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User provided the clues made Fanba map (Figure) News

' Cultural Palace, seven Pu Road, Metro Line Lianhua, bus 117,abercrombie,517 along ... "the reporter saw the map background city Figure thieves often locations marked with red dialog box, street names,ジョーダン, place names amplification process entire map clean,グッチ 財布, clear, crowded roads, railway stations, shopping malls, most of "the list" after the release of the map, click-through rate soon over 5000, microblogging, Tianya also have a reprint, many users address him "very useful." involved in the mapping the KDS site editor Ting said, not long ago, 729 Road on the bus,グッチ, Anhui passengers courageous issue has sparked heated debate. was subsequently cited thief frequented,グッチ バッグ, resonate immediately,Guy Report chase provinces police official second has been r, all users have with post comments. broadband mountain editing then post finishing summary, stay up all night drawing, "the sense of social responsibility and a sense of justice of the netizens unite in this 'to pocketing map'. "Mostly from the users own experiences I had in Nanjing West Road, Westgate stolen the iPod was listening to the music, humming a song, suddenly headphone no sound", "I opened the road in Fuzhou backpack zipper ...... "reporter saw on the forum, many users drying stolen encounter and stolen items for themselves or their friends and family to a mobile phone, laptop, wallet, also known as" thief mistakenly pressed powder as a cell phone stolen . "contribution" to the users of the two sites Li told reporters he has been concluded "pocketing" experience to share with colleagues, "I have also painted sketch,バーバリー 財布, after all,アバクロ, the inexperienced, made out of Figure The unpersuasive ah,グッチ 財布. "Friends," choose "out the majority of the site is from their own bitter experience,ナイキ ジョーダン, say sharing is hoped to enhance awareness of prevention police hope to provide the public with the" golden idea "KDS edit launched in the first quarter of map ,dormitory floor installed surveillance cameras has been que,グッチ, will examine the social repercussions, and accordingly modify and improve the map of the second quarter, Shanghai police said, will carefully interpret blueprints, and one by one analysis and combing combined pocketing carried out from November 15,The first two days of boys beg for allegedly because Internet access fees unsucc, 2010 action to protect the public and property safety. the Shanghai Police also hope the public will respond well to "Fanba golden ideas, the sun came out for everyone to share the same time, the police said, the alarm should actively provide clues to solve the case when the public encounters pickpocketing.</p>

Spring loading of the 13-year-old girl died in a septic tank

'clock in the afternoon yesterday,Residents worry about parking Paul obstruct the investment o, Seven Bridges urn Wetland Park under construction next to the Science and Technology Museum site onlookers many people, the presence of police, fire and medical personnel,Ambulance driver because the patients get off dawdle punched, as well as many students, several teachers crying significant side begged fast rescue. The group of students Nanjing Yuk Chi school students with ID, then the teacher with their spring tour, a 13-year-old mentally retarded girl in the toilet accidentally fall into a septic tank. "I saw several teacher with a group of children to ask me where the toilets, I told them to go around to the small hillside behind," said a female cleaner to do cleaning work, the time of the incident in the vicinity of the Science and Technology Museum She then refers to the teacher's toilet is not a toilet incident, but the park's public toilets,ジョーダン. Et al went over shortly after, we heard the students fell into the toilet, she quickly ran to see, found temporary toilets next to the construction site of the Museum of Science and Technology. Temporary toilets not allowed to use "I had told them the toilet is temporary structures, not on, there is a large toilet walked in a greenhouse near." The Seven Bridges urn under construction Wetland Park, a Science and Technology Museum construction workers told reporters that the teacher asked the toilets can not be used before the incident, the workers immediately said this temporary toilets to the workers on the toilet can not be used. Simply take the color plate built directly in the septic tank manhole cover above, no water will not wash basin. Shabby toilet and door affixed with a "non-tourists,hollister." Reporters on the scene found the toilet close the door to a "temporary toilets, tourists disabled" message, the toilet door torn down. But then, the workers or teachers and students in using the toilet, "Who would have thought something bad might happen to know something, how can not let them use alas!" After the incident, septic tank manhole cover has been stamped , in order to rescue people,mulberry, temporary toilets were thrown down on the side, a worker, pointing to the toilet bottom of the pit, told reporters, girls from the pit fell into the septic tank of the following, and the septic tank about four meter deep, and dozens of cubic almost a room inside feces estimates also find many of the workers said, the toilets at the bottom of the pit is about more than twenty centimeters wide, about fifty centimeters long, this area is generally adults are impossible to fall into, As for the 13-year-old girls from this pit fell into a septic tank, it is not known, the reporter learned from the hospital afterwards, the girls of very thin physique, height about In about one meter four. Firefighters under the bog rescue after receiving the alarm, the area of ​​public security as well as fire, ambulance personnel have rushed to the scene, "At that time, several teachers cried to go down to save people, we stopped by,グッチ, in case the teacher go out again things can be incredible. "Season lady told reporters, before the police did to the site after learning of the situation immediately start rescue, first to the toilet lift to one side, but also recruited pumping feces. "The toilet a tear down, and exposed Yinjing mouth, the smell of the inside of a very, very unpleasant." Said Miss Ji, in this case, can not let the teacher go rescue people near the Yinjing mouth smell taste dizziness. Shimenkan fire squadron received police calls dispatched three fire engines, 18 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to rescue, the scene commander Hanjian Liang squadron leader side of the pump speed pumping manure, while rescue experience is required three non-commissioned officers Shaoming Ming saving lives next to the septic tank. Shao Mingming has been involved in the Wenchuan earthquake relief work, I heard a girl fell into a bog, no other comrades he got gas masks, a towel over his mouth nose down a ladder to climb into the Yinjing,mulberry outlet. Inside smell great down the ladder to climb down when more than one meter, found a piece of clothing floating in the above hand a fishing, it really is personal. "Shao Mingming later told reporters, found the girl after her face down lying in the bog,グッチ 財布,Taipei 49-year-old women after breast augmentation coughing killed _ news. Shao Mingming first fixed ladder, and subsequently recruited rope girls and tied, literally the girl to the back of the cellar well covered with feces. "The whole process takes about ten minutes to not look, I climbed up to go after, and quickly the big mouth and inhale the smell inside just too hard to smell girl saved up the side of the medical staff immediately the girl a rescue, but found the girl's nose and mouth full of feces,abercrombie, clean-up, and immediately rushed to a big hospital. Choking a long time, was killed yesterday 15:30, the reporter went to the emergency room of the General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Region, the door has been surrounded by a lot of people, accident girl's relatives, also a school teacher, the leadership of the Department of Education. Not for a while, the emergency room door opened. Look dignified a doctor shook his head and said, "We have worked hard to save the child back." Heard the bad news, a middle-aged man asked the doctor fighting back tears, the child's body trauma Doctor said that children who do not have the trauma, result in death due to suffocation too long pipes filth clogging, it is best to apply to the police for forensic identification, to further clarify the cause of death. The girl's mother has been crying into tears, Yuk Chi school leadership and a female teacher while weeping, side arm with her. "Every day the face of these special children is not easy, the child had an accident, grief is not just the child's parents,バーバリー 財布, teachers, like grief." Side of the crowd a man said. The girl's father told reporters. Organized by the school children outing out of the accident, should bear some responsibility. The door of the emergency room, the reporter met two white-haired old girl's grandfather and grandmother. "Talk a good night to go our side, how to say no no it noon I was busy burning the trotters, burned rotten rotten, waiting for her to eat it! Allison ah, my good children! "the child's grandmother said as she cried. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, take care of the elderly, we received the news rushed to the scene." A school teacher repeatedly apologized, side to persuade the elderly Do not get excited, physical matter. The child's grandfather and grandmother insisted on seeing a child,バーバリー, hospitals worry that their advanced age, should not visit the moment very difficult. "I was able to hold on, I want to see the child." Grandfather glanced into the emergency room, tears in their eyes out,ヴィトン 財布. The child's father, Mr. Jiang could not wait any longer tears, burst into tears, and his wife hold together. Told reporters that the child of an elder children, although some of the obstacles in the intellectual, but it is an obedient child, her tall, 13-year-old has been a long one meter to four family or loved her, never treated her as " not normal "children to be treated. Yuk Chi school principal, said the children out of the accident, the school is very sad, is not yet clear to the specific circumstances of the time, with the girl on the toilet teacher has been taken away by the police, the matter is still under further investigation. The school will also further communication with parents and children. Newspaper reporter intern Renguo Yong Pei Rui Xiao Jie (Stringing people: Mr. Lee)

Groom wedding day drunk killed (Photos) News

'll feel, the Yangtze River Delta "and does not have any discomfort, because then he drank wine -" boiled water provided by the hotel side of the groom. "Yangtze River Delta" father Zhang Tiesheng wedding offers "liquor" When the cover is a normal thing. Son is usually good drinker, but in recent years the advice of parents, but also specifically to reduce alcohol consumption. Not adulterated water groom drink to drunk about 2:00 pm, the wedding end,Woman driver car 10 meters Lianzhuang 5 caused two deaths an, most of the guests left blessing gradually departed. "Rejoicing and Xiong Dihuo drinking can not be 'adulterated water' (false)." Yangtze River Delta "classmates, buddies, buddies at this time but did not leave. "Yangtze River Delta had to put on a real wine returns continue to drink a toast with friends. Zhang said the father, when planning a wedding in a couple of days ago, the Yangtze River Delta "He said this (marriage) is my big, do not disappointed. "I know what he meant is I do not want to interfere in his drinking, and I also thought,ナイキ ジョーダン, after all, life on such a time, so we did not control him,The the the farmers steal dug legend tombs suffered landslid. Worst drunk, spit spit passed." Zhang Tiesheng subsequently left the young man , to 24th floor Chafang accompany elderly. The friends drinking comes Jiannanchun, wine, beer, big half an hour will soon be over. 15:27, "Yangtze River Delta" Gradually numerous liquor unconscious. Friends proposal will be sent back to their new house in the hotel provided a break to sober up. Hotel provided surveillance video, the reporter saw, 15:30, pickled Yangtze River Delta "four friends carried into the new house in 1219, 12-floor hotel reserved. Caregiver and not completely drunk, innocent girl like against the Yangtze River Delta "chest, and then accompanied her husband to stay in the new room. Were unable to save the new house the tragedy about 18:50, "Yangtze River Delta's friend, Mr. Lai came to the 12th floor rooms,バーバリー 財布, calling their wake-up dinner, but no matter how hard they have failed to open the door. To detect abnormalities of Mr. Lai would ask the hotel staff to help open the door. When the attendant opened the door, Mr. Lai ZHANG Xiao torn face whitewashed, lying in bed, nothing happened,mulberry outlet. Mr. Lai's wife is a doctor,ジョーダン, she stepped forward to carefully review the groom unapproachable. Hastened to call 120, the the hotel party also invited management personnel to the scene immediately. 7:05 the Chengdu Hospital "120" medical personnel rushed to the scene, carefully review, announced that the groom has died. Hotel management then dial "110" to the police, the West Yuhe police station and Qingyang District Criminal Investigation Brigade police rushed to the hotel, the room full blockade to require Xianzarenyuan full withdrawal. After the forensic identification, the groom is really drunk killed. The new room Outgoing drunken awake caregiver sobbing. Only son leaving his father fall into hell "yesterday afternoon in the hallway of the 12th floor of the hotel, filled with friends and relatives of Yangtze River Delta", they wore white flowers, wordless each other across. "This child does not put out, character, talent did not have to say." Stood in the entrance of the hotel, uncle Ding Jihui Speaking nephew departure,hollister uk, wringing it. ZHANG Xiao's aunt, Ding Jihua, standing in the aisle, his face haggard look. She said that the Yangtze River Delta "is the great promise among all children, we regard him as a role model for their kids, and her son" Yangtze River Delta as own brother, feeling very good. 26, 2009 wedding,グッチ, my son will clamor to the Yangtze River Delta "When the best man. In hotel rooms, the hole has passed sixty gray-haired Zhang Tiesheng eyes. Behind him is the artistic photos of his son and daughter-in-law, in the photo, the two hand in hand,Young men gym workout sudden death _ News _ Sina, his face covered with a smile ...... Zhang Tiesheng said the son the Xiaolong UESTC graduates, a child a very good student. After graduation, live on their own to open a computer company and a good career. For the good of his son's wedding, the night before, he was not asleep, a man hurriedly prepared, from the preparation to all come to realize a dream, "feels like from heaven into hell." Also said Zhang Tiesheng daughter-in-law caregiver also very poor, just married loses love her husband,ヴィトン. Two men they love each other, a few years ago in March of this year, before pulling the card. "What a child had a happy life has just begun." Father Zhang said, I hope that we sympathize with the feelings of the caregiver, do not go to interfere with her. Extended reading doctor: three reasons may be fatal "Office Wedding Banquet encounter happy thing, old classmates, old friends get together, drink wine very normal. However, alcohol must have a degree, if passed will be stuffed into a tragedy. "said the Chengdu CDC health education director of the Liu Xi, The World Health Organization has issued a proposal, an adult male drank alcohol content should not exceed 25 g converted into liquor is about twelve, converted into less than a bottle of beer, only to keep the following in this degree, is considered relatively healthy drinking habits. Feng Yulin, Professor of Respiratory Medicine at West China Hospital, Sichuan University, said the drunken death can be roughly divided into three kinds. The first one is alcoholism. Drinking excessive impact, the destruction of the respiratory cycle, leading to brain function is suppressed. "Depth of alcoholism may cause the blood from circulating human hypoxia,グッチ, cardiac arrest." Second, drunk vomit blocking the airway can lead people died of asphyxiation. Professor Feng said, trachea can not tolerate any foreign body, but the mind after drinking the less sober circumstances, stomach vomit easily blocked in the trachea. If not timely foreign body aspiration, people just like out in the river could not breathe, and finally suffocated. Another possibility is that an excessive amount of alcohol is likely to damage gastric mucosa, leading to the stomach or gastrointestinal bleeding. Excessive drinking should be how to deal with Drinking to moderate, and we all know the truth. If you drink too much in the case of last resort, how should we deal with it The experts suggest that alcohol causes drunkenness, it should rest in well ventilated areas to drink boiled water or light tea,ナイキ ジョーダン, honey and water; alcoholism, drunken stomach pain should immediately call 120 emergency calls, gastric lavage, emetic rescue measures. Doctors are not rushed before caregivers can pat the back of intoxicated persons. Drunk vomit blocking the airway, the available thick tubes inserted into their oral suction foreign body. Reporter investigating Chengdu the bridegroom was married at least drink half a catty married to do The Wedding Banquet, the bridegroom total not escape drinking. To avoid drinking too much on a wedding, a lot of new people with white water at the time of the marriage when the wine toast. But the case of the most pro best buddies, classmates, still inevitably have to drink on a few drinks. Chengdu man married an average drink wine Yesterday, the reporter of 50 the past two years have had the Wedding Banquet men some investigation, found that the bridegroom who basically have to drink more than a half a catty. Drink at least half a catty thing. "Said Mr. Xue, now we all know that toast is adulterated liquor drink with buddies come true. "'Feelings really a boring', that moment even if do not usually drink, but also fight it," he said, several brothers hid while eating feast, drink beer cups installed is 57 degrees liquor, a series of four or five cups dry on. "Once in a lifetime things, how much should a drink." Last month,グッチ 財布, just to do a banquet public Wong Jing said, when he drank nearly a pound of white wine, fairly old classmates mercy. He has been unconscious after drinking, slept until 23:00 if they are together. The reporter the I line Tongxing Yan intern Wenjuan photography the reported Baoliao people: Guo clues Award: $ 100

The writer Zhang 11 write 2010 college entrance essay eat ra

's college entrance essay proposition received the Wang Duo Mr,Father-in-law under the banner of the men accused of playing. how much bribery, for me, in fact, does not matter, it is important that, as a college entrance examination candidates, but I have to write poetry strong that worry must be making a fuss made up the so-called Feed back from cheating, it is helpless , is also a very delicate things. Without further ado, get down to business, to fish or eat rats about cats, I have something to say. First, eat rats neither health nor delicious, and the fish delicious clean and sanitary, and also riddled with the beauty of both Qi and spleen, Qingrejiedu our elementary school textbooks learned Zhongyan river between people, but love the bass United States ", secondary school textbooks and learned Mao Zedong" Changsha water before drinking,アバクロ, and eat the fish of Wuchang, never seen celebrities who wrote which article admired mice delicious, we can see that fish is certainly better than eating rats ; case unfortunately the rat eat rat poison or infected with the plague, eat rats it is life-threatening,ジョーダン, the American psychologist Maslow's famous "hierarchy of needs" theory,ジョーダン, in addition to physical needs is security need to, we can see that the cat should also pay attention to food safety. Secondly, the fish is obedient to our hearts. Our lives, we must learn to enjoy life, and do not have to hardships,Death of family members want to transfer patients with drug microblogging record, to live so cramped, the pursuit of quality and quality of life, who also do an old Kudachoushen conceal it,mulberry outlet, the work time work, time to enjoy the enjoyment of the relaxation time to relax, you want to eat, we should eat happy. It is true that catches mice is the bounden duty of the cat, but to be divided and in what situations, context is important. A few old friends after an absence of many years finally gathered together, you come up with but the phone kept talking business, What do you mean May table a few other than the caller who usually must strive much money much more, doing business is far greater, friends get together to eat was to relax, decompression walked down work more efficiently after the table, but at this time froze charge a busy man, too very some putting the cart before the horse mean, inevitably people laughing stock. Again, more fish, eat mice, will help ease the contradiction of cat and mouse, to build good-neighborly and friendly diplomatic relations,hollister. Fish are aquatic animals,ナイキ ジョーダン, cat and fish life circle intersection not much they eat will eat, nor from the water to come out to the cat to eat; rats and cats living under the same roof , this is the bottom of society, fellow sufferers, looked up and not bow to see the need to drive people out of this Human beings are the most insidious and most cruel animals, birds do, the good bow; Jiaotu dead,hollister uk, stooges cooking, cats,バーバリー, and even cold to hold small cute dog will curry favor with far less, if the mouse is to give utterly destroyed, the end of the cat coming along,グッチ, so always pay more fish eat mice, so that the cat will be worth living, and live in dignity. Said,s good intentions and tried to mediate the right ear bitten off half of residual, the University of Heidelberg, Germany, a study showed that the mice a substance called taurine, organisms can be enhanced night vision capability, cat body can not own synthesis of the material, supplemented only by eating rats, that is If the cat does not eat rats, night vision capability will decrease the ability of long-term loss of the nocturnal, but this does not mean that the cat and mouse and friends gathering to eat a big meal should Jieruchou to Obviously, this show ingredients inevitably "legislator" new clothes dirty,グッチ 財布. Cats eat rats of this right, but if you choose the wrong time, wrong place, then it is not a good cat. (Zhang eleven)

The small group of respondents questioned again ride from Ch

'clock yesterday morning, the trio rode Longquan Mountain,Chinese tourists in Sweden stolen 160 million record Chinese Nordic lost, it is unable to go, and sat down to rest for a while. To reach the the Jianyang local riders came to cheer Ren Bin after starting, but he did not panic slow ride according to their own plans. 11:30 last night, from Tongnan tangba town there are 10 km road, the ground was covered with sand and gravel, Ren Bin encountered a sill, his mention of the car leading the front wheel to follow up, but after round but slipping the shoe lock pedal, stumbled, and he fell to the ground, till he almost wanted to give up. More than 2:00, exhausted, he stopped to complement point energy. At this point, drowsiness hit Fortunately, he was well prepared, and quickly remove the luggage, smear out Fengyoujing. "From Anyue to the music to a total of three hours,バーバリー 財布, is the most difficult period of time,hollister uk." Said Ren Bin, Central China cycling race promoters Huang Renyi phoned until 6 o'clock yesterday morning, before his sleepy Dayton canceled. 8:30 yesterday morning,ジョーダン, 10 km away from Jianyang, Ren Bin Huang Renyi team riders to meet him on the roadside,mulberry. "I read the newspaper know any Bin thing down the gauntlet,ナイキ ジョーダン, so about on Jianyang riders and local media to support him." Posed for pictures after the Jianyang riders have been accompanied riding,The 24-year-old man suspected sex in the cafe from the palac, REN Bin "send" to Longquan Peak. While riding through the night,Elderly heart attack admission electric shock rescued more than 60 times _ the n, most Jianyang riders or Bin Ren thrown out behind only Huang including four riders keep up with the pace of any Bin. The reporter's car all the way to follow, when Bin Ren riding Longquan Mountain, from the foot to the top, but he just did not break breath! Record four people say he is the winner 50 minutes at noon yesterday, 11 small-mao, wheat, old K trio finally rode Tianfu Square, which took 23 hours. At this point,グッチ 財布, Ren Bin in Longquan Yamashita gallop. 1 hour and 49 minutes, Ren Bin arrived Tianfu Square, with 19 hours to complete this Chengyu trip. Here fiancee Wei Li has long been waiting for Ren Bin morning. Four people after merging, Ren Bin three Chongqing riders go to a small restaurant near Hongzhaobi. All goods side dishes,air ジョーダン, while exchanging bits and pieces of this riding. Said Chongqing riders wheat, three of them previously had spent 27 hours across the Chengdu-Chongqing line, but this time, they challenge REN Bin record day on the ride to Chengdu, in fact, they won,アバクロ. Bin Ren said, in fact, can also be faster, because the way with Jianyang Youhui together and wait for the TV reporter, was delayed for an hour or so, "I not only proved the last score, also refresh the record." Yesterday,ジョーダン, the in Longquan hill, more than 100 bicycle enthusiasts up and down, I heard REN Bin night ride back from Chongqing, cocked a thumb. But sports experts to remind, certainly a good rider,mulberry outlet, but at night the long-distance cycling, does not comply with the law of motion, very dangerous, we have to Cautious. Newspaper reporters Gou Ming photo coverage

A city couple detour due to the high prices to buy a house t

's south bank, got married, the two the Yuzhong District Lianglukou guihuayuan renters. Because when the class teacher, Li often give students study up taxi money for the province,Cell roof of illegally built five years allegedly owners 未, she had to turn the bus around 9:00 after school Jiefangbei to return to the home of the two junctions. Liu Fangbin daily to the station to pick her up, despite the hard work, but the couple feel very happy and look forward to one day be able to buy on their own house. High housing detour to buy a new house the summer of 2007, his son was born, Li Na then the mother in the countryside to take care of children Bedroom Rental enough to live. Plus tenements cramped rare event space, taking into account the child slowly bigger, better environment for the growth of the end of 2007, Liu Fangbin and his wife discuss chipped in to buy a house. Four showings,グッチ, South Bank,The litigation continued Zuohai help people Proxy views were not adopted from co,バーバリー 財布, Jiangbei, Yuzhong prices, they simply can not afford. Removed showings for two months, they turned their eyes to the location far but the price is a lot cheaper Yubei District. Two fancy Yubei Hing Blue Star cell back to a set of 80 square meters of a small three-compartment spend 22 million to buy, and in May 2008 Check. Live in a city couple a month do not meet Check new house this is a happy event, but Liu Fangbin did not expect, which was actually a couple dwell in a city,air jordan, but the two separated helpless start - because of Yubei farther back in school on the south side from Li Na home, take the bus at least turn the car three times,The care village team site verification was assaulted and se. Bus going to night classes after Li Na has been rarely,abercrombie, a long time waiting for the bus, train turn down, home to at least about 11 o'clock the next day before dawn to get to school in time, less than a month,ジョーダン, Li called was not live ". But if the taxi once have to spend 30 yuan a month down the transportation costs alone nearest thousand Yuan on mortgage the house, raising children,アバクロ, can not afford a heavier burden on them. In desperation, the couple began a weekend couples living: Li Na usually live in the school, weekend and returned home with her husband and child reunion. But in recent weeks, Li Na, organized by the school to study in a weekend school junior high school graduating class exam open parents are not home; There are two weekends, Li Na home, her husband went to the county handle a weekend equipment after-sales issues. As a result, the two as much as a full month failed to meet,air ジョーダン. "We do not want to rush this fashion is not the pursuit of the heart grow fonder, this weekend of married life, is quite upset." Liufang Bin said, with the increased prices in the main city,hollister, housing more repair farther growing urban territory like they live in a city but difficult to see above the side of the couple more and more. News extension reporters Zhang securinine intern Xiu-Ying Kong □ weekend couples five reasons the weekend the couple refers to both husband and wife separated in two places due to reasons other than all the feelings, only on weekends or holidays to get together. Because of work: in order to survive, the place of work of the two sides far apart, and can not be transferred together had separated in two places; children: children studying in distant places, party to take care of their children had separated,hollister uk; since the time: a day shift, a on every night, just stagger working hours, usually difficult to have time together,ナイキ ジョーダン; house: house, marriage dwelt parents house; space: urban territory expanding residential areas increasingly biased, too far away from the place of work had to choose home on weekends.

Freshmen nine days cycling report new line of more than 60

​​the new school report at the same time along the way to promote the concept of "national fitness, green",ヴィトン,s hair the nude underage students to his son _ News, and called for more people to join the ranks of fitness environmentally friendly. So, at 6:00 on the August 28, he was alone starting from Ningxiang, Ganzhou arrived on September 5, just nine days, his average speed of 75 kilometers every day have gone through Hunan and Jiangxi provinces 8 counties of the City, the trip of more than 600 kilometers. Way, each to a resident settlements or urban areas will stay two hours to promote environmental knowledge,ヴィトン 財布. Due to the hot weather during the day, very few people on the street, he deliberately chose the publicity in the evening, fitness, green introduced to passers-knowledge,アバクロ,Reporter investigating alleged fraud the other fishing law enforcement _. The rugged terrain carry the front of the car line Long Fang Jia told reporters on the road sometimes fear,グッチ バッグ, could not shop in the former village could often encounter. Via Pingxiang City to lotus County, this journey,air ジョーダン, he rode from 6:00 14:00,Two men site collapse buried a dead one injured (Photo) _, the residents did not encounter more than eight hours. On one occasion, he walked all the stones of the mountain because of worry about the car damaged, the Shiji Li's ride, he or carrying vehicle or pushed the car to go four hours. See luggage the 500 signatures cheered reporters carried from the long side good player, a written nearly 500 signatures on a "fitness, green" banner, and a lot of enthusiastic people write blessings which a "teacher refueling ah, I wish you a pleasant journey,ルイヴィトン!" original entrance after Long Fang Jia alma mater hired as part-time teachers,mulberry outlet, to Shidishimei counseling homework,hollister uk, teach experience,hollister, this is Shidishimei and encouraging him. The Long Fang Jia said this thousands of miles of riding experience, their biggest gain has been honing learned to stick with the strong, "I hope that we can think that our country's national fitness,mulberry, green make its own contribution."

Removed from the body in patients 2 years after surgery the

'an Red Cross Hospital wards, Li Xu Lake lying on the bed. Hand, the legs can not move, although it is a weight of over 80 kg man, but even if it is one of the most subtle movements, can only be done in his father's help. "Eat, drink water, toilet, nothing can be away from the people in this way, it has been more than two years." Weian said with a sigh,Cottage ranked last year, new words frequency _ News,グッチ. August 20, 2008, at 11 am, 36-year-old Li Xu Lake carried out in Chang'an District Wangmang Shimizu head Primary construction, dismantle scaffolding to pull out a 6-meter-long steel pipe accidentally touching to 10KV high-voltage lines,ヴィトン 財布, the spot coma, the whole person hung on the scaffolding. Unfortunately, after Li Xu Lake was sent to the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University for treatment. Economically disadvantaged families in attendance were the First Affiliated Hospital simply after 3 days of treatment,hollister outlet, Li Xu Lake onto a Chang'an District hospital treatment. On November 20 of the same year, Li Xu Lake 5 times a skin graft fixation and leg bones were discharged. Although they saved their lives, but lost his hands, to discharge his thigh sandwiched steel plate, still unable to walk. The found residues gauze surgery home and lie down for more than a year,グッチ バッグ,Tens of thousands of users collar microblogging marriage cer, feeling leg recovery has been not very good, stiff legs, and sometimes painful mid-August of this year,ルイヴィトン, I checked to Wang Orthopaedic Hospital in Chang'an District, North found the leg clip steel plate with severe inflammation. abscess incision and drainage and foreign body August 16, Wang Beili hospital I do take in addition to surgery, issued by the hospital after the diagnosis has proved to remove a piece of gauze in my thigh. Li Xu, Lake said. September 2, Li Xu Lake in Xi'an Red Cross Hospital,Woman boss discrimination after complaining about chest too much has been dismis, surgery to remove steel plate, after surgery, the doctor handed Weian a plastic bag, spun off from the Li Xu Lake muscle tissue, surgical gauze debris. The Lijia Sons injury after several operations are done at the same hospital in Chang'an, if the gauze is left in the body, it must be caused by surgery mistakes, Li Xu Lake leg injury that led to this failure. reason can not be restored for a long time. Li Xu, Lake said: "I had wanted to proceed gone, legs, whatever the outcome,air ジョーダン, but also to go, I did not expect, the legs do not know Shashi Hou to recover, I'm almost desperate. Parties hospitals: residual gauze impossible yesterday afternoon, who has Li Xu Lake Chang'an District, a hospital surgery DU vice president, said, own and the president of the hospital as well as a doctor two years ago, with internal fixation Li Xu Lake, after surgery, after a rigorous multiple rinse not There may be foreign bodies. "I listen to the patient's family to me about things vivo remove the gauze, and shocked the patient's leg bone fixation leg surgery unlike other thoracic and abdominal cavity surgery, gauze residual space is impossible,グッチ 財布. Moreover, the time After surgery, the patient recovered well after careful investigation,ジョーダン, that there is no such situation. "Du,air jordan, vice president of that, if the gauze legacy surgery, patients must provide evidence. If it is really the hospital caused the accident, the hospital will bear the responsibility of all the consequences. In addition, patients can also take the litigation, allow the court to investigate. The Sons Weian that hospitals should come up with evidence to prove that they have no responsibility,アバクロ.

Dog men hold the top of the tree to avoid flood 9 hours resc

's life will be a serious threat,Killed when suspected to have been made fun of the lovelorn,hollister. Fire officers and soldiers to carry protective equipment such as safety rope,グッチ,Oxford and Cambridge girls were free tour opportunities snow, safety belt tough close to the trapped men, and life jackets and safety rope to the man dressed guidance trapped by the shore mobile. As the hands of men holding a puppy,ルイヴィトン, had left a few meters,グッチ バッグ, flood huge impact will man rushed into the water,アバクロ, holding the puppy also been swept away,air jordan, but fortunately protected the rope protection of man only from being washed away. To 10:09 the trapped men reach the shore successful escape,hollister. It is reported that the man was a highway patrol officer,abercrombie. That night to see the water level more the higher up on higher ground to escape,Attracted 48 candidates (Personals paste the private car for two days,hollister outlet, and finally forced to climb up a tree,air ジョーダン.

User-made piecemeal Holidays approach several day trips into

'm going to walk around a day back and forth the best night also,ジョーダン." Mr,グッチ. Yang said the people,hollister,Cordoba opened five meters was drunk passengers beaten _ News _ new, in fact,ナイキ ジョーダン, there are a lot of good scenery around Shanghai, and arrange a convenient back and forth freely,abercrombie, you can go to multiple places,アバクロ,Drivers fall into the 5 m deep pit rescued after Lianhu luck. Holiday travel actually very hard,ルイヴィトン, that case better to rest some children to look around,ヴィトン. "The public Ms. Xie said his own plan and his family went to Hangzhou,air ジョーダン,The suspects rate artificially the cousin Tao Gongzi hacked to boss two years af, Nanjing and other places around taking advantage of the fragmented holiday,hollister outlet.

Home Builders shipped two tons stone Dulu force owners renti

's so that they can not get out!" The open parking sudden Jinting vehicles in the area at the exit, many owners are talking about the matter,ルイヴィトン. The owners said Miss Lee,グッチ, residential real estate agency had only to vehicles parked inside the garage requires residential property owners pay 300-350 yuan a month rent, shall not be parked in the area outside,グッチ バッグ, otherwise they will Dulu. Miss Lee said she bought the house seven years ago, when the real estate agency told her, the district of the open-air parking and garage parking can stop,10 years, mother of 11-year-old girl intracranial possession of needles suspecte. Miss Lee rented for $ 150 a month, open-air parking. "Their garage rental situation is not ideal, 17 parking spaces rented out only two." Miss Lee said, a year ago, real estate agency suddenly wipe yellow lines painted by the original open-air parking,ナイキ ジョーダン, still near the wall the words the fire exits to Jinting all vehicles "words. Authority deputy director of the Community industry,hollister outlet, Lee told reporters that he had on the matter specifically checked the cell plans, did not find the channel for the fire exits. "Later,air ジョーダン, we also convene all owners of residential voting results against less than half the number of owners of the original open-air parking, so here also can continue parking,アバクロ." Neighborhood committees: down stone Dulu Department of Home Builders as a reporter then call the residential real estate agency garage sales and leasing at the phone, for someone down the rubble blocking cell issue, the other were not sure, and then hastily hung up the phone,グッチ 財布. The excellent city neighborhood, the official told reporters,Gas bottle of old man diseases lonely ridden point self-immolation _ News _, they conducted an investigation on the matter, confirmed that "poured stone Dulu" regarding the residential real estate agency,hollister. "We have sent for mediation,air jordan." This official said,Woman facial abnormalities were donor successful p.

Man was drinking and was sentenced to two years for drink po

After fifty years old Zhang (not his real name) alcoholism (Reporter Zhang Jian), a hammer to a police station in Fangshan District, picked up a hammer big hit on the police car,The gang stealing tires stolen goods resisting arrest police, smashed police cars. Yesterday, reporters learned from Fangshan Court Zhang disturb the crime was sentenced to imprisonment for two years,abercrombie shop. According to the prosecution allegations, in June 2011 one evening,air ジョーダン, the defendant Zhang alcoholism sneaked into a police station, hospital in Fangshan, a hammer for no reason the front windshield of the police station nosocomial parked the two Santana police car, a Nissan pickup police cars the left side of the machine lid and a Hyundai Sonata sedan car front and rear doors,hollister, both sides of the mirror, and so many smashed,グッチ. Zhang was arrested,abercrombie. The trial, the defendant Zhang confessed to the crime. Zhang said that the drink outbursts of emotion out of this thing,ヴィトン 財布, and very much regret,Seven high school students shoot classmate nude Chuan paste it fined for nude,hollister. The court, after hearing that the defendant Zhang drink willful damage to public or private property,hollister outlet, the circumstances are serious, his behavior constituted disturb the crime, punishable by law,air jordan. Made the decision based on the facts of the crime,ナイキ ジョーダン,Man reselling counterfeit relics was arrested on the spot Qi, the nature of the plot, and the degree of harm to society. (Original title: Men drink and smashed police cars)

The men robbed a dollar failed jailed for three and a half y

's neck, and continue to search, and still have not found the money,abercrombie shop. "I have one, take money home with me,Middle School boys hit by classmates killed in police involv." And Zhang also operating Jiangxi accent directed Luomou shouting,グッチ. Luomou startled, a morning exercise man passing Luomou Satuijiupao, on the road to notice out 1 dollar,abercrombie. The 43-year-old Jiangxi Zhang said, that morning, she was ready to near busy farm work,Union For more than 10 parents of abducted children, creatin, just did not bring a purse,air jordan. Robbed only 1 dollar,グッチ 財布,Escape and gave the driver the driver drunk driving crash jailed for 11 years _, she has no alarm,アバクロ. No coincidence,ヴィトン 財布, 6:00 on the evening of September 4,ジョーダン, Luomou and fellow ready to take to the streets to buy clothes,ヴィトン, happened to pass by Zhang's doorstep. Is eating, Zhang immediately recognize to Luomou,hollister, called his son Luomou seized and turned over to the police station.

Back to prison after the man was allowed to be released on b

's Court of Justice judgment said: "No matter what the outcome, I are willing to bear,The 73-year-old original word painting would like to apply for the Guinness Book, I do not appeal." 42-year-old husband of any Army Anhui Suzhou, intentional injury causing death (accomplice) by the court leniently sentenced to seven years in prison. After the incident, he had to escape eight years, surrendered coincides with the daughter of the college entrance examination, he expressed the hope to see for her writing the exam be allowed bail pending trial. The daughter successfully admitted to the university, he came from thousands of miles away, go to jail Tizhexingli. Exhausted incident wounding lethal absconding eight years ago, any husband Army Huaiji County hotel security. January 4, 2003, at 1 o'clock in the morning, any husband Army with the same hotel security × Yu Zhang, named Ma, who (already sentenced) to "open fire" porridge City supper Huaiji County Huai Town West. Yuanjialuzhai, they met in hotel cause trouble Liao × Huan et al, Liao Mouli that left the the porridge city of "fire". Zhang × Yu mistakenly believe that Liao × Huan is to Ban Jiubing ", the military led any husband together in search of Liao × Huan. × Yu Zhang and any husband military come of Huaiji County Tengye shopping plaza near the riverbank at 3 o'clock in the morning, and found that x spring, × strong people are playing on mistaken Liao cohorts × Huan, then do not ask indiscriminate,hollister outlet, with iron pipes, wooden sticks Chen × springs who chase beatings, injuries resulting the Chen × Quan, Chen × strong. The Chen × springs were wounded head, sent to hospital died. After the incident, any husband military per capita fled HUAIJI County. December 4 last year, the husband of any military absconding eight years in the relatives of advice to the Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau railings police station to give himself up. Bail application for the daughter of the college entrance examination hope to go home to accompany any husband military justice, and his wife made a request: they want to apply for release on bail. Two is only one reason: to protect the daughter of the dark,air ジョーダン. It turned out that their daughter was a key middle school in Suzhou, Anhui read the third year. During any husband Army absconded, the daughter does not know that he had breached the law. The order does not affect her learning, any husband Army wife had been cheated daughter said to her father working outside. Daughter to take the exam day in June of this year,ジョーダン, any husband Army couple hope that the judiciary approved to allow him to accompany her peace of mind came the college entrance shut,ナイキ ジョーダン. The police advise to communicate with the judges of the Court of Huaiji deliberate whether to grant any husband military released on bail. Suspects finally surrendered to the hunt for eight years,The men online joining ginseng cheated 1 million yuan for na, and once to allow bail, he was thousands of miles away, how to monitor Escape responsibility, who can bear This is in Huaiji the judiciary, in front of a problem. "Children studying hard for 12 years is not easy, because of the sins of the father can not affect the future of the child, or that is a sin." He Lizhen said, may wish to do any husband Army paternal responsibility, the criminal trial of a former vice president of the opportunity, "the law is not cold dogma." any husband Army issued letters of assurance promise: released on bail during, ready to accept to Huaiji County law enforcement and judicial organs summoned, and time to appear for trial. Keep their promises alone thousands of miles to go to trial in mid-July, any Cardiff Army received a court summons: August 7 to the the Huaiji court to attend the trial,air jordan. Previously, any husband Army's daughter has been admitted to a focus of Medicine in Anhui Province. "No impact because of no fault of their own daughter, I have contentment" any husband Army RBI good outfit, told her daughter that "they have to on a long trip, and asked her to take care of yourself", and then alone carrying luggage car to long-awaited HUAIJI. August 7, He Lizhen as the case the presiding judge. The any Cardiff Army not only appear in court on time, and carry the luggage to the detention center. After the hearing, Huaiji County Public Security Bureau to the court on any Cardiff Army lighter or mitigated punishment. The reason of the public security organs: released on bail during any husband only three home from Anhui Trinidad trek to Huaiji County, summoned to accept the authority of the public, prosecutors, law, there is no violation of the release on bail of the relevant provisions; after receiving the notice of hearing The Army knows of any husband will be in custody, still with their luggage to appear for trial, accept legal sanctions,hollister outlet. The court adopted the recommendations,Sentenced to death and cellmate chat leads to murder suspects have been arrested _,hollister, taking into account the circumstances of defendant belongs accomplice, in accordance with the law and sentenced her to seven years in prison. Dialogue with the defendant, I can not live up to that trust On September 4, the reporter to see any husband military in Huaiji detention center again,oakley. The when any fu Army wearing the vest livery of the detention center, also shaved a flat head, looked in good spirits. Nanfang Daily: Why did you choose to abscond year Any the Cardiff Army: because fear of jail, fear began to lose his family. External exile eight years, endured not seen her daughter how uncomfortable things. Years of inhuman, I have been exhausted. Plus the Huaiji public security organs have been police officers came to my house do relatives and ideological work, to mobilize my family persuaded me to give themselves up, so I surrendered. Nanfang Daily: the proposed release on bail, have not thought about what will happen Any husband Army: I committed a crime and are willing to accept the punishment of the law,グッチ バッグ. But because I can not affect the future of her daughter, harm her. So, my wife and I try holding the psychological, political and judicial organs to Huaiji applying for bail. Really did not expect,アバクロ, the Huaiji Political authorities. Nanfang Daily: Do you regret the initiative to stand trial Any husband Army: To be honest, come before the court, I was struggling for a period of time, how valuable freedom is! MAN, I must be responsible for what I did wrong. If I had not absconded, I believe that I have already been reborn.

Two guy did not find a job robbery the chips home tolls Ne

'm a cop, was robbery,グッチ, all to help out,Two men due to a rose the stabbing (Figure) _ News,ナイキ ジョーダン." Yan wing quickly shouted the accomplices would like to have seen the tall man came forward to help. At this time, a brawny sidelines flashed, these names are intended to help the man throwing himself to the ground. This name the brawny but also Shapingba Public Security Bureau police, named Zhang Xiaolong, also happens to pass by here,ジョーダン. "Open up,Four men kidnapped female boss cable company operating trap,hollister outlet, I did not do anything,oakley!" This man was arrested after thought within the Framework is to help members of the public would like to muddle through. The two men promptly came the Traffic Patrol under control. The tall man surnamed Huang, 20 years old this year,abercrombie france, a figure Shaoai surnamed Zhang, 19 years old this year. However, upon examination, Zhang has a criminal record of robbery and fraud. Two to Chongqing to find a job, but after a lot of days,air jordan, the work has not been forthcoming,air ジョーダン. The two money will discuss Qiangdian the toll when the home,hollister. Yesterday afternoon, Shapingba police the two men stole two Nokia mobile phones and 175 yuan in cash returned to the owner,hollister outlet,The man illegally obtaining personal information of citizens. The two Shapingba Jingfangxingju.

Suspect hundreds of wild snakes Tibetan sleeper car at the e

's luggage at,abercrombie, then asked the bus driver to open The suitcase carried out checks the driver look of hesitation, has been reluctant to open,hollister outlet, aroused the suspicion of the police,アバクロ. The insistence of the police, the driver had no choice but the trunk open,hollister, police opened a shelter in the outside of the bags and other luggage, I saw the suitcase inside of big bamboo basket stocked with four tightly wrapped with yellow snakeskin pocket The wrapped Yanyanshishi,hollister,Father mistakenly called 2-year-old son crushed by. The police immediately remove the big bamboo basket to be checked,abercrombie, found a bamboo basket filled with a snake. In the face of the fact that iron,hollister outlet, the driver admitted that this group of snakes is received from Chongqing forest areas, intends to sell at high prices trafficked to the Guangdong coastal wild game restaurants. Forest Branch police Zhangjiajie City Public Security Bureau received a squadron rushed to the scene immediately after the briefing,Victim stabbed rape of First Instance sentenced _ News _ new, the four big bamboo basket open. The investigation, a total load of about 100 black snake, about 80 black snake,Mad cow butt caused one death and three injuries police roun, about of 150 Jigongshan snake,oakley, 20 coral snake, five acutus,グッチ バッグ, there are more than 200 snake. At present, the case has been handed over to the city of Zhangjiajie Forest Branch of the Public Security Bureau for investigation,air ジョーダン. Author: Lijun Hao Zhao Wei Ouyang Hao Ya

Four medical college gang not pry a lock to steal over the 1

'an around,abercrombie, the police began to receive college students report aroused the attention of police,A family of three suicide commit suicide old brother killed,hollister, finally this group of people in June 2009 in a burglary, the students found , arrested four campuses Thief. Qianmou and other students are undergraduate in reading, the remaining two fellow undergraduate college degree,ナイキ ジョーダン, one is still any customer manager duties. Afterwards Qianmou account said: "We steal things,hollister, never broken open a lock, is to see there nobody inside, the door did not lock,グッチ バッグ, go steal computers and mobile phones,アバクロ." Yesterday morning, the Riverside court hearing the case July 2008 to June 2009,abercrombie shop, they stole more than 16 colleges and universities,hollister outlet, a total of 34 times, involving up to 700 million yuan,グッチ. The largest Qianmou amount of theft, amounting to 400 million yuan,US-22-year-old woman was 69 cm tall and become the most dwar, but in court, but he denied the fact that the police are taking note,Drug man with a knife in broad daylight car snatching indict,abercrombie france. The case is not in court for sentencing. Trainee reporter Wu Haijie correspondent Xin Chengjiang Jane

Pentecost old man want denaturation abroad cheated 170,000 y

​​going abroad, Lu Yang said, can help to do abroad, but first asked him to take medicine to restore balance to the body to change the gender, the name of the women abroad,グッチ バッグ. He exchange $ 3,000 received some Placenta. Then, a woman claiming to Liu Jie, he sinks living expenses, medical expenses, a total of 11,000 yuan in the same statement. He remitted the money, the other lost contact. In July 2007, Lu Yang phoned to him again, said the change units abroad thing entrusted to Premier Wu Wang Assistant. After Wu and Wang to sell his health care products, said to be able to breast, whitening, laying the foundation to go abroad degeneration.陆某 fooled to buy a lot of health care products. Since then, the other said it hired foreign experts named Louise, a foreign language and he calls a self-proclaimed 杨经理 girl said to him, she handled the subject matter abroad and grace several grounds to handle things abroad remittances. Up once he gave the other remitted abroad degeneration fee of more than 60,000 yuan. June 2008, the liar gang to buy a variety of drugs,The girl disfigured accused trial was sentenced to 12 years, exit formalities prepaid cost of living, such as the name of,グッチ 財布, and has cheated 陆某 a lot of money. After taking their health care products, I often diarrhea, sexual function. 陆某 said. The two 80 woman set up a chain scam March 29, 2010,abercrombie, the defendant Hwan Hong Yuan in Haidian District on Fourth Street, was arrested; April 4 of the same year, the defendant Wang Xiaofang was arrested in Haidian District, holly Root. The woman has arrested suspected the fraud 陆某 two 80. Yuan Huan Hong testified that, between May and June 2007, she was working at a TV shopping,Lawyers unauthorized paragraph after the execution, colleagues contacted the Shanghai man surnamed Lu customers,アバクロ, the other side want to buy breast enhancement products, her contact with 陆某 Lu Yang's name. After that, she left the company. In August 2007, she and her people and opened a company called Long Run Babel, responsible business management. Later that month, Wang Xiaofang Wu to work,ジョーダン. The end of August, 陆某 phone call before purchasing the product has no effect,oakley, Yuan Huan Xiang said, "can help to ask". Hang up the phone, Wang Xiaofang prompted her to land can be a selling point for health care products, she agreed surnamed Lu phone to the king. In November, Wang Xiaofang began to sell each other's products. She with 陆某 said he is a professor, and went to Thailand to help Lu degeneration. Hwan Hong Yuan admit, health care products, sell them to 陆某 can not breast degeneration, borrow his degeneration psychological money making,hollister, most of the products into health products wholesale market from the Shilihe, plus a few dozen to a few hundred dollars to sell. The company does not bogus Manager Yang Wang, assistant, Louise, are Wang Xiaofang et al. Wang Xiaofang confession, Yuan Hwan Hong said that the customer is a lot of money and want to the degeneration when women would like to go abroad. Her posing as a Chinese Medicine Hospital superintendent Assistant of Wang and 陆某 call to confirm land degeneration and the idea of ​​going abroad, inform the other party to sell health care products that can whitening,ナイキ ジョーダン, breast, so that he is abroad degeneration laying the foundation. After Wu also posing 杨经理 exit procedures, it can be done with the land,Survey says the 7 into Sichuan male had confidante to lead the country _ New, and a foreign expert to find him. Wang Xiaofang it off as foreign experts Louise,air jordan. Internal staff report caused the incident in March 2008, Lee do attendant to the Long Run Babel newspaper job advertisements. Recruits a month later, I heard that the company cheated the man called 陆某 over 20 million. Testimony that Lee, posing Traditional Chinese Medical Hospitals, assistants and professors from the United States to Louis, to different roles defrauding Lu Mouxin any, their frown upon gave Lu phone, told that he cheated. "They constantly call 陆某 commitment to do exit formalities, transgender, but the company did not in this business, and even more do not have this ability; company sell drugs is to make Internet phone customers can not find, so think the company is a lie The "Lee said. Lee also mentioned in the testimony to the operator, the company fixed routine, to the company's first week, company training people how to speak, how to sell drugs, and to places outside Beijing to call repeatedly told to avoid the city's customers find door. Court found that, from November 2007 to June 2008, the defendant YUAN Huan Hong colluded with the defendant Wang Xiaofang, et al, on behalf of the Long Run the Babel-commerce Co., Ltd., Beijing, in the Haidian District, Shuguang Garden Mount Hope Park, lied to their marketing health care products with whitening, breast, degeneration, fictional company to help victims degeneration exit procedures, in order to sell their products abroad fees, living expenses and other grounds, has defrauding victims of Mr. Luk RMB 17.6 million yuan. The court held that the defendant Yuan Hwan Hong, Wang Xiaofang for the purpose of illegal possession, together with others, fictional facts to cheat money, a huge amount, his behavior constituted the crime of fraud. Yuan, Wang et al. Delivered to the victim so-called "health products" just under the guise of the essence to allow victims a wrong understanding of the way in order to promote their products,air ジョーダン, to deliver the money eventually suffer economic losses. Accordingly, the court made the ruling.

21-year-old guy claiming to be empty when starting a pornogr

' posts and the corresponding subtraction virtual gold,ナイキ ジョーダン, so Replies higher Browse the site permission,Four young people late at night masked Burglary relatives 30 million to Mongolia. 138 posts 160 posts in the identification of public security organs,hollister outlet,Villagers night keep being demolitions houses were, Yang Management pornographic files,hollister, and other network user clicks on 9,abercrombie.1 million times,グッチ バッグ. Yang certain arrested on March 10 this year, the public security organs,air jordan. Yang certain standing trial court, regret to call themselves the "ignorance of the law",abercrombie france, when the Moderator "only because" boredom ". Riverbank District Court held that the yang of a pornographic web sites on the Internet dissemination of obscene electronic information,hollister, his behavior constituted the crime of dissemination of pornographic material,Discipline and police officers taking bribes to help suspects false meritorious,air ジョーダン, it is sentenced to imprisonment for six months,mulberry. (Yangtze Daily Wu Zongze correspondent Ann criminal intern Wang Jianghong)

The police take the initiative to apply for the arrest of fr

's Hospital was no beds, they do not live inside, it now appears, the private hospitals should not have qualification open condition for criminal suspects to prove this regard, Liu Wei released on bail formalities are not very complete. After the exposure of the fraud Liu Wei, Zhou Jibin also some doubts, in the end the proof of Liu Wei's condition by which a hospital should be to identify, as police chief, he really is not clear,Son-in-law of unbearable cold hacked to death the father-in-, it seems that the law was not clearly defined. "This thing can be considered a wake-up call to knock us, now we do within such a stressed condition proof must be identified through the county hospital,abercrombie. Zhou Jibin said. Reason why released on bail First, the disease two wanted him to go to account to pay back the money, according to Zhou Jibin introduced,Men drink the electric car ride cut rub convicted of dangerous driving offense _, Shenmu County Public Security Bureau the Liu Wei bail application, the Shenmu Procuratorate one deputy procurator general long signed consent,グッチ,'s Procuratorate Long Wang Wensheng instructions of a major case, it is recommended that residential surveillance. However, the Public Security Bureau eventually let Liu Wei released on bail, which is released on bail, residential surveillance are coercive measures because the public security bureau, almost, Liu Wei on the outside and some account, he was released on bail out can go to account to those fraud victims lose some more, so that the loss of the victim and then reduce the number,Waste station owner cutting metal tank explosion d,hogan outlet. Another reason is that the Liu Wei residential surveillance, you can only live in in Shenmu the hospital,abercrombie france, and there is no treatment conditions,abercrombie, the ability to treat heart disease is a doubt, in case of death of the person how to do Zhou Jibin Shenmu County Public Security Bureau, the case itself, nothing wrong, no omissions,mulberry. As for the suspects apply for bail, which is the power of the public security organs. The Procuratorate think is wrong to do so, the public security organs to correct, but the other did not correct. "When the bail, when the residential surveillance, sometimes we are not very clear. And sometimes inflicted residential surveillance, and sometimes inflicted released on bail." This Secretary says,hollister outlet. To assist in the arrest of Liu Wei people recaptured after a comprehensive examination, and in the end there is no disease "Today, Liu Wei, suspects released on bail period expiring, and the books early to the Court, Procuratorate, Shenmu County Public Security Bureau has no power to Liu Wei brought to justice. Zhou Jibin said, now, Yulin City Intermediate People's Court has the authority to Liu Wei arrest. The residential surveillance Shenmu County Public Security Bureau did not perform in accordance with the instructions of the Procuratorate Liu Wei, but their release on bail. Developed hospital proved, in the county hospital to do an inspection,グッチ バッグ, but after all, no strict identification of the patient's condition, these are not complete at Zhou Jibin think "We're doing this one is not very reassuring. Zhou Jibin told reporters, In view of this, yesterday morning, Shenmu County Public Security Bureau sent people to the Intermediate People's Court of Yulin City,air ジョーダン, Yulin City Intermediate People's Court made a formal arrest, Shenmu to take the initiative to the suspects Liu Wei caught, handed Yulin City Intermediate People's Court. Zhou Jibin said: "I give in the hospital to help,mulberry outlet, purpose in order to clear my public security organs of people caught, we want to Liu Wei comprehensive inspection to see if there disease if really ill, that we are handling the case should be people-oriented "There is no transfer of benefits to the county public security bureau:" I am sure no such a thing "reporter: the case to that point, the victim First, some thoughts, Liu Wei lied to us so much money, also public security authorities released on bail we inevitably have questions. Community also some talk ...... Zhou Jibin: Some would say that is not to go out and buy Reporter: there is no transfer of benefits Zhou Jibin: Let's Procuratorate catch up our review. I am certainly not such a thing, as Di Xiaren does not happen, I can not guarantee. The reporter Xue Zhenyu Zhang (original title: the Shenmu police initiative to apply for the arrest of Liu Wei)

Man killed dismembered another girlfriend refused to acknowl

's,University enacted regulations that prohibit join, Mandy specialized candidates to Lulu shop work. To understand the situation, she was looking for Lulu showdown, and advised her to leave in where. Until 40 May 2011, Mandy often contact Lulu repeatedly confirmed and tides where in the end, Lulu off not broken,グッチ バッグ. Do not want to break up,abercrombie shop, he strangled her from the beginning of 2011, where the harsh Mandy attitude also beaten her. In the early morning of May 19, 2011, in where met Mandy's repeated urging,abercrombie. Speaking of breaking up, Mandy does not agree, they will not let on where to leave the two had had a falling out. Dark,hollister, at where the fist vigorously waving toward Mandy past, and Mandy fell out of bed, lying on the floor. "I told her, she did not say anything I put his hand next to her nose and did not respond." Who said he was out of bed to turn on the lights, see Mandy "body cramps, eyes staring. But fear Yu Fan did not choose to save people, but picked up Mandy's cell phone data cable,mulberry, brutally strangled her. Dismembered after the killings, he disguised her texting dawn at who bought a kitchen knife, dismembered the bodies of Mandy. At where to see Lulu, and frankly what they are doing. In front of Lulu's face, and his call for help to his brother in Shanxi. Brother persuaded him to surrender, who said: "I can not surrender, I have a wife and kids." With Mandy the bodies, driving a borrowed car, set foot in where to Shanxi Expressway. I would ask my brother to find a place for himself in the "mountain" Shanxi buried corpse, he was the brother refused. Angry at Where had no choice but to return to Zhengzhou, part of the body parts of the road buried in riparian Garro, another part is thrown into the river. A few days later, Mandy's sister suddenly received a multi-day contact Mandy on messages sent to say that they work in Guangdong, in a few years and then go home. Mandy's family later learned that the SMS came from where the hands Mandy has long been killed in where,Sophomore girls killed after supper dead bodies in abandoned. Not admitted to the killings but was betrayed another girlfriend June 19, 2011, had not contact Mandy, her family called the police. On June 21, the workers clean up Garro River fished out a plastic bags containing body parts identification results confirmed that the deceased is Mandy. As suspects by the public security organs in where has been very calm, refusing to acknowledge the fact that his murder. Later, Lulu initiative to find the public security organs to speak out after exactly who told her murder. At this point, in where only lowered his head. Yesterday, Zhengzhou City Intermediate People's Court hearing the case at where the prosecution's Procuratorate to the crime of intentional injury ",The 17-year-old boy to see yellow the movie raw wh,ジョーダン. Mandy's family also be filed a 79 million criminal with civil claims. Where in court tears repentance,abercrombie, he said that although not so much money,mulberry outlet, and are willing to try to compensate the loss of Mandy family. "I would like to honor my parents honor them (Mandy's parents), the monthly cost of living to them,ナイキ ジョーダン." In the Where's words but only in exchange for Mandy family back to the curse,グッチ. The case is not in court for sentencing, is still under trial. (Clues provided: Feng Haiming text in both his real name)

The three criminals morning into the premises chopped seven

's Hospital to interview these students to be chopped. I saw three students lying on the bed,ナイキ ジョーダン, and parents to help students take off their clothes found with multiple stab wounds. Which a petit days of student injury most serious multiple stab wounds in the back and arm; There are a the petit wide students, back with multiple stab wounds,air ジョーダン; minor injuries is a petit macro students just thigh was stabbed a knife, who have multiple stick injury. According to the children's parents, a total of seven students were injured,グッチ 財布, four injury is not serious have been discharged, and that these children age are still very small days only 15 years old, read three days; small wide 15-year-old,air jordan, who started reading; small macro 14-year-old,abercrombie, who started reading. Am three youths down the wall into the school knives to injure small wide at 1 o'clock in the morning on the 22nd, we have to sleep, the three young people in society will tear down the walls, carrying two machetes and a stick sneak into the school, and find student dormitories. Three social youths with machetes and sticks into quarters, and woke two quarters of the 14 students and seven students to the playground, to force them to tell the one nicknamed "the fox" whereabouts. Small, widely known as "fox" is a man of the same village, they do not know their whereabouts, so suffered beaten them for up to half an hour long, and later also his days away. According to the small student days away, he and his small widely taken to leave school two kilometers place, the period during which she was asked the whereabouts of "the fox", the other was several times with a knife, stick beatings. Until 2 o'clock in the morning, the village folks to the intersection to find them. The murderer has disappeared. Schools said they will step up security patrols, according to the school Lau, due to the incident at 1 o'clock in the morning, the school's teachers have to sleep in the 2 o'clock news, it immediately to the police, and sent a teacher looking for was taken away. students. Lau said, because it is the first day of the new semester classes, the school's two security guards are, in turn, keep the school gate, security beds in the dorm room has not been paved, so there is no security in dormitories. After the incident, the school has strengthened security measures, a security guard sleeping at night in a student dormitory,hogan outlet,Parents suspect junior girls school hair cut short suicide _, and school leaders and teachers patrol patrol into the wee hours of the whole school,Police arrest rape murder fugitive _ News in the funeral pro. Police attack three hours and arrested two suspects Wanning City, according to police,abercrombie shop, at 2 o'clock in the morning after receiving the alarm,hogan, they immediately organized police force to solve the case through the investigation and that may be music to the village committee, nicknamed "Huanglong two social young people. 22 at 5 pm, the police will be at home, the sleep two suspects arrested, "Huanglong" not at home to escape police arrest. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the two suspects were captured in Wanning City Detention Center of Lin Mouping,The couple abandon abundant life fed up with the leadership, Lin Shan. Who are both 16-year-old junior high school dropout at home not in the same village for a long time, "Huanglong" mixed. They explain to the police, Red Union village "fox" had used "wild boar guns", the "Yellow Dragon" and Lin Shan wounded the after "fox" also released relentless, says that he has taught them,mulberry outlet, . 21 evening, "Huanglong" took Linmou Ping, Lin Shan drinking until midnight and music to middle school to find "the fox" retaliation for the decision under the influence of alcohol, but found he was not in school, students in the same village angrily they pressed However, these students said they do not know that happened before the scene. Originally, they also do not want to play these innocent students, but if you do not do so, he would have been the boss "Huanglong two beaten Linmou Ping, Lin Shan said. Currently, suspects Lin Mouping, Lin Shan has been under criminal detention, the fugitive "Huanglong two ongoing hunt,hollister outlet. (Name of minors in the text are not his real name)

Young women accompany unemployed boyfriend kidnapping for ra

's garage and bound him and took away his office, more than 2,000 yuan and mobile phone worth 3,000 yuan belongings,s family. Thereafter, & Economy in Areas of Communications and others to Mr. Sun to him and discipline in a rented room in Fangshan,air ジョーダン, Mr,Nangong foreign professors by the United States _ New allegations of fraud resea. Xiang Sun demanded 200,ジョーダン,000 yuan. In the meantime,air jordan, the discipline of a responsible for went out to buy lunch. For fear of kidnappers lay violent hands on their own, Mr. Sun friend the money sent to the designated location. After his release, Mr. Sun fear,グッチ, actually crashed into the tree, but fortunately no injuries friends home,abercrombie shop. Thereafter,Husband to his wife for money unsuccessful cited a dispute w, & Economy in Areas of Communications and a Ji et al kidnapped two money boss the one succeed grabbed more than 1,000 yuan of property to another, due to inadequate preparation and give up. In May 2006,hogan outlet, & Economy in Areas of Communications and a discipline,mulberry, and other people have been arrested and brought to justice. In November of the same year, & Economy in Areas of Communications, and others by the court sentenced to imprisonment ranging from 15 years to 10 years. At that time, the discipline a result of pregnancy,hogan, was released on bail a year, until yesterday that I stand in the dock. Court discipline strongly denied the allegations, said that he is being coerced to be involved in committing the crime. But prosecutors presented a series of evidence, discipline a completely personal freedom,グッチ バッグ, she alone buy committing crimes while using the tool and tape. Eventually, the discipline of a bow to the evidence and wants the court to see her she was young and ignorant,グッチ 財布, wrong friends lenient sentence. The court will choose a sentencing case.

Village old man stabbed lover a family of four committed sui

's sister Lili Qinkun Ping (a pseudonym) is calling. Far in the the Hunan Zhangjiajie work Lily eagerly asked: "I've played a few phone has been no answer, my brother they go Home is not what happened " The heart Yang Shan did not end, he Lily said: "You still go home to take a trip, we can not open the door of your house your home two days but no one I do not know ..." On the morning of September 25, Qin Lili back home opened the door, she was to speak, a black eyes: I saw my mother, sister-in-law, nephew down to the church house, who impressively wounds, large areas of the pool of blood has been solidified. The brother disappeared ...... calmed given her to call 110. The fourth remains outside cornfield a three killed at home, the court heard appalling,air ジョーダン. The Changyang Public Security Bureau command center received a report, the instruction the palm 坪镇 police station side quickly out of the police to protect the scene, while the merits escalation. Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary, deputy director of the martial heard the news from Wuhan, Yichang arrived in the afternoon, emergency led the provincial and municipal levels,hogan, technical personnel, the night the rain drove Jifu Lang Ping, and walk more than 20 miles of mountain road to to the scene. After the incident, the Provincial Standing Committee, the Yichang Municipal secretary of Huang Chuping, assistant to the governor, the provincial Public Security Minister Zeng Xin, Yichang City Mayor Li Yuecheng, etc. has to give directions, requires the mobilization of all the resources to work quickly, as soon as possible the detection of this amazing tragedy. The scene exploration first began from the discovery of the deceased's Deng Jiatang house. Deng Zumei and daughter-in-law, grandson down in the court room. The autopsy found that 3 per capita was the weapon pierced the chest and abdomen,hogan outlet, a knife killed, no other wrestling traces scene. Dengzu Mei's son Qinkun Ping gone Broaden your search, investigators found signs of abnormal crushed the village rice sidelines grass. Police to bypass the high ridge, looked down from the side of a man whose body was found the sill under dense cornfield, impressively lying. After investigation and identification, confirmation of those killed is Qinkun Ping. Deng Zumei home, the the fifth corpse of the back room and charcoal testament scene investigation continue, it is anticipated that the police turned out in their home found a fifth dead: Deng family a house with an upstairs board ladder mouth, Alarmed by the two legs hanging down, the police front view, confirm people have died for a long time. Who is this person Why hanged here This incident Police soon found a few lines of black writing board ladder near the wall: this woman is really cruel,ジョーダン, his mother and son playing Zhengchun a my heart there was blood, trying to kill my heart side solution hate. Today, they say I'm lonely old, lonely old on the lonely old I kill them! The word is written on the wall with charcoal. Dim lights shine,hollister, eye-catching black writing like a knife tingling in the heart of everyone. Local people to identify, confirm and hanged himself Qin Wenlin is the same group of villagers. Qin Wenlin Why would die here The handwriting on the wall he left it What hatred he and Deng family, want the Deng family Daughter and then hanged himself With the police investigation deepens, more and more evidence and memories of the villagers, recover the causes and consequences of the case - Dengzu Mei Qin Wenlin had an affair misfortune. Wife exodus lover broke up the old man may feel resentful Deng, Qin two have had a stable family. Deng Zumei husband last year,air jordan, working in a hydropower station site due to landslides accident death. Since then, the 56-year-old Qin Wenlin and 46-year-old Deng Zumei extramarital affairs. Qin Wenlin's wife Wu Zheng-chun (a pseudonym) husband derailed great pain,ナイキ ジョーダン, no child, but she and Qin Wenlin marital relations is acceptable. Qin Wenlin hooked into the rape and Deng Zumei, Wu Zhengchun, angrily divorce, leaving the mountain village, no one knows where she went. The Deng Zumei children against the mother and Qin Wenlin between, and to that end with the Qin Wenlin quarrel. In desperation, Deng Zumei want to end the relationship with Qin Wenlin as soon as possible. Qin Wenlin said she want to go out to work, and married someone else, and then never come back. Reflect According to the villagers, Qin Wenlin previously cohabiting with more than one woman, have no children. Divorce exodus seeing current wife, lover should leave their own fast 60-year-old Qin Wenlin lamented life without children will eventually be end up Jifeidanda futile, spent the latter half alone. Qin Wenlin had foreign grumble: all this because Deng Zumei original initiative ganging up, causing him a big mistake such consequences,The elderly hair preparation portraits ancestral stunt fear will be lost. "She should not say that I am a 'lonely old'. Several women and I together, have no children, and this is my destiny, but she should not use this to hurt my heart!" Qin Wenlin frustration and anomalous No cause the alert around and Deng Zumei home. On the one hand, this small mountain village is sparsely populated,National Spring Festival Drinking survey most Beijingers fav, a radius of a few kilometers on only four or five families a total of a dozen people. On the other hand, Qin Wenlin has always been the few words unlikely to communicate with people, never regarded the idea of ​​deeply hidden in the bottom of my heart. Qin Wenlin Yang Shan is a neighbor. Yang knew Qin Wenlin and Deng Zumei this matter, also know they in trouble,abercrombie shop, but I did not expect to death in a break point. After the attack back to the house locked gate Xuanliangzijin the police continue to search for evidence relevant to the case. The field survey found that Deng Zumei home after the wall has a capacity of drilling one hole, the hole in the wall vertically a ladder. The police carefully climb the wall surrounding Guaceng traces traces consistent and Qin Wenlin corpses dress. Investigators have judged Qin Wenlin made up his mind to kill Deng Zumei family, advance asked neighbors Yang Shan,The the chef picked officers badges posing Captain cheated p, Please help feed the pigs, is to let the others can be found in a short period of time the matter. Restore the incidence by scene traces and autopsy findings, investigators. On the afternoon of September 21, Qin Wenlin pretend calmly walked Deng Zumei exactly Deng Zumei son Qinkun Ping was not at home. Qin Wenlin greeting families and Deng, suddenly with a sharp knife stabbing Deng Zumei grandson and their daughter-in-law, and its only a year and a half. Caught off guard and stabbed in the crucial three were not enough time to call for help and struggling to killed. Qin Wenlin possession of a good bloody razor to hit home Qinkun Ping rice sidelines. They greeted Qin Wenlin suddenly shot knife stabbed in Qinkun Ping confidants vital homeopathic push meters high soil slope. After Liansha 4, Qin Wenlin back to Deng Zumei home, the Deng family locked the door with a key, and then went around to the back wall, piercing enter the back room, wrote a suicide note on the wall with the charcoal, hanged himself with a rope in the board ladder the top of the rafters on. Remote villages, conflict mediation mechanism needs to be strengthened in recent years, Yichang City to further promote grid management mode, Changyang County has long been the implementation of the mediation mechanism of the disputes in rural areas, has made remarkable achievements, the county's remote Shan civil disputes multiple homicide has been significantly reduced. However, for remote villages hidden deep folk contradictions, how to find and get timely relief, in order to avoid this bloody incident should not have happened, has been a continuing problem lie in front of grassroots organizations at all levels. "9 25" After the murder, the local public security authorities continued in-depth investigation visits, hoping to find more clues hidden in the case behind,グッチ. Party committee and government have continued to carry out the work of advocacy and mobilization of the masses, the grassroots cadres discovery,mulberry outlet, investigation, disposal levels to further improve the contradictions, further defuse edge, and the remote Shan involve the situation changed, the incident caused by the financial disputes, improve mass disposal of contradictions and disputes the idea, to prevent similar cases from happening again. (Original title: Photo: the murderer stabbed lover a four committed suicide after)

Criminals posing as police officers robbed at gunpoint 10 kg

'an District,abercrombie, Shenzhen, using the same technique to rob a vehicle and grabbed the car contained some CPU2000,The mother is to raise gambling money with the 19-year-old d. After Cenmou Li with fellow taxi transport stolen goods Zhou, after 20,グッチ 財布,000 yuan to Zhou as a reward, and to use their bank cards to transfer funds after the sale of stolen goods 25 million. February 14, 2009,abercrombie shop, the Shenzhen police informed Cen a home may abscond immediately rushed to jiayu. 9 o'clock that night,グッチ バッグ, in Jiayu police led police in xinjiezhen new farm village Cen captured and seized two ball guns, 50 bullets,14-year-old son, the Internet is not owned by the father of late-night police af, and the seizure of a bank card there are more than 10 million stolen money and a Cen The use of the stolen money to buy a car. The Tu Shen,mulberry outlet, Cen a pair confessed to the crime,ナイキ ジョーダン. 10 o'clock that night, the suspect Zhou in Panjia bay Xiaojia Zhou Village was arrested,mulberry. At the same time, the suspect named Mao also arrested in Shenzhen. According to reports, after the incident,グッチ, Cen a divided into more than 100 million in stolen money,hollister, but the gambling nature,Old rapist when the grain Secretary continued the first inst,hogan, he soon lost seven or eight hundred thousand in Shenzhen. Currently, suspects Cen a, Zhou has XingJu the case has been transferred to the Shenzhen police hearing.