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This is the wiki page of the PPI translation task force (TTF).

Aims of the TTF

  • Ongoing translation of Pirate-related news and Pirate press releases into English to create a "Pirate timeline" where everybody can check out what's going on in the international Pirate movement
  • Translation of information material on global Pirate projects and topics (like ACTA, INDECT, internet filtering) into as many languages as possible to help spread the information and support the national Pirate Parties in promoting these topics
  • On-demand localization of print materials (like flyers, leaflets and posters) to assist national Pirate Parties in their electoral campaigns


  • Send out call for support to national PPs
  • Define workflow&policy
  • Workshop on OmegaT software for translators


Address for requests: translation(at)pp-international(dot)net
Coordinator: Boris Turovskiy - boris(dot)turovskiy(at)pp-international(dot)net
Mailing List: subscribe to Mailinglist

Languages available

Currently, 23 persons are participating in the TTF's work

For translation to English

Spanish, German, Russian, French, Luxemburgish, Polish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian

For translations from English

Spanish, German, Russian, French, Luxemburgish, Polish, Portuguese

For translations to/from other languages

German <-> Russian, Spanish <-> Portuguese, German <-> Polish, German <-> French, French <-> Portuguese, German <-> Luxemburgish, French <-> Luxemburgish, Spanish <-> German, Spanish <-> Russian, Spanish <-> Polish, Spanish <-> French, Spanish <-> English, Spanish <-> Italian




In progress