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I am Jan Huwald from the German pirate party. In our steering committee I play the role of the so called "Politischer Geschäftsführer" (direct translation: leader of political business). I have a vital interest in the international component of the pirate movement. Not only because most of our goals are on a global scale. Also the instant global availability overcomes traditional forms of activism and citizen movements. The far distribution of pirates around the world should therefore transform into our biggest strength.


  • preferred
    • E-mail: jh at sotun dot de
    • Jabber:
  • available
    • ICQ, Skype


Im 22 yo, live in Jena (in Thuringia (above Bavaria) (roughly in the center of germany)) and like donating bandwith. I was active in the warez scene but immediatly stopped it after getting an idea of P2P. Now I am programmer of distributed applications. For more (german, boring) information have a look at my page in the German pirates wiki.