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* IRC:
* IRC:
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* Jabber groupchat:  
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Information on the party
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Name (abreviation): Қазақстан Пираттық Партиясы (ҚПП)
Country: Republic of Kazakhstan
Status: active
Founded: 23.1.2010
Registered: No Registered
Foundingplace: Almaty
Slogan: „The Internet is our live“
Members: 12(2.3.2012)
Percentage of women:
Campaign finance: 1000$ (2012)
1 regional organizations
1 local organization
Headquarters: [Almaty ]
+7 777 099 2977| -
Chairman: Marat Mulkubaev
Vice-Presidents: One
Administrative executive:
PR executive:
International relations executive: Marat Mulkubaev
Technical executive:
Chairman of the audit commitee:
Chairman of the arbitration committee:
Chairman of the intangible assets law revision and freedom on the Internet committee:
Chairman of the open administration and direct democracy committee: vacant at the moment
Chairman of the local politics committee:

The Қазақстан Пираттық Партиясы (official abbrevation: ҚПП) is the pirate party of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Officialy registered - No registered


(note: The elections )


The Pirate Party of Kazakstan works hard to ru:zo: keep the International Visitors updated and ru:zo:docs: the documents.


The party is preparing for general elections .


Key topics for Pirate Party of Kazakstan are copyright reform, privacy rights, fight against corruption through open systems of public commissions and accounting, and direct democracy.