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September 2010, Edinburgh council by-election

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In September 2010, there was an Edinburgh council by-election in the Liberton/Gilmerton ward, where Pirate Part UK ran one candidate.

Local councils in Scotland are elected by STV in 3 or 4 member seats. The by-election was called because one of the 4 existing councillors in the ward was elected as an MP.

The Pirate Party candidate was Philip Hunt. He got 43 votres out of a total of

The result

First preferences were as follows:

Bill Cook          Labour                 2974   44.80
Richard Lewis      Scottish Nationalist   1328   20.00
Stephanie Murray   Conservative           1020   15.36
John Knox          Liberal Democrat        722   10.88
Peter McColl       Green                   201    3.03
Colin Fox          Scottish Socialist      169    2.55
Mev Brown          Independent             128    1.93
Philip Hunt        Pirate Party             43    0.65
TOTAL                                     6639

The Labour candidate went on to win.