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World Pirate Day

Maybe International Day of Piracy sound better. : )

Why we need this

  • To attract the attention to our movement;
  • To find a way to promote ONE of our causes in that Day; ('Net Neutrality' for example or 'Right to share')
  • To get more donations;
  • To popularize Pirate Movement and ideas;
  • To create a buzz; :)

What to do on that day

  • Create local events worldwide; (
  • Talk with press and explain what is the main idea of the day and of movement as whole;
  • Drink some beers with friends and talk about politics and pirate things
  • Put a pirate flag on your window;
  • Be a part of a great idea;
  • Place a banner or logo to your website;
  • Ask people to do the same and to write stories about our cause of the day.
  • Sell some t-shirts and support your pirate party and/or PPI;
  • Organize an in-depth lecture about our issues
  • present a video like 'copyright vs. intellectual property' (best even in/near parliament, to make other politicians aware too)
  • We could share CDs, DVDs, musics in MP3 players, cakes, cookies etc. in public places.

What we need

  • A website and blog with more info and with useful information like 'get involved', 'theme of the year', etc (done)
  • A date for this day (see bellow)
  • A name of the day - World Pirate Day



Please feel free to propose your own ideas and to edit this wiki as well.

Name proposals

World Pirate Day

Date proposals

  • 01.10 every year (coz I like 0110)
  • 23.04 (International day of the books and the day of the died of Willian Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. Is the day of Saint George also - a figure linked with justice)
  • 25.04 (Emilio Salgari)
  • add your own (deadline May 10th)

List of similar established days (or proposals)

(maybe just to avoid confusion)