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* Shaun Dyer
* Shaun Dyer
* Finlay Archibald
* Finlay Archibald
* Graeme Lambert
* Peter Brett
* Peter Brett
* Jack Allnutt
* Jack Allnutt
* Will Macdonald
* Will Macdonald
* Mark Wood
* Mark Wood
* ''Vacant''
* ''Vacant''
* ''Vacant''
* ''Vacant''
* ''Vacant''

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Party Information
Name (abreviation): Pirate Party UK (PPUK)
Country: UK
Status: Registered
Registered: 30.06.2009
Slogan: Sharing is caring!
Administrator: Loz Kaye
Campaigns Officer: Andy Halsall
Promotions Officer: -
Treasurer: Gavin Meredith
Nominating Officer: John Barron
Legal Officer: VACANT
Members: 700 (28.04.2010)
Percentage of women: Numbers unavailable (
Campaign finance: approx. 10,000€ (30.04.2010)
1 national organisation
12 regional groups
Headquarters: -, -, -
phone: -
eMail: Executive committee:, Board of Governors:, press enquiries:

Pirate Party UK (official abbreviation: "PPUK") is the pirate party of the United Kingdom.


National Executive Committee

  • Leader: Loz Kaye
  • Treasurer: Gavin Meredith
  • Campaigns Officer: Andy Halsall
  • Data Controller: Miah Gregory
  • Nominations Officer: John Barron

Board of Governors

  • Stephen Ogden
  • Will Tovey
  • Shaun Dyer
  • Finlay Archibald
  • Peter Brett
  • Jack Allnutt
  • Will Macdonald
  • Mark Wood
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Official status

The party is officially registered.

Internal subdivisions

The party is internally organised in 12 regions, each of which corresponds to an electoral region used in European Parliament elections in the UK.

Electoral results

PPUK has run candidates in the following elections, in chronological order:

May 2010, UK parliamentary election, 9 candidates.

September 2010, Edinburgh council by-election, 1 candidate.

May 2011, Scottish parliamentary election, ran in 2 regions.

May 2011, England and Wales local government elections, 1 candidate.