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Translation team/text production taskforce

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The new wiki page of the translation task force is being constructed here!

Translation team/text production taskforce
Aim Write, translate, update and publish texts for PPI and/or national parties
Contact Jay
MyPirates TTP task force

Results and/or references of the translation and text production task force are collected on this page. Join the discussions and/or submit your ideas on the MyPirates TTP task force page.


Check out our Translation task force.

Text production

If you need help with a text use the template on MyPirates to add your link to the list. The texts will be published on this Wiki page when they are completd.

If you want to help writing join the task force on MyPirates Text production task force.

Finished texts

What? Language
Welcome message Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
PPI 'Bio' Flag of the United Kingdom.svg,Flag of Germany.svg

Update Wiki

Language Wiki Last update
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Wikipedia: Pirate Parties International
Flag of France.svg Wikipedia: Parti pirate international
Flag of Germany.svg Wikipedia: Pirate PartiesInternational
Flag of Spain.svg Wikipedia: Partidos Pirata Internacional
Flag of Germany.svg Wiki (PP-DE): PPI
Flag of Australia.svg Wiki (PP-AU): PPI 2009

Press release exchange

Pirate Party Authorization?
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina not sent
Flag of Australia.svg Australia sent
Flag of Austria.svg Austria sent
Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium given (30.09.2010)
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia and Herzegovina sent
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil sent
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria sent
Flag of Canada.svg Canada sent
Flag of Chile.svg Chile given (04.10.2010)
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China not sent
Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus not sent
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic sent
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark sent
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia sent
Flag of Finland.svg Finland sent
Flag of France.svg France sent
Flag of Germany.svg Germany given (27.09.2010), TH (15.07.2010), BB (08.10.2010), BW (11.10.2010), NRW (12.10.2010), RLP (18.10.2010)
Flag of Greece.svg Greece sent
Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland sent
Flag of Italy.svg Italy sent
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan sent
Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia not sent
Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania not sent
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg given (27.09.2010)
Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico given (05.10.2010)
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands sent
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand sent
Flag of Norway.svg Norway not sent
Flag of Peru.svg Peru not sent
Flag of Poland.svg Poland sent
Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal given (28.09.2010)
Flag of Romania.svg Romania not given
Flag of Russia.svg Russia sent
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia sent
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia given (04.10.2010)
Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia given (05.10.2010)
Flag of Spain.svg Spain sent
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden given (04.10.2010)
Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland given (27.09.2010)
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey sent
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UK given (04.08.2010)
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine not sent
Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay sent
Flag of the United States.svg USA sent
Catalunya given (08.10.2010)


The Translation Task Force can be reached at translation ( A t ) pp-international ( d o t ) net
Please write, if you volunteer for occasional translation task or otherwise are looking to help.


Join the discussions and/or submit your ideas on the MyPirates TTP task force page.