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Please use only the following types of elections:

  • eu = elections to the european union
  • national = elections on the top state level, regardless of the body aka "general elections", i.e. national parliament, house of representatives, senate, national congress, president, etc.
  • regional = elections on a regional level - electing a body to represent or govern an administrative region "the first layer below the state" - including autonomous regions, Länder, provinces, etc
  • local = include everything below the two top levels, including all municipal elections, mayor, district administrator, school boards, etc

edit list

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See also the list of Elected Pirates.
February 12 Flag of Germany.svg Pirate Party of Germany President
March 2 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Pirate Party of the United Kingdom Local
March 15 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Pirate Party of the Netherlands National 0.3 %
March 26 Bulgaria Pirate_Party of Bulgaria National
April 9 Finland Pirate Party of Finland Local
April 30 Flag of Switzerland.svg Pirate Party of Switzerland Vaud National
June 11, 18 Flag of France.svg Pirate Party of France National
June 18 Czech Republic Pirate Party of the Czech Republic National
June 18 Flag of Albania.svg Pirate Party of Albania National
September 11 Flag of Norway.svg Pirate Party of Norway National
September 24 Flag of Germany.svg Pirate Party of Germany National
September Flag of Portugal.svg Pirate Party of Portugal Local
October Czech Republic Pirate Party of the Czech Republic National
November 21 Flag of Denmark.svg Pirate Party of Denmark Local
November Flag of Slovenia.svg Pirate Party of Slovenian President
Flag of Georgia.svg Pirate Party of Georgian Local
Flag of Estonia.svg Pirate Party of Estonian Local

Previous Election Years:

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