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Pirate Party of the United States

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Party Information
Name (abreviation): Pirate Party of the United States (PPUS)
Country: USA
Status: aktiv
Founded: 06.06.2006
Registered: 11.01.2008
Foundingplace:  ???
Slogan: No Safe Harbor for the Enemies of Liberty
Administrator: Andrew Norton
Operations Officer: Ray Jenson
Marketing Officer: Brandon Silberstein
Financial Officer: VACANT
Records Officer: VACANT
Legal Officer: VACANT
Members: 3250 (01.02.2008)
Percentage of women: ~??% Percent (
Campaign finance: 0€ (2007)
1 state organisation
2 local associations
Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia<
phone: +1.801.689.2217

The Pirate Party of the United States (official abbrevation: "PPUS") is the pirate party of the USA.


  • Andrew Norton (Interim Chairman of the Pirate Party of the US)
  • Ray Jenson (interim Administrator for the Pirate Party of Utah)

Official status

Registered as a National Party (Section 527 political nonprofit). Not recognized yet, still working on it. Registration information is available on the US Internal Revenue Service's financial disclosure site, though there are issues with obtaining a new password so that we can report earnings from donations, etc., but at least it's listed. Chalk on up for transparency!

Official Party constitution - (under revision and amendment, in green)


PPUS announces registration in Utah Submitted by Andrew Norton on Thu, 2007-08-09 00:39.Utah


The Pirate Party of the United States announces it is now accepting statements of support in the State of Utah. These statements are the first step in the registration of the Pirate Party as a political body in the State of Utah. (...) The Pirate Party of Utah, as the state party will be known, has until early February 2008 to return the 2000 signatures of registered voters it needs.

The form for the petition can be downloaded here

There were not enough signatures collected before the deadline. Plans are to start at the beginning of the next canvass in December 2008 for another try, and all petitions were destroyed by a paper shredding service so that personal information is maintained as private.

Other States

Several states are actually appearing to have their own state-level parties forming.

The following states have people who have contacted the Pirate Party of the United States, looking for state-level charters and to at least start the petition drive.

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio

PPUS Endorses Presidential Candidate Barack Obama

Pressrelease (3.1.2008)