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Pirate Party of Finland

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Name (abreviation): Piraattipuolue (PP)
Country: Finland
Status: active
Founded: 24.05.2008
Registered: 19.08.2009
Founding place: Tampere
Slogan: N/A
Chairman: Pasi Palmulehto
Deputy Chairmen: Ahto Apajalahti and Petri Lagus
Treasurer : Pasi Vähämartti
Secretary General: Harri Kivistö
Political Secretary: N/A
International Coordinators: Joonas Mäkinen and Antti Impiö
Members: ~2600 (01.01.2010)
Percentage of women: ~7.6 Percent (30.09.2009)
Campaign finance: N/A € (2007)
6 province organisations
N/A local associations


phone: +358???
eMail: info(a.t)

The Piraattipuolue (Suomi) (official abbrevation: PP) is the Finnish pirate party.


Piraattipuolue is an officially registered political party in Finland able to take part in any upcoming local or national elections without any restrictions.


As of January 19th 2010 six regional chapters have been formed according to the voting regions of the finnish parliamentary elections. The board for the party is elected bi-annually. The current board was elected on 22d of May 2010.


Piraattinuoret(Pirate Youth of Finland) is the youth organisation of the finnish pirates.

Student pirates

Aalto-university Pirates and Helsinki University Pirates are working in the student politics in their respective universities.



To take part in the next parliamentary elections in april of 2011.


Contact info

All members of the board can be reached via e-mail. All e-mail addresses are in the form of