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My Person

Nick:                   NoEwS
Name:                   Bastian Grundmann
Country:                Germany
Task:                   -german Ambassador for Int.PP and Eu.PP
                        -One of the Coordinator of the European Pirate Party

Belajho (Creative Commons Radio)


   Email:  bastian (dot) grundmann (at) piratenpartei-bw (dot) de 
2. Email: noews (at) gmx (dot) net
Key: GPG
Fingerprint: 94C1 298B 80A5 F677 9DE9 D9ED B845 C93E 0939 6B02
IRC: alias NoEwS
Jabber: noews[at]jabber[dot]ccc[dot]de
Skype: basgru
Forum: Private Message
Messenger: Skype, ICQ, IRC, Jabber & Gabu-Gabu (polish ICQ)