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Into the sea, officials said Procuratorate charged to suppor

's Office 'hidden rules', our unit to pay 10 yuan as support funding for casework, did not meet their requirements." He took out Procuratorate issued receipt. The Guosheng several appeal, but upheld. Early last month, the High Court issued retrial written decision that the case was "unclear facts, insufficient evidence", the requirements of the local court for retrial. Behind all of this, what is it Resign and go into the incidents three years after indicted jailed nearly 60-year-old Zhang Guosheng, has been the case since 2006, the court convicted rushing. February 16th,ナイキ ジョーダン, 2000 to 2003, 14, 2010,mulberry, Guosheng any Luohe Highway Transportation Management Director. During this period, according to the relevant documents of the Provincial Communications Department and the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau in cooperation entrustment by the Local Taxation Bureau of Luohe City, the management issued a the Henan road freight invoices, commonly known as "round ticket, truck drivers do not then the tax department ext. "In fact, this work of my predecessor, and he served, have been going on in my tenure, however, something went wrong." Guosheng said. Accident cause Henan Hongda Electrical Co., Ltd. with,hollister. This company does not have a law-abiding business circle under the ticket point falsifying cargo transportation invoice 117 Guosheng during his tenure from Luohe Highway Transport Management Department, and more than 300,グッチ,000 yuan with the invoice deductions VAT to state taxes losses. In 2005, the relevant person in charge of the company is controlled, then are sentenced. This also allows Guosheng implicated: the resignation of the sea in 2003, he, in 2006, by Luohe Shaoling District Procuratorate indictment - v. Guosheng abuse of power. The parties said the prosecution traced to a disinclination to take the money "filial piety" Procuratorate May 2008,グッチ, Luohe Shaoling District People's Court found the prosecutor accused guilty of First Instance sentenced Zhang Guosheng crime of abuse of power, but committed a minor crime, exempted from criminal punishment. As Guide does not recognize the verdict of the court. 3 appeal, the the Luohe court eventually found him guilty. He said: "Although I was the Director, we are cooperation with the Inland Revenue Department, what documents have, in addition to the units required to pick up one percent of the fee, the individual does not have a penny benefits, he was sentenced . "he said,mulberry outlet, they circle ticket management is very strict procedures are complete truck drivers, they can be invoiced bills out no responsibility to be investigated for the purpose, that is how to use the things of the tax department. Let him feel wronged as well, which is co-operation and the tax department,バーバリー 財布, tax department a no sentencing own hands this year Managers round votes in the general staff of the points, as well as concentrating on it The director can also not been Procuratorate prosecuted stands to reason that the tax department and the handling of their own men should be prosecuted. "which in his opinion, very deep. "Why, that is because I do not want to be 'hidden rules',バーバリー, do not want to take money to 'honor' District Procuratorate, they punish me," he said, this is not smite evidence. During the investigation of a receipt Procuratorate receive support funding for casework ten million Guosheng said that the evidence is a receipt. Henan Business Daily reporter saw this of Henan Province unified financial payment receipt, clearly written, today received (Luohe) cross-city transportation services company to support funding for casework ten million, Payee Luohe Shaoling District Prosecutor's Office, the date of November 23, 2006, and the financial seal stamped with the procuratorate. Guosheng said city transportation services company is a subsidiary of their original units. He explained on this receipt, to sue HTC company in Luohe Shaoling District Prosecutor's Office, the court that the company responsible for the guilt, the District Prosecutor's Office went to their units,abercrombie. He said that the District Prosecutor's Office investigation unit, identified units in management issues, "requires the unit to take the money, final consultation to $ 10 million, but the procuratorate or sued. Procuratorate charges date happens to be the District Prosecutor's Office investigation shipped Management Office and Guosheng period. These fees received to do Guosheng time Shaoling District Prosecutor's Office to build a new office building, a lack of funds, only this strategy,air jordan. Today, the District Prosecutor's Office Building was built office building area of ​​6,air ジョーダン,600 square meters, about 50 employees in preparing. Who participated in the 10 yuan of money Procuratorate people to Yunguan Chu investigation, negotiation Procuratorate asked to take several hundred thousand dollars, units unable to District Prosecutor's decision-making process of an insider told reporters, to only $ 10 million . As for why the money's Procuratorate, the insider said, I heard that they want to cover the building, some large enterprises in the district money. The Procuratorate respond to support funding for casework receipt Forfeiture black and white all exposed to sunlight. Henan Business Daily reporter rushed Luohe Shaoling District Procuratorate on November 8 confirmation. See the receipt of a person in charge of the Procuratorate Anti-ditch Bureau, said: "This receipt should be out here, but when in 2006, I have yet to either, so this thing is not very clear." Subsequently, the reporter questioned the person in charge to the the district procuratorate political department in charge of propaganda, the official said, her understanding of the situation, these fees and charges this confiscation of gold. But then the Procuratorate is investigating Yunguan Chu, the case is not yet the end of charge during this period, regardless of funding for casework "or" the confiscated gold ", is appropriate "Confiscated gold written support funding for casework are appropriate The responsible person, the specific circumstances have to ask for instructions leadership after complete answer is given, and the reporter brought a receipt copy. At 17:00 on the 9th, the Henan Business Daily reporter received the reply of the of Luohe City Shaoling District Prosecutor's Office. Reply Procuratorate investigators found upon Guosheng abuse of power case, the Luohe City Yunguan Chu subordinate transportation services company to carry out the illegal round ticket business fees charged to round votes 10 million for ill-gotten gains,アバクロ, as required by law should be turned over to the Treasury, the investigators of this section on November 23, 2006 confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. Attached invoices indicated XinFangJian support funding for casework, "originally written" confiscation cases shall, the Luohe transportation services company leadership is afraid of matters such as the year-end assessment of the affected unit, asked not to write " confiscation of the section of the case ", so its re-issuance of the receipt of support funding for casework. Now the original issuance of the original copy of the receipt for the confiscation cases shall retrieval with volume. Latest progress of Luohe in the hospital to start the retrial procedure for this interpretation, when to host the matter head of confirmation Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Sui Jixiang and Ta Heshi Yunguan Chu, responsible person, time is too long, and he can not remember, should receipt prevail. He also said that they do not know the Procuratorate charges nominal, and do not know how Procuratorate will Forfeiture written support funding for casework support funding for casework Chief of Finance is also handling the matter, said the receipt is what is what, the Procuratorate go of this case, their units how to precondition The latest progress of the case: Provincial High Court ruled that a retrial after the Luohe City Intermediate People's Court has been launched retrial procedure.</p>

The 87-year-old martyrs wake 35 years (Figure) news

'm here to spend time with them,ジョーダン, very good,hollister." Korea save sunburn. Memorial no running water,アバクロ, daily Korea kept blanch will slowly through the steps, under the slopes of the ditch to mention water, age,air jordan, after all, big,abercrombie, and HAN Cun mentioning finished water blanch some breath,mulberry outlet. In a small room,バーバリー, HAN Cun sunburn prepare a crutch. "After all,ナイキ ジョーダン, is not young,ナイキ ジョーダン, up and down stairs sometimes need to" Memorial Hall is very clean,ジョーダン, the martyrs souls neatly arranged Korea kept the blanch watching Ling bit when eyes kind of sense of things. Han Cun sunburn told reporters that he is to take the Memorial Hall made neat,mulberry, so the rest of the martyrs,グッチ 財布.