 local associations
Headquarters: National Head Office
Avenida de los Reyes de España, 38

30.612 Ulea, Murcia

phone: none
eMail: internacional ät partidopirata dot es

The Partido Pirata (official abbrevation:PIRATA Argentina) is the pirate party of Argentina