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Into the sea, officials said Procuratorate charged to suppor

's Office 'hidden rules', our unit to pay 10 yuan as support funding for casework, did not meet their requirements." He took out Procuratorate issued receipt. The Guosheng several appeal, but upheld. Early last month, the High Court issued retrial written decision that the case was "unclear facts, insufficient evidence", the requirements of the local court for retrial. Behind all of this, what is it Resign and go into the incidents three years after indicted jailed nearly 60-year-old Zhang Guosheng, has been the case since 2006, the court convicted rushing. February 16th,ナイキ ジョーダン, 2000 to 2003, 14, 2010,mulberry, Guosheng any Luohe Highway Transportation Management Director. During this period, according to the relevant documents of the Provincial Communications Department and the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau in cooperation entrustment by the Local Taxation Bureau of Luohe City, the management issued a the Henan road freight invoices, commonly known as "round ticket, truck drivers do not then the tax department ext. "In fact, this work of my predecessor, and he served, have been going on in my tenure, however, something went wrong." Guosheng said. Accident cause Henan Hongda Electrical Co., Ltd. with,hollister. This company does not have a law-abiding business circle under the ticket point falsifying cargo transportation invoice 117 Guosheng during his tenure from Luohe Highway Transport Management Department, and more than 300,グッチ,000 yuan with the invoice deductions VAT to state taxes losses. In 2005, the relevant person in charge of the company is controlled, then are sentenced. This also allows Guosheng implicated: the resignation of the sea in 2003, he, in 2006, by Luohe Shaoling District Procuratorate indictment - v. Guosheng abuse of power. The parties said the prosecution traced to a disinclination to take the money "filial piety" Procuratorate May 2008,グッチ, Luohe Shaoling District People's Court found the prosecutor accused guilty of First Instance sentenced Zhang Guosheng crime of abuse of power, but committed a minor crime, exempted from criminal punishment. As Guide does not recognize the verdict of the court. 3 appeal, the the Luohe court eventually found him guilty. He said: "Although I was the Director, we are cooperation with the Inland Revenue Department, what documents have, in addition to the units required to pick up one percent of the fee, the individual does not have a penny benefits, he was sentenced . "he said,mulberry outlet, they circle ticket management is very strict procedures are complete truck drivers, they can be invoiced bills out no responsibility to be investigated for the purpose, that is how to use the things of the tax department. Let him feel wronged as well, which is co-operation and the tax department,バーバリー 財布, tax department a no sentencing own hands this year Managers round votes in the general staff of the points, as well as concentrating on it The director can also not been Procuratorate prosecuted stands to reason that the tax department and the handling of their own men should be prosecuted. "which in his opinion, very deep. "Why, that is because I do not want to be 'hidden rules',バーバリー, do not want to take money to 'honor' District Procuratorate, they punish me," he said, this is not smite evidence. During the investigation of a receipt Procuratorate receive support funding for casework ten million Guosheng said that the evidence is a receipt. Henan Business Daily reporter saw this of Henan Province unified financial payment receipt, clearly written, today received (Luohe) cross-city transportation services company to support funding for casework ten million, Payee Luohe Shaoling District Prosecutor's Office, the date of November 23, 2006, and the financial seal stamped with the procuratorate. Guosheng said city transportation services company is a subsidiary of their original units. He explained on this receipt, to sue HTC company in Luohe Shaoling District Prosecutor's Office, the court that the company responsible for the guilt, the District Prosecutor's Office went to their units,abercrombie. He said that the District Prosecutor's Office investigation unit, identified units in management issues, "requires the unit to take the money, final consultation to $ 10 million, but the procuratorate or sued. Procuratorate charges date happens to be the District Prosecutor's Office investigation shipped Management Office and Guosheng period. These fees received to do Guosheng time Shaoling District Prosecutor's Office to build a new office building, a lack of funds, only this strategy,air jordan. Today, the District Prosecutor's Office Building was built office building area of ​​6,air ジョーダン,600 square meters, about 50 employees in preparing. Who participated in the 10 yuan of money Procuratorate people to Yunguan Chu investigation, negotiation Procuratorate asked to take several hundred thousand dollars, units unable to District Prosecutor's decision-making process of an insider told reporters, to only $ 10 million . As for why the money's Procuratorate, the insider said, I heard that they want to cover the building, some large enterprises in the district money. The Procuratorate respond to support funding for casework receipt Forfeiture black and white all exposed to sunlight. Henan Business Daily reporter rushed Luohe Shaoling District Procuratorate on November 8 confirmation. See the receipt of a person in charge of the Procuratorate Anti-ditch Bureau, said: "This receipt should be out here, but when in 2006, I have yet to either, so this thing is not very clear." Subsequently, the reporter questioned the person in charge to the the district procuratorate political department in charge of propaganda, the official said, her understanding of the situation, these fees and charges this confiscation of gold. But then the Procuratorate is investigating Yunguan Chu, the case is not yet the end of charge during this period, regardless of funding for casework "or" the confiscated gold ", is appropriate "Confiscated gold written support funding for casework are appropriate The responsible person, the specific circumstances have to ask for instructions leadership after complete answer is given, and the reporter brought a receipt copy. At 17:00 on the 9th, the Henan Business Daily reporter received the reply of the of Luohe City Shaoling District Prosecutor's Office. Reply Procuratorate investigators found upon Guosheng abuse of power case, the Luohe City Yunguan Chu subordinate transportation services company to carry out the illegal round ticket business fees charged to round votes 10 million for ill-gotten gains,アバクロ, as required by law should be turned over to the Treasury, the investigators of this section on November 23, 2006 confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. Attached invoices indicated XinFangJian support funding for casework, "originally written" confiscation cases shall, the Luohe transportation services company leadership is afraid of matters such as the year-end assessment of the affected unit, asked not to write " confiscation of the section of the case ", so its re-issuance of the receipt of support funding for casework. Now the original issuance of the original copy of the receipt for the confiscation cases shall retrieval with volume. Latest progress of Luohe in the hospital to start the retrial procedure for this interpretation, when to host the matter head of confirmation Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Sui Jixiang and Ta Heshi Yunguan Chu, responsible person, time is too long, and he can not remember, should receipt prevail. He also said that they do not know the Procuratorate charges nominal, and do not know how Procuratorate will Forfeiture written support funding for casework support funding for casework Chief of Finance is also handling the matter, said the receipt is what is what, the Procuratorate go of this case, their units how to precondition The latest progress of the case: Provincial High Court ruled that a retrial after the Luohe City Intermediate People's Court has been launched retrial procedure.</p>

The 87-year-old martyrs wake 35 years (Figure) news

'm here to spend time with them,ジョーダン, very good,hollister." Korea save sunburn. Memorial no running water,アバクロ, daily Korea kept blanch will slowly through the steps, under the slopes of the ditch to mention water, age,air jordan, after all, big,abercrombie, and HAN Cun mentioning finished water blanch some breath,mulberry outlet. In a small room,バーバリー, HAN Cun sunburn prepare a crutch. "After all,ナイキ ジョーダン, is not young,ナイキ ジョーダン, up and down stairs sometimes need to" Memorial Hall is very clean,ジョーダン, the martyrs souls neatly arranged Korea kept the blanch watching Ling bit when eyes kind of sense of things. Han Cun sunburn told reporters that he is to take the Memorial Hall made neat,mulberry, so the rest of the martyrs,グッチ 財布.

The three junior high school students drink the same by a mo

Nanfang Daily News (Reporter / Sheng is quite correspondent / Ding Xiaotong) reporter learned yesterday from the Public Security Bureau of Foshan Sanshui in the early morning of the 7th, Sanshui District occurred together involved in road traffic accidents in the death of students, resulting in 3 students dead 2 injured. Day morning, Pan × (male, 15 years old, of a secondary grade students) × Korea (female, 16 years old), Xian × Po (Female,air ジョーダン, 15 years old,abercrombie, they are another secondary grade students) in a bar drink a lot of beer,ヴィトン, by the Pan driving a number plate mopeds equipped Chen Xian two (no safety helmet) Fu route north to south along the southwest street driving,hollister, Pan did not obtain a motorcycle driver qualifications,グッチ. About 1:43,ルイヴィトン, when the line to the front of the Bank of sections 3 people riding motorcycles Wang × (male, 27 years old,air jordan, Fujian Province, people) Guangdong the E Haopai car driving collision. Accident caused and Chen × Korea died on the spot,hollister outlet, Pan × China, Xian × Po injured. After the accident,アバクロ, the driver of the vehicle Pan × Hua,ヴィトン 財布, Wang × abandoned the vehicle and escape,hollister outlet. Currently, the two have been the Police Department seized and brought to justice,グッチ 財布.

College students swimming allegedly as a result of the extre

's freshman year in Jinan pony (a pseudonym) about two students one came to the inkstone is located near the school swimming, pony and companion swam first north shore to the south bank. Rest after sitting on the south bank of the shore,グッチ, pony cried companion with swim back to the starting point again. 12:50, when the pony swim to sink into the water, there are 10 meters away from the north shore and only 22 years old, he left this world forever ...... reporter Wang Di 12:50 accident sink before did not struggle and call for help at noon yesterday, the pony about students to school in Jinan Kobayashi (a pseudonym) and Jill (a pseudonym) to a school near inkstone swimming. Three of the game first the north shore of the pond to swim to the South Bank, to reach the end,hollister, three for a rest on the rocks again jumped into the water to swim back to the starting point. The pony of two students in front swim, pony followed. There are 10 meters away from the north shore,hollister outlet, Kobayashi backward-looking one, immediately migratory Youxiang go, because he saw the pony is a little bit to sink. But sinking before the colt did not struggle to even cry "help" did not cry out. Kobayashi and Jill immediately swam to pony sinking direction, but when they swim to the pony in front, but he is no consciousness, they want to pull him ashore, but ultimately failed to succeed. The two ashore immediately took out his cell phone to call the police, they got off the phone in Yanchi around everywhere to find someone to rescue pony,グッチ バッグ, Kobayashi looked at my watch was 12:55, this time almost nobody inkstone swimming. 12:58-13:30 rescue setback to professional divers help 12:58 patrolling nearby Lixia Patrol Squadron patrolmen they rushed to the scene,air ジョーダン, and after a few minutes 120 emergency vehicles to drive over, around them did not swim tools to rescue a certain degree of difficulty,ジョーダン. Is when they encountered a middle-aged man to swim the patrolman asked if he can help with looking for the pony. Man learns what has happened, and immediately take their own swimming tools,ヴィトン, Kobayashi told the specific location of the incident by the pony, inform the pony sinking swam. "He had to swim to there first with the pedal tread water, be Cece water depth, and then he a Mengzi dive into the water,アバクロ, probably more than 30 seconds later, he surfaced, then the bar down,hollister outlet, back and forth complex several times, eventually he swam back to tell us his dive to 5 meters deep, but underwater dense mass of an anything not see,hollister. "Patrol Wang Qingguo said. Then the man told patrolmen pony sinking deep water, need help divers to find him. Around 13:30 yesterday, reporters came to the scene, when the pony school leaders have rushed to the scene, in charge of student work, the seedlings teacher said "immediately contact professional divers to salvage their children,abercrombie." 16:12 divers find small after the horse he was buried 6 meters underwater silt yesterday around 15:30, in Jinan a diving club professional divers rushed to the scene, a simple inspection of the surrounding environment, the the two equipped diving tool will let Kobayashi refers give them pony accident took place, the two first inflatable hydroplaning fixed location pony sinking, and then together they dive to start the search. 40 seconds after the two surfaced, the inflatable Shuipiao Removing and swim back to shore with. One of the divers told patrol, "people have been found, but the body was buried in the mud at a depth of 6 m we have the rope comes in with him, we pulled the rope on the shore will he pulled ashore. 16:12, patrolmen and 120 emergency personnel with small Mara on the shore. Unfortunately pony has never stopped breathing. "This child is pitiful, this year has just gone on the freshman family in Heze, school leaders will notify the family, they are rushing to Jinan on the road." Patrol Gujian Ren told reporters. After the the pony body was salvaged, many onlookers guessing pony drowning the reason may be because of the extremely weak, because the pool from south to north about 200 meters. Currently, pony cause of death is still under further investigation,ナイキ ジョーダン.

Man falling 11 to 76-year-old man injured downstairs news

's legs agile, holding a child to escape the old people were injured. The falling man died on the spot. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation. Elderly: is talking to the shadows fall "old man, are you okay you can not have something ah!" Yesterday 11:30 Xu, the Tiexi District Guangming Village area, a silver-haired aunt cried,ヴィトン 財布, The aunt's husband poured a middle-aged man lying on the ground beside him, face toward the ground, head bloody. Hole in the floor, a woman edge tears while comforting arms of children. Fell to the ground elderly surnamed white, 76 years old, a few minutes ago,ヴィトン, he was carrying a child, the neighbors in the corridor floor mouth to speak,グッチ 財布, "whoosh" sound, a shadow fell from the sky down,ナイキ ジョーダン, he subconsciously a hide, or smashed to The right half of the body, hat,グッチ バッグ, walking stick are smashed, right leg smashed swollen. "Half a day no pressure of cross God, now I know heaven is personal." White uncle said. Neighbors: just take to smoke and he jumped out, "Brother, are you hanging so take things too hard " One middle-aged man holding a pack of cigarettes, rushed down the corridor. The man, surnamed Li,hollister outlet, the 11th floor of this building tenants, and witnessed the whole process of jumping man. Lee recalled, 11:20 Xu, a middle-aged man sitting in the windows on the 11th floor, slowly Taiwan, one foot in one foot out the window in the window. Lee immediately ran to seize each other's feet, to persuade them to down. The other said, he was just a little bored, want to smoke,hollister, He hurries home to take smoke, I heard a man called, saying, "You never see me ......" Lee immediately rushed out He lost, "I said buddy you smoke, this man was rushed, I waved, suddenly jumped down" Mr. Lee shook his head and said, "a step backward, I will be able to catch him." Friends: many wanted to commit suicide 20 minutes after the deceased's son rushed to the scene,ジョーダン, to see his father down in a pool of blood, the son of his knees. "Still alive and well in the morning, you take things too hard,hollister, why so!" Said the son with tears, his living and his father, at 0900, the father said to go out and stroll, I did not expect such a thing. Before the father jumped to give him a call, that is, the phrase "you never see me again ..." a friend of the deceased lived in the incident to the third floor, he revealed that the deceased 48-year-old,グッチ, more than a year no previous work has been at home depressed, "has repeatedly considered suicide, but relatives have been found to stop the" Lawyer: injured or need to prosecute claims "the old man such a great age, trauma down nothing big, we wanted to internal injuries to check to check, do not know who to turn to. "his wife said with tears,ルイヴィトン. The Liaoning winds law firm Mahi Figure party jumping with mental illness, white uncle can find the man's legal guardian claims; parties spirit, white uncle to find out what is the reason of the parties jumped to find reason to claim the events. Second case difficult to obtain evidence and claims, the injured person can find the family of the deceased consultation or prosecution to the court for help,abercrombie. "Ma said the lawyer. Reporter Chen Hao intern high crane

Savers deposits was stolen the sued banks Court judgment now

's Court, the case will be arraigned in the near future,アバクロ. May 24, 2001, Tin Par Xuanwei City coal mines ready to buy a Honda car from Guangxi, matter handed over the Tin Par coal mine union Xuanwei City Vice Chairman Li Yougang to the office, on a good price, the other proposed verification. Li Yougang go to the Finance Section for borrowing formalities Finance Section staff to a bank Xuanwei City Branch Tianba place of business (hereinafter referred to as Sherwin Branch), deposited in the name of Liyou Gang of 36 million, and real names The Li Yougang apply for a debit card, run after the card to Li Yougang. Before,, Li Yougang and Guangxi businesses in the cold number-crunching on a good phone. Before departure experience what funds, Li Yougang debit card for verification and prepared. The first use of a bank card, Li Yougang not very familiar with him to the counter to advice, learned to "just tell the other account and password, you can check deposits, but the card you want to save the reply. So, standing in front of the bank, Li Yougang card number and password are told "selling cars side. 26, Li Yougang query the amount was surprised to find that,air jordan, 23,abercrombie shop.7 million yuan in cash was missing. Liyou Gang alarm that night, with police and bank staff to Li Yougang home the extracted a debit card, the card is really Tianba operating to Li Yougang issued Tianba business recognized. Xuanwei City Public Security Bureau investigation confirmed, Li Yougang deposits on May 25,ナイキ ジョーダン, 2011 from 3 pm to 5:00 p.m. and on the 26th, to be called the fake card of the the the "Li Youjiang person consistent with the Li Yougang the original card, the card number and password Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, more than the savings bank and automated teller machines 8 times removed 23.7 million yuan. First Instance found: the Liyou Gang bear 60% of the real suspects who is The case is not cracked, is still a mystery. Sherwin Police went to Zhangzhou harvest is cleared of the Li Yougang innocence. Subsequently,グッチ 財布, Li Yougang the bank sued the court to require banks to make up the difference on his debit card. In November 2001, Xuanwei City Court found Li Yougang the password, card number to others, is the main reason for that paragraph is taken away by others, Li Yougang bear the primary responsibility, that is, 60% of the losses. Audit lax banks withdraw subsection, bear secondary responsibility, that is,hollister outlet, 40% of economic losses. After service of the judgment of first instance, banks and Li Yougang the judgment pleaded to Qujing City Court appeal. Of Final verdict: Li Yougang does not bear responsibility for The Li Yougang the grounds of appeal, he had been saying "as long as you save a good card, the card number and password can tell others", bank staff told imposters "Li Youjiang word with own name does not match, the banks lax review; password is just a measure of protection of the safety of deposits, not withdrawals only requirement to leave a card, the password would be meaningless,air ジョーダン. The bank said the case of direct losses due to crime due to the direct reason is leaking passwords and card numbers, Li Yougang misconduct lead to criminal behavior to succeed, the industry standard for five million cardholders do not require the production and review of identity card. The Court of First Instance that the bank liable for breach Inappropriate. Qujing City Intermediate People's Court after hearing that: of Li Yougang banks saving relationship was established. Li Yougang bears safekeeping debit card obligations, the obligations of banks to bear the financial security, the bank not the burden of proof to confirm the withdrawal shall be informed that the password of the person, and legitimate real card in the hands of Li Yougang Li Yougang leaked card number and password behavior The amounts stolen not necessarily a direct causal relationship between the. Both provisions do not need to produce relevant documents following the withdrawal of 50,000 yuan, and the responsibility should be borne by the bank ATM machine does not recognize the true and false card risk. Accordingly, in August 2002, Qujing City Intermediate People's Court revoked the verdict, decree assume full responsibility for the loss of funds by the bank. After two trials of Final Appeal, Li Yougang favor. Remand: Li Yougang bear 40% of the lawsuits Although the win, but the obligation to pay the bank delay to satisfy the judgment, Li Yougang seeking to enforce. , Etc,ジョーダン., but a piece of paper to Qujing City Court ruled on in Li Yougang full of want to wait for the results, said the case submitted to the judicial committee for discussion and decision, decided the case retrial retrial during the termination of the execution of the original judgment. Different, the court added a bank Zhangzhou Branch (hereinafter referred to Zhangzhou Branch) for the defendant,abercrombie. Of Li Yougang and Sherwin subbranch stick to their point of view. Zhangzhou Branch said, between sub-branches and the Sherwin agency relationship of any legal relationship and Li Yougang free, should not be a case of common litigants, nor shall be jointly and severally liable for that matter. October 2003, Xuanwei City Court judgment that according to the relevant provisions of the debit card, debit card transactions should have two conditions of the card and the password is illegal to use fake card transactions, Li Yougang leaked card number and a causal relationship between the results of the password for the behavior of their deposits impersonator, Li Yougang behavior has some fault should be held accountable. Zhangzhou Branch did not press regulations, the fault and the degree of fault, should bear the primary responsibility, because the of Zhangzhou Branch Sherwin subbranch Department agent relationship, the agent behavior consequences borne by Sherwin sub-branches. At this point, the the verdict first instance verdict to a 180-degree turn, by Li Yougang bear 40% responsibility, Sherwin sub-branches bear 60%. Again appeal: to maintain the first-instance judgment such as the verdicts, Li Yougang and Xuanwei subbranch appealed his conviction, respectively appeal to Qujing City Intermediate People's Court. Li Yougang insist that this is with the infringement complaint, there must be a direct causal relationship between behavior and consequences of infringement, there is no causal relationship, and that they should not bear the responsibility. As appellee Zhangzhou Branch acknowledged the responsibility of the bank side beneath investigation. June 1, 2004, Qujing City Court verdict: After a lot of argument, the court of first instance the facts are clear, the applicable law is correct, then dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict. Lawyers say: be scammers banks are not savers Li Yougang almost dizzy,ヴィトン 財布, this has been in favor of the lawsuit, the recurrence of such a large setbacks. Wanted the lawsuit the end of a quiet life, this time, is bound to be calm can not,hollister. He refused to accept the been struggling complaint. Later, he found that the Antarctic LLP Executive Director Lu Xiang lawyer. Lu lawyers carefully review the dossier, the Li Yougang very special case, there may be an error in the judgment of the first instance. Robert wrote several pages long complaint form to the Provincial High Court. He believes that the case is a high-tech crime card was cloned, verification, Li Yougang tell each other the behavior of the card number and password is not the direct cause of the amounts stolen. For safety reasons, the depositors to deposit money into the bank, At this time, the ownership and use of the funds on a temporary transfer to the bank,hollister outlet, the bank can be used to carry out a variety of financial activities. Between the bank and the depositor is not a simple deposit escrow relationship, but to take out the money until the depositors, the ownership and use of the proceeds of ownership was once again belongs to depositors. "Criminal Law" point of view, the crime in this case belongs to the "credit card fraud", but by fraudsters is not Li Yougang but banks, fraud money belonging to the bank and not to Li Yougang. The Li Yougang should not bear the loss for the bank, the bank is obligated gave him the money belonging to the Li Yougang. Lu lawyers said, the High Court has ruled that the arraignment the case. Reporter the Hongyang intern Bowen Ting (City Times)

After the murder of the two men to escape security coordinat

'clock in the morning, then, someone saw the two men and the young men had a dispute in the lane, and soon, the young men in the chest knife fell to the ground, the two men ran out of the alley Square direction to Han to escape. Security coordinators and all the way to track the 55-year-old Zhang Xihua is a security coordinators strict home community, the time of the incident, Mr. Chang is community policing duty. Heard someone outside quarrel fight, Mr. Chang quickly ran out, I saw two men in the young men on the ground, Mr. Chang shouted: "engage in what things " Two men surprised a moment of God,hollister outlet, hurriedly got up and ran to the mouth of the alley . Mr. Chang is a closer look: young men chest stuck a knife, the blood has soaked the shirt. "Oh, murder,アバクロ!" Zhang took out his mobile side of the alarm, side chasing the alley, two assailants wearing a white coat, wearing a black jacket, and split up after they ran out of the alley to escape. Zhang keep up with a man wearing a white coat. The white man is very alert, running while he turned to look backwards. Mr. Chang to maintain contact by phone with the police, a short track near-Earth white male,air jordan, for fear of the white male found Mr. Chang will own white sports coat off in your hand. Assailants boarded the taxi wardens rushed forward to block the door 8:30 Xu, the white man left wearing turn right, went to a public park near Zhongshan Avenue plot celebrate community surrounding this case, Mr. Chang nearly all the way to track two kilometers. Mr. Chang also rushed to the Community Policing Jiqing called and required to send anyone to reinforcements. At this point, the white male looking around a while, suddenly coursed through Zhongshan Avenue, stopped a taxi and quickly got into the car. Seeing the car is about to start, without further ado, Mr. Chang a stride rushed to the taxi before the outstretched hands of the taxi stopped. He shouted to the driver: "This man killed a man, and not let him get away!" Quickly get off the taxi driver,グッチ バッグ. White men and tried to open the door, Mr. Chang struggling tightly blocked the door. The Jiqing community security coordinators came, we work together to the white man was captured and sent Jiqing Community Policing. Lao Zhang worried that the white man has a knife, and afterwards, they search found no knife: white man. Soon, the police also driven over, the assailant taken to the police station. Residents blown away by the justice coordinators Yesterday, the reporter Yan Qing Community interview, community residents filed Zhang Xihua have admired so much,air ジョーダン. 55-year-old Zhang, engaged in law and order in co-management work for years, Mr. Chang currently lives in Wuchang, but he is very responsible work early every day to go to work on the hillock, on patrol in the community, yesterday, Mr,ヴィトン. Chang captured a murderer to the police station to report to the police after tracking assailants, and then quickly return to the community over duty. Upon returning to the community, Mr. Chang was mobbed residents. The residents of a community: Community Square next to the Han to the native population, the security situation is more complex, thanks to the Lao Zhang's coordinators, everyone was assured,hollister outlet. It is understood that the deceased near the Longtan baths kotelshchik, surnamed Chen, Ezhou,ジョーダン, only 20 years old this year. Yesterday, the reporter went to the the Longtan baths understand the situation. According to to bathing an employee: 8 o'clock yesterday morning,abercrombie, the two assailants came to the beach within the work of Chen called out. Colleagues thought acquaintances to find something Chen did not care,hollister, did not expect that after a few minutes, someone went to the beach said Chen accident. According to nearby residents, said: Chen in the knife,abercrombie shop, a switchblade also inserted in the chest, Chen yourself pulling the knife out. In order to save the baths manager anxious running to the nearby hospital rescue a cab,ルイヴィトン, injuries, Chen still died. At present, the police are chasing caught another assailant, murder reason police are investigating.

4 robbers stole 100,000 yuan 72 self-service banking Chamber

's brother,グッチ バッグ. Two grateful loneliness police quickly solve the case,air jordan, could not thank even said "I did not expect,air ジョーダン. Urban Criminal Investigation Corps deputy captain Ma Xi early yesterday,abercrombie france, said that the Spring Festival approaching,abercrombie, many people will access the large amounts of cash,abercrombie, in the access process to enhance preventive measures,hollister outlet, if the fear of insecurity,ジョーダン, to the police for help,hollister.

The Anhui police for the rescue of Shanghai ALICE expense of

's parents sent him elaborate CD-ROM" hero footprints - Zhang Ninghai martyrs anniversary of. When the recorded the Zhang Ninghai deeds picture scenes presented in the father, Pei-Lun Chang, and mother Zhao Caiqin immediate, they went through could not help but shed tears. Before this interview, we hesitated, afraid to evoke the inner pain of Zhang Ninghai parents,hollister. When we say these ideas out, Pei-Lun Chang tears, voice, choking back tears, replied: "No, no, no, you have to well, I very much welcome,abercrombie, we also think of Ninghai, we are concerned about." Parents Memories others would not think he can think of,oakley, "Pei-Lun Chang couple endured grief, talk to us a of Zhang Ninghai lifetime behind many memories. "This child is too pleasant pain, I two old, the others would not think he can think of. The Zhang Ninghai alive to the parents to buy a mobile phone, buy a bracelet, regularly monthly 600 yuan passbook remitted to the mother, until October of this year,グッチ 財布, the wage card balance to stop. Pei-Lun Chang told us about him and his son to see one last scene. Pei-Lun Chang and a leading travel passing Huangshan, the way to see his son. The father call Ninghai leave, Ninghai said the Azeri little too busy with work, so much left back a small package. The passing of Huangshan, spade and also a child talk. Father in a hotel waiting for him down the mountain to meet and lunch preparation and son. The noon the Ninghai work is not busy working, they had to go to seek them. 12:00 rushed to the police station of the hot springs, the son carrying his mug and lunch boxes are ready to eat. The superstructure of two small pieces of meat and a few pieces of cauliflower rice, boiled water mug Sheng. Asked his son why did they not down to dine together. The son said: "where too busy on duty I just finished a few things really could not get away." Trip to Huangshan,hollister outlet, Ninghai the director has arranged to solve the ticket problem, but, when my father later learned, the ticket and the cableway tickets are Ninghai his own pocket to buy. One more thing, it is admirable. Zhang Ninghai, as the Huangshan Scenic Hot Springs police station Clerks, actually never washed Spa. Rescued donkey became Chang new children "Zhang Ninghai sacrifice, surrounded by the words and deeds of rescued 18 ALICE once hide Dingfei, not worth a lot of people on behalf of the hero. I am pleased that 18 college students were rescued, has become new children in Zhangjiashan, and they called Pei-Lun Chang "Daddy", called "Mama" shouted Zhao Caiqin,air jordan. Zhang, we saw eighteen college students wrote the letters of the father and mother. Pei-Lun Chang couple we have always show, which one is the first letter, which a collective to the content write what, all I remember very clearly,abercrombie. Write the first letter of their promises, St. frequent letter greeting comfortable and Liao Ching Ching. It comes to them, Zhao Caiqin dragged out of a large cardboard box from the back room, foot bath is comfortable and Liao Ching Ching young couple just sent to them. Pei-Lun Chang open the phone to see us comfortable, Jenny sent a text message: "Dear Mom and Dad, at home it recently Getting cold now, for you to buy a foot bath in winter bubble feet does a body good, direct delivery over, you note that check, oh, and if not,abercrombie, can be troublesome colleague received your careful body Oh, Jenny,air ジョーダン, comfortable time :11-12-03 09:30 Pei-Lun Chang spoke pulls out and restore their SMS to us: "Jenny, comfortable, just look at the information, I would like to thank you for your concern, do not resent something later, your piece of my heart is the greatest comfort,ジョーダン, sending information to make a phone call is better than anything else." reporter's notes You're not alone dashing handsome, smart, studious, dedication, sensible filial Zhang Ninghai leave to White sent black couple brought grief is unimaginable. During the interview, Ninghai uncle and aunt came to Ninghai flowers, neighbors the Xu Jinglei lookin tears, always stay to the end of the interview. The whole morning, reporters and the Zhang Ninghai relatives as in mourning,アバクロ. Hard to imagine a long year, Pei-Lun Chang couple how to survive it. Chang 18 "children" Son of Man, no matter how busy work can take a few hours,abercrombie france, to your father, mother make a phone call or winding SMS. Please be assured that your greeting is a panacea to heal the parents trauma; calling your bang is a continuation of my parents life magic. After the end of the interview, several reporters and friends and Pei-Lun Chang family posed for pictures. Pei-Lun Chang couples feel not alone, hundreds of thousands of people worried about the Ninghai, more absolutely thousands people you shared with the sadness in the whole of China. May you wipe away the tears no longer sad, proud for his son, the son proud, happy, perfectly healthy continuation of life longer and longer.

Granny eat Chinese hypoglycemic too fast was suspected Food

's blood sugar drop too fast, the previous medication gradually down, this is soon to drop than normal people also low,hollister, this phenomenon is caused by the family members of suspected Chinese medicine decoction send to the inspection of the Food and Drug Administration, told Chinese medicine as well as Western drug ingredients,abercrombie shop. The outpatient department attending Granny is privately run, not many people to see the doctor. The end of 2009, out-patient department had done two or three months of treatment of diabetes ads on television, the effect is not obvious, the patient is still not much. YANG Xiao-min,hollister outlet, 50-year-old from Guangxi,hollister, 2009, she was recruited to Nanjing clinic when a doctor,グッチ, see diabetes. The 40-year-old Li Hao, a 42-year-old Ye Xiaode her colleagues behind her into the clinic,グッチ バッグ, the basic salary of 3000-3500 yuan, 0.5% -1% of the prescription prescription take commission,ジョーダン. With the doctors, but Yexiao De physicians vocational qualification has not registered in Nanjing. Diabetes Division is contracted out, no administrative level differences between several doctors, no specific appointment, how to increase the treatment of patients, issues of common concern into several doctors. The end of 2010,air ジョーダン, the outpatient department to intensify propaganda on television,abercrombie, publicity diabetes can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, can effectively control blood sugar, adjust body function, prevention and treatment of complications. YANG Xiao-min recommended that to add western medicine in traditional Chinese medicine inside. Diabetes light to eat traditional Chinese medicine, the hypoglycemic effect is not too obvious, so low referral rate will affect the out-patient department's reputation and the reputation of the doctor,hollister outlet, a more direct impact on revenue. She raised this idea with contracting diabetes department Wang Fang, Wang Fang said you can give it a try,abercrombie, and if the result is good, you can use. Outpatient department of Chinese medicine are free of charge on behalf of the fried, responsible for decocting Li western medicine pulverized on Chinese medicine with fried. Patients can get our hands are Jianhao drug of drug ingredients simply no way of knowing. Quick, good service, light these two points, on the out-patient department ushered in many patients, and patients are word of mouth, coupled with the effect of television advertising, a lot of people come here. Outpatient department of business, YANG Xiao-min three income is also increasing. According to reports, the Chinese medicine has the advantages derived from natural, treating the symptoms, low toxicity,abercrombie france, clear pharmacological effects of western medicine, the effect is obvious, integrative medicine can complement each other, but the Integrative Medicine is not simply the traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine mixed together. Western drug ingredients clear, taking strict dose limit, The manual also marked common adverse reactions and precautions, the patient does not know the case, Western drug ingredients in Chinese medicine, the patient is likely to make over-taking, resulting in drug toxicity . Production and sales of counterfeit prescription drugs more likely to cause serious harm to human health. (Text characters pseudonym) correspondent Miaoling Yan Bo Xiangmin reporter Xiao Wei Xin (original title: lowering blood sugar too quickly caused the patient's family the suspected Chinese medicine laced western medicine counterfeiting doctors have been arrested)

The four young robbery Network virtual property of Final App

's Court of Final Appeal handed down recently with rare robbery virtual property case. Wang Chunming, He Zhang,abercrombie, Wang Xin, Zhao four young one for robbery the netizens Q coins, game coins and gaming equipment, the court finds that constitutes a robbery, which Wang Chunming, ZHANG He was sentenced to 3 years Wang Xin, Zhao was sentenced to probation, and were punished deposit of 5,000 yuan. Since 2008, the parties to the case, Wang Chunming, He Zhang, Wang Xin, Zhao home schooling despite a certain Internet cafe to fight large-scale online games with Dongling District of Shenyang City forward Township,air ジョーダン. Level is not high, "equipment" is relatively simple, and often by the "bully" online,abercrombie shop. They found that with cafes within a netizen named "Shenyang guy" rich "equipment" game wins more negative less, have given rise to the idea of ​​opportunistic looting request unsuccessful. The Court has examined, around midnight on October 22,ナイキ ジョーダン, 2008, Wang Chunming, Wang Xin,hollister, Zhao Peng, Zhang He to Internet cafes, He Zhang clues provided by premeditation on the Internet is "Shenyang guy" users beatings, threats,abercrombie france, intimidation, forcing "Shenyang guy" to their request a transfer of 100 100 yuan worth of QQ coins, as well as more than 11 million game coins and other game equipment. The four young people,グッチ, the network virtual property be divided equally. Subsequently, Wang Chunming alone "Shenyang guy" forcibly dragged outside his possession and stole 200 yuan. After the incident, the "Shenyang guy," reported the matter. Realized provoke trouble, four youth surrendered to the police,hollister outlet, the mediation agreement is reached with the "Shenyang guy", take the initiative to pay compensation. However, due to the behavior of the four people suspected of robbery, Dongling District, Shenyang City Procuratorate prosecuted on indictment,アバクロ. Dongling District Court held that the Q coins, play money and game equipment belonging to virtual property, although in the current law, only to the citizens' legitimate income, savings, houses and other lawful property endorsement and legitimacy of the virtual property to make specific provisions, but the players in the game in the accumulation of property to pay time and money, virtual property is fully equipped with the general attributes of the property should be included in the scope of criminal law protection. Wang Chunming, Zhang He and four young robbery virtual property by violent means, has been constituted robbery, the prosecutor accused guilty. Made the view of the four defendants Department first-time offenders brought to justice after a good attitude, and the initiative has reached a settlement agreement with the victim, the Dongling District Court in March 2009, where appropriate lighter penalty. After the verdicts, Wang Chunming,hollister outlet, etc., filed an appeal. Shenyang City Intermediate People's Court that the original verdict facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient, accurate conviction, sentencing appropriate,hollister, legal proceedings, so make a final ruling: dismiss the appeal and upheld the original verdict,ジョーダン.

The son was number behind Bangsha father suspected to be suf

's head hit not stop even father fell to the ground on the final caused by the death of his father,abercrombie. After the incident, Doumen District, Zhuhai City, the judiciary under the relevant provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure implemented on January 1 this year, fortunately a start forced medical procedures,hollister, the case has entered the review stage,グッチ. In November last year,アバクロ, fortunately with his father came to work in a site in Doumen District of Zhuhai City. Fortunately, after a wake up by his father because of a trivial chatter after a few words about the month at 6:00 in the morning on the 18th, picked up a steel pipe Slam father, caused by lying on the ground unconscious. The father was taken to hospital rescue invalid death, forensic identification, her head was the blunt hit caused severe traumatic brain dead. After the incident, the the Doumen public security authorities to the crime of intentional injury drew Doumen District Procuratorate approved the arrest, the hospital upon examination, is not approved the arrest of the suspects may be mentally ill. In January this year,ナイキ ジョーダン, issued by the Third People's Hospital of Foshan psychiatric expert opinion that the fortunate one suffering from schizophrenia,hollister outlet, no criminal responsibility in the implementation of intentional injury behavior. According to the relevant provisions of the new Criminal Procedure Law,abercrombie, on January 16 this year, the public security organs will be compulsory health proposals handed over to the procuratorate,グッチ 財布, recommendations Fortunately, a mandatory medical. At present,abercrombie shop, the case has been returned to the public security organ for supplementary investigation. Supplementary investigation is completed according to the law,abercrombie france, the Procuratorate Fortunately, a review of whether to apply to the court for compulsory health. The industry viewpoint mandatory medical decision of justice embodied progress According to reports Fortunately, a mandatory medical case Zhuhai City,air ジョーダン, the first after the implementation of the new Criminal Procedure Law. Guangdong Archduke Wade Law Firm Deng Shulin told reporters that under the new Code of Criminal Procedure, the mandatory health will no longer be the administrative decision of the public security organs, but turned into a judicial decision. Doumen District Prosecutor's Office, the official said,air jordan, the compulsory medical measures is a limitation of citizens' personal freedom, and therefore must be cautious, the new Criminal Procedure Law to the decision of the administrative transition Judicialization, this is undoubtedly the progress of the administration of justice. (Original title: the mentally ill was the number backward Bangsha father)

120,000 News picked up the card by the return of the bank

's court session, the 29-year-old Dengmou admit the allegations,グッチ 財布. Dengmou incident before employees of the insurance company. Court process,mulberry outlet, he was about the trouble. The day he went to the hospital to pick up a plastic bag,hollister outlet, the bag equipped with a business card, two bank cards, a Pudong Development card comes with a note the note states password and identity card number of the card. Dengmou said, he picked up the first reaction of the card is returned to their owners,ナイキ ジョーダン, immediately call the business card on the phone, but the lady answered the phone said no time to take,abercrombie, so he sent over,mulberry. Dengmou kindness each other are not grateful to his colleagues for him to feel "not worth. His leadership,hollister outlet, then suggested that he purchase the gold, Dengmou So squandered 12 million yuan. The court Dengmou admitted that he vaguely felt crime, but did not dare to face the idea, has been feeling the pinch. The rightful owners Zhou's family members confirmed that indeed received phone Dengmou, but lost only one bank card was mistaken, went to report the loss of the bank,abercrombie shop. Again to go to the hospital,air ジョーダン, only to find Pufa Oriental Card lost, Lenovo to calls before Dengmou,abercrombie, before going to the police,グッチ. Since then,グッチ バッグ, the police, the consumption of the card, cash carrying out a survey, and retrieval of surveillance video. In November last year, Dengmou was apprehended by the police, while the rightful owners of more than 60-year-old Zhou was the death in July of that year, Cary money is required for the treatment of cancer chemotherapy fee. In, Dengmou police pre-qualification process told the police said, he will buy gold bars to their ideas of leadership. After the incident, the public security authorities have asked the leadership, but denied. The public security organs in these leading to the Criminal Investigation Building, Kaiyang Bridge, South Second Ring psychological test chamber, and the use of polygraph tests, not been able to prove Dengmou said. Dengmou spend 12 million yuan has not recovered.

Man posing as deputy departmental level cadres fraud parent

's brother's car, he boasted that he is the deputy departmental level cadres of the Provincial Department of Culture. By the end of June 2009,ナイキ ジョーダン, Wang Jiang proposed: a friend text, Houmou children's college entrance examination scores too low is not on the line, asked Chiang ability to help them on the two schools. Chiang readily agreed,ジョーダン, and pulled out a nominal value of 50 million counterfeit passbook and stamped with the Provincial Department of Culture Seal of work permits to Wang look to win their trust,abercrombie france. Subsequently, Wang introduction,air jordan, the text of a Houmou met in Changsha, Jiang arch chapter talks, Chiang agreed to help the text of a two schools Houmou children, asked the two to pay program expenses. June 28, 2009,air ジョーダン, August 8, 2011, under various names, Chiang arch chapter,グッチ, total cash defrauding two victims a total of 50,000 yuan. Period,hollister, in order to prevent the victim alarm, Chiang arch chapter to find Zhang 10,000 yuan of money to each other, to easily find a school to cope with the victim. Later, Zhang found higher vocational schools to cope with the victim,hollister outlet, is seen through the other side. In the course of the trial, Jiang Arch Chapter one say he promised two parents do not get your money back,abercrombie, even the defense says the money is not enough time to retire,グッチ バッグ, does not constitute a crime, the court suspended sentences,グッチ 財布. The prosecutor claimed that Chiang verbally promised refund did not actually retire, just to cope with the victim only. At a time when enrollment season, to remind candidates and their parents are not on the line,hollister outlet, do not expect to spend money to "buy a good school, in order to avoid the recurrence of such a scam. Reporters Wang Xia correspondent Zhou Lei Zhang Fan

The original television station long-term mistress and birth

's long-term mistress and have children,air ジョーダン, but also the use of authority discipline and the fact that corruption and bribery,hogan. The case recovered more than 90 million of the amount of discipline. At present, Chinese suspicion of crime being transferred to judicial organs. Nurturing a "second wife" gave birth to illegitimate daughter,mulberry, China in a long-term squandering of public funds, mistresses Insiders Report in early 2009 and gave birth to an illegitimate child's case to the attention of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the. According to the survey, as early as in September 1993, the Huayou Song and a salon girl Zhang Jiudiankaifang sexual relations in order to maintain long-term and Zhang improper sexual relationship, after its introduction to the work of Qingyuan City,グッチ 財布, a Films ,ナイキ ジョーダン. Funded by China in July 2000, 30,000 yuan for the purchase downpayment,グッチ, bought a house in the name of Zhang's in Qingyuan first City Mortgage, a month Hua Yousong will to Zhang,hogan outlet, the cost of living. In November 2004, a girl was Zhang Mousheng street zhouxin imposition of social compensation fee 63,000 yuan,mulberry outlet, China 2 million. In 2005 Hua Yousong twice gave Zhang 10 million for two children's life fund,abercrombie shop. Zhang,hollister, China accumulated to more than 30 million. In early 2007, Huayou Song know in Qingyuan Kara OK Changde,ジョーダン, Hunan Zuotai by after two sex relations, China has been its nurturing,abercrombie. Huayou Song help to a buy a phone and pay for their calls; often given to the cost of living to a buy appliances; give to the house of a 130,000 yuan renovation hometown of; to an twice for Huayou Song abortion, China in this matter cumulative gave to an approximately 20 million.

Man hacked to death his wife after the 27 suicide attempts t

'an North Street," beauty rhyme Xinghai " two,mulberry, Unit 13, Building 4,hollister, Room 608, a more than 30-year-old husband with a knife hacked to death after his wife, cut the neck of suicide attempts,ナイキ ジョーダン. According to District 14 Building, grain and oil shop owner Ms. Wang, 21 am,mulberry outlet, a 120 emergency vehicles parked in front of Unit 4,グッチ, Building 13, in the district, and then again a lot of police, "I heard people say, the accident Room 608, Unit 4, a couple, a husband with a knife and hacked to death his wife, and then, her husband also cut the neck of suicide, thanks to the discovery in a timely manner, the 120 emergency personnel sent him to the hospital,hogan outlet. "Ms,abercrombie. Wang said,ジョーダン. The reporter then rushed to the incident,air jordan, Unit 4, Building 13, Room 608, the door closed, the other owners of the unit on the evening of the tragedy are not sure. Reporters learned in Changchun Central Hospital doctors,hogan, 4 on the evening, the hospital is indeed admitted to a male suicide patients the Murder after cutting neck has been sent to the ICU intensive care unit. Suicide man surnamed Wang, 32 years old, his wife of 30 years, they have a 27-month-old child. External jugular vein and trachea of ​​the men had been cut,hollister outlet, the injury is not serious, life-threatening yesterday, has been transferred to the Central Hospital of Jilin Province Prison Administration,グッチ バッグ. At present, the case police are investigating.

Women frequently obscene job man in the talent market (Figur

's job harassment. Male sexual harassment, all real shot down,hogan. Real shot by a male job seekers, surnamed Sun,air ジョーダン, due to unemployment, new from the talent market to spend 30 dollars to do a monthly card, frequented in the talent market. The reporter in last week and three times a week to the the talent market survey in Shenhui roadside, each market inside crowded, crowds reporter Capitol ordinary satyr. The some popular recruitment booth, often crammed a bunch of people, handheld resume. Reporter three days investigation found no dig genital satyr, however, there appeared to take advantage of many people to the female job seekers who crowded to dawdle ordinary satyr. Yesterday, the talent market, the new away upstairs, a dozen job seekers squeeze in an electronic company's recruitment table past to see here, lively also probe Coushang the the go to the department to form a Rendui very hot scene In Rendui innermost two female job seekers. They are sitting on the stool to accept the recruiter asked, spine straight,mulberry outlet, the moment did not dare relax attention. Behind them a shirt man squeezed into the forward lying eyes looked recruitment table,air jordan, the upper body was almost affixed to the back of one of the women job seekers. Subsequently, the shirt man hands recovery, like the casual-like bra back strap that ran into the chest of women job seekers. The woman has been detected, turn back the angry looked at the the shirt man out of the Rendui,abercrombie. The Reporter For stepped forward to get in a word, this dark skin shirt men caught in the belt where Samsam he turned quickly away, and disappeared in the crowd. Real shot: obscene a year ago, appeared yesterday, the real shoot by Mr. Sun told reporters that he often saw that color male sexual harassment of female job-seekers in the talent market,ナイキ ジョーダン, do this every time he entered the talent market will cell phone camera ready, whenever you see a color Male implementation behavior, he wanted real shot down. "However, little opportunity for real shot," he lamented. According to Mr. Sun is really making men of color, a year ago, new from the talent market for sexual harassment. He recalled that last year, one day, their own go looking for work within the new from the talent market, a man accidental specifically looking for female job seekers more crowded, and kept in the female job seekers who rely. Initially, the color male hand a resume to see the beauties, the first near, then resume in the the female applicant ass gently scraping, if the female job-seekers are not aware of, he would hand back against the buttocks of a female job seekers on. "Once his hand relying on the buttocks of female job-seekers, but also with the body close to, and found that he was sweating profusely," said Mr,abercrombie shop. Sun, this greatly puzzled, went to the man in front of closer look at, and found that he The pants are wet. Harasser's behavior had never been to report sexual harassment emboldened, and later in more job seekers, unlock pants to pull out the genitals, and then the female job seekers who friction. Seekers: color men often surprising addition is Mr. Sun the real captured the color male, there are several similar behavior with his men of color, they specifically targeting the pretty and plump female job seekers in the new from the talent market, but in The female applicant Gongyao start when hiring Consulting Jobs,グッチ バッグ. The talent market of several job seekers say they are surprised by. "Sometimes we are eager to play them, but was worried about retaliation." An seekers color male female job seekers after sexual harassment is harassment object may be bashful, are afraid to speak. Miss Li graduated from college in Longgang, looking for a job a month, sometimes new from the talent market upstairs to find a job. She said that when people are crowded, the men will squeeze into her body, and then to fish in troubled waters, and took the opportunity to dawdle few. "This kind of thing too much, in addition to the harsh glare of a scolded a few, he had no other way." Miss Lee sigh, that happens in other talent market or bus crowded occasions. The talent market: it is difficult to guard against recommended by Human Resources Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City's new away business alarm new from the talent market. Listened to reporters' briefing, the person in charge of the company was surprised, and said they never received any complaints about sexual harassment. New from the Human Resources Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Feng recognized Ping said that there were complaints like the phone was stolen, the market every day arrangements plainclothes security staff 30 Yuren Wei maintain order, in addition to each floor there more than a dozen camera probe, and often the police station, the officers came to inspect. According to the introduction,ジョーダン, the talent market, the establishment has been 15 years, and two years ago moved to the present building, covering an area of ​​more than twenty thousand square meters, the daily market, the flow of people and thousands to tens of thousands of people. Von recognized-ping, a large space in the talent market, and flowing,hogan outlet, even if sexual harassment occurred, the parties quickly can be found to escape. Dig genital harassment of female job seekers, von recognized Ping said, "If there were such a person, that is sick." Feng recognized Ping pointed out that the concept of the protection of women's, in fact, already mentioned in the talent market industry, but sexual harassment itself is difficult to identify the from talent market level is difficult to guard against. "Dawdle usual few very common count is not sexual harassment " Von recognized level, for the legal profession is a contentious issue. He suggested that, if subjected to abuse, should be hastened to alarm,hollister. Lawyer: hard evidence critical to improve the self-protection Shenzhen lawyer Yang lawyer said, if there is evidence to prove that the behavior of the color man, fully reported warning color male harassment. Young lawyers analysis, the forensic sexual harassment is difficult. Earlier in the country's limited in several sexual harassment lawsuits, forensics have been victims. He said that, in 2003, the in Beijing Leimou to honor rights grounds accused their superiors Jiaomou of its sexual harassment, and ultimately the court held that the evidence submitted can not prove Jiaomou imposed sexual harassment was dismissed. Young lawyers, even if the final national anti-sexual harassment laws passed legislation, victims of sexual harassment in order through the court to seek justice, may also face the same problem. He said that sexual harassment occurred in private occasions, verbal and physical contact is very difficult to leave evidence. Therefore, Yang lawyer reminded the object of sexual harassment, to raise awareness of self-protection, not harassment, sexual harassment opportunities. ■ the coyotes in self-defense tactics strokes wrist pressure satyr nose when the small US encountered satyr, she had to do was quickly fired a wrist aligned with the other side of the nose fiercely suppressed. Casual neat action, to ensure that the other pain Aoao whining. The 2 strokes wrist impact satyr cheek bone quickly fired a wrist toward the pervert the cheek bone collision. If you have a big enough effort, this trick enough cause dislocated satyr chin. If not dislocated, also can his head shook groggy. 3 strokes and high heels kicking tibia tibia in the middle position of the the calf knee and foot,グッチ. Here especially against force. Plus the woman's shoes, not high-heeled is pointed, it is the best weapon, even in the absence of such equipment, ordinary shoes can reach the other side effect of doing a week lame. Edition have written: Headline reporters the Yi Dynasty the red Zhouchang and Chen Hui intern Ma Sim Mountain Sun Ye

Police car chase News of the train for the return of the t

'clock yesterday afternoon,mulberry, the K604 train bound for Beijing, there are more than ten minutes to go on a journey. At this time,グッチ, being Yuncheng train station duty police DU Jun found a drunk passenger, armed with a K604 ticket to enter the waiting room,hogan, walking and talking to himself: "train fast to open it,abercrombie shop! Let me in!" Then the traveler should crossed the security checkpoints. Du Jun hastily stopped him and asked for screening. Too much baggage,hollister outlet, coupled with some drunken passenger security after hurriedly pitted boarded the train, he will not forget to take away pockets conveniently placed next to the security apparatus. Du Jun found the pockets, and even asked a few times around the travelers are unclaimed. He speculated that only pockets should be just that drunken travelers lost, hurried and ran to the site,air ジョーダン. The K604 train have already left Yuncheng Station,hogan outlet. Du Jun open pockets, found that the package contains more than 1,グッチ バッグ,000 yuan in cash, mobile phones, digital cameras and identity cards,abercrombie, work permits and other documents show passengers surnamed Song, is a Beijing-based company's staff. Sober after a song on the car was gone, only to find their own pockets! How he wants to throw up their own pockets where, hurried to the train marshals Lee police officer for help. Li police then Yuncheng train station, led to the police station to report immediately after learning of the situation when Du Jun,グッチ 財布, director Chang Zhiqiang decided to drive on the high-speed rush to the Houma station rushed to the fight before the train arrived, the pockets to give the rightful owners. 14:25 that day, Chang Zhiqiang Du Jun driving out of Yuncheng,ナイキ ジョーダン. 3:20 train arrives five minutes in front of the station Houma, Chang Zhiqiang Du Jun with a song pockets rushed here,ジョーダン. A song took the pockets excitedly kept saying: "It is we the people's police anxious people are Jia." (Lvnai Cheng Jing Yusheng)