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Second Amendment Phase

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For the second amendment phase we should consider the results of the process of the first amendment phase and reflect possibly necessary adjustments. We might first collect the issues that we need to discuss and decide on (under issues below), then adapt the texts/links that are up to now only copied from the first round.


  • problems with amendments 1,6,7
  • quorum (what if some parties dont vote at all)
  • majorities at multiple choice decisions
  • "give those who will vote more options to choose among, rather than fewer, when doing so does not really cause a delay" (supermajorities)


Meetings should be announced here more than 3 days ahead if possible.

Second Draft

The text of the Second Draft

Explanation about how to amend the Second Draft

Please read carefully each one of the following sections before proposing amendments

Amendments' structure

Explanation of the amendments' structure

Rules for proposing amendments

Explanation of the rules for proposing amendments

Rules for voting amendments

Explanation of the rules for voting amendments

Eligible voters

List of eligible voters

Sample Amendment

This is not a real amendment, just an example of how to present amendments in this page.

Affected paragraphs/sections

Amendment contents

Discussion on the amendment

Blocking amendment?

  • No

Merged amendment?

  • Is valid by itself and has not been merged with others.