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| Registered: || unregistered
| Registered: || unregistered
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|- bgcolor="#FFFFFF"
| Chairman: || [ Vitaly Karelin]
| Chairman: || [ Anton Ershov]
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| Vice-chairman: ||  
| Vice-chairman: ||  

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Name (abreviation): Pirate Party of Russia (PPR)
Country: Russia
Status: active
Founded: 14.07.2009
Registered: unregistered
Chairman: Anton Ershov
International Coordinator: Nikolay Voronov
Members: 144(09.03.2017)
Percentage of women: ~??% Percent (
Campaign finance: 0€ (2016)
Subdivisions: rebuilding of regional boards
 ??? federal organisations
 ??? regional associations
 ??? district associations
Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
phone: +(7)912-903-04-48

The Pirate Party of Russia (Пиратская Партия Росссии) is the Russian Pirate movement. At the moment it is struggling for an official status, but the website, forum and wiki are already online.


  • The movement Pirate Union - League of Сreative Freedom (official abbrevation: "SP - LTS") has been established on September 10, 2007 but has ceased operations.
  • The inofficial movement "Pirate Party of Russia" (PPR), founded on July 14, 2009, is operational.
  • The official NGO with name "Try to Change Reality" (official abbrevation: "PPR") registered on October 30, 2014, created for the purposes of further reorganization into registered party. Currently - in the process of rebuilding of regional boards.
  • Reorganization from NGO into political party was forbidden in May, 2015 (changes in federal law). Waiting for ECHR decision.