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Pirate Party of Sweden

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party information
Name (abreviation): Piratpartiet (PP)
Country: Sweden
Founded: 1 January 2006
Registered: 2006
Party leader: Anna Troberg
Vice party leader: Vacant
Party secretary: Jan Lindgren
Members of European parliament: Christian Engström
Amelia Andersdotter
Members: 16890 (13 Oct 2010)
Headquarters: Piratpartiet
Box 307
SE 101 26 Stockholm
phone: +46 – 8 72 00 400

The Piratpartiet (official abbrevation: PP) is the swedish Pirate Party, and the first founded Pirate Party in the world. It was founded in 2006 by Rickard Falkvinge, who served as party leader until 2011, when he was replaced by Anna Troberg


The Pirate Party of Sweden has participated in three elections so far. In the election for the Swedish parliament in 2006, the party got 0.63 % of the votes and no parliamentary seats. In the election for the European parliament of 2009, the party got 7.13 % of the votes and initially one seat, taken by Christian Engström. A second seat was granted as an effect of the Lissabon treaty, and is taken by Amelia Andersdotter. In the election for the Swedish parliament in 2010, the party got 0.65 % of the votes and no parliamentary seats.

The Pirate Party of Sweden is not a member of PPI.


The party organization is described in and

Local organization

Sweden is divided into 29 electoral districts, usually conciding with "län" (county or province). The Pirate Party of Sweden has a local organization for each electoral district. In addition, there are five districts.

Ung Pirat

Ung Pirat is the youth organisation of the swedish pirates. As of 13 October 2010, Ung Pirat has 5684 members. Its leader is Gustav Nipe.

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