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Pirate Party of Germany

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party information
Name (abreviation): Piratenpartei Deutschland (PIRATEN)
Country: Germany
Status: active
Founded: 10.09.2006
Registered: registered
Foundingplace: Berlin
Slogan: Klarmachen zum Ändern!
Chairman: Sebastian Nerz
Vice-President: Bernd Schlömer
Treasurer : Rene Brosig
Political Director: Marina Weisband
General Secretary: Wilm Schumacher
Board Member: Matthias Schrade
Board Member: Gefion Thürmer
International Coordinators: Please refer to PP-DE Wiki
Members: 20,174 (23.01.2012)[1]
Percentage of women: not covered (23.01.2012)
Campaign finance: 1,100,590.92 € (2011)[2]
16 state organisations
Headquarters: Piratenpartei Deutschland
Postfach 02 46 69

10128 Berlin


The Piratenpartei Deutschland (official abbrevation: PIRATEN) is the pirate party of Germany.



The Piraten were up for election in the two federal state elections in Hesse and in Hamburg. With 0.3% and 0.2% they missed the neccessary minimum of 5% to enter the parliament.

The federal state elections of Hesse in January 2008, was the second time a Pirate Party was up for election. Top candidate was Thorsten Wirth from Frankfurt. They got 6,962 (0.3%) of the votes.

On 24th Febuary 2008, the Piraten participated in the federal state elections in Hamburg. Top candidate was Bernhard Schillo. They got 1,773 (0.2%) of the votes.


In State-elections of Hesse in January 2009, the Piraten got 13784 votes what means 0.5 %. This are nearly double that much votes than in the last election.

The Piraten got 0.9% at the europenan election 2009 with 229.146 votes.

On the 20.06.2009 the Jörg Tauss a member of the german parlament, changed his party and became a pirate.

At the State-elections of Saxony on the 30 August 2009 the Piraten get 1,9 of the votes. And on the council elections in Aachen and Münster they could win one seat in each city.

With over 7000 Members in August 2009 the Piraten are the biggest party outside the german parlament.

The Piraten were voted at the national election on 27 of September 09, in 15 of the 16 german states. The Piraten got 2.0% with aboud 850.000. This is the best result after the big parties wich made it over the 5%. Best result was in Berlin with 3.4%. In the State-elections in Schleswig-Holstein they get 1.8 %.




Campain websites


In all of the 16 States of Germany state associations have been founded:

Junge Piraten (eng. Young Pirates)

The Junge Piraten (official abbrevation: JuPis) are the youth organisation of the Piraten. They have about 300 Members and 3 state associations.



The first Federal Party Congress was 2007. The PIRATEN make also severale Actions.


The next step will be the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia at the 9. May 2010.


Not jet completed!

Civil Rights and Liberties

Every human has a right of privacy which has to be free from surveillance.


The copyright has to be changed to fit in the new situation.


Patents shut be reduced especially patents on software and live.

Transparency of Politic

More transparency reduce the corruption. Politicians shut be bettter controlled by the people. All transparency ends there where the privacy starts.

Open Access

Free access to developments which where payed by tax.

Infrastructure Monopoly

A good internet infrastructure has to exist everywhere. A censorship by government agencies will be rejected.


The Piraten are against tuition fees and want a democratization of education. Free access to information and education is important to develop a free and open mind.