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{{Template:Pirate Parties}}
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{{DEFAULTSORT:Poland, Pirate Party of}}
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[[Category:National Pirate parties]]

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Name (abreviation): Partia Piratów (P)
Country: Poland
Status: aktiv
Founded: 27.07.2006
Registered: 28.11.2007
Foundingplace: Gdańsk
Slogan: Wolna Kultura, otwarta administracja, społeczeństwo informacyjne (Free culture, open administration, informational society)
Chairman: Błażej Kaczorowski
Vice-President: Robert Mitwicki
national board vice-chairman: Arek Wójcik
Treasurer : Dominik Labudzinski
PR vice-chairman: Marcin Staryczenko
organizer&secretary vice-chariman: Jacek Wojciechowski
chairman of the internal court: Jakub Laskowski
International Coordinator: Arek Wójcik
Members: 15(31.01.2008)
Percentage of women: 0% Percent (18.10.2007)
Campaign finance: 0€ (2007)
 ??? regeonalorganisations
 ??? local associations
Headquarters: Partia Piratów
Krakowskie Przedmieście 79/301
phone: +48790316009 or +48790316008

The Partia Piratów (official abbrevation: P) is the pirate party of Poland.


Early parlamentary elections was at 21.10.2007. There was a 5% electoral threshold.

As the party is still very young, they decided not to participate in those elections, but to focus on the elections for the european parlament in 2009.


  • finally registration and general meeting in january'08
  • some cool interviews


  • Recrutation
  • Medial activity
    • propiracy video on youtube
    • some original PR fun like campaign during polish woodstock