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Prosecutor requested the forensic inspection of his tongue

's chest,hollister, private parts,mulberry, and other parts of the mobile phone,hollister. The However,abercrombie, Sumou argued and female students are "sexual gratification" and denied the sexual assault,hollister france; Prosecutor requested the forensic inspection of his tongue,hollister, to confirm that the bite marks,mulberry outlet, finds his sexual intimidation tactics succeed,hollister shop, remorse and guilty after ,hollister uk, causing victims traumatized,lunette oakley, and therefore recommended that judges be given a heavier penalty of five years in prison,louboutin pas cher.</p>

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then the case on file for investigation in January 2006

'an town,oakley, new town milk farmers a total value of 19 million yuan to non-payment of milk section, the dairy farmers recover under,mulberry, Yang disappeared the dairy farmers alarm,hollister uk. According to the police investigation of Changli,hollister, Yang alleged contract fraud,abercrombie france, then the case on file for investigation in January 2006,abercrombie, many went to the residence of Yang and possible hiding place of arrest unsuccessful,hollister shop, the Internet wanted. Changli police got the news,air jordan, four years outside hiding Yang Tangshan Kaiping Area Commercial Street Police later emergency dispatch,lunette oakley, successfully Yang captured in Kaiping a commodity rental,hollister france. Yang acquisition in Changli County from September 2005 to November milk the outstanding milk paragraph confessed to the crime. At present,abercrombie, the Yang XingJu on suspicion of fraud,louboutin pas cher.

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in the process

's handling. Newspaper reporter Fan Siding Changsha reported the scene: a man lying in the stores about 2:30 pm yesterday, work in the the Shaoshan Road Carrefour layer optical shop Mao Rong, is close to finishing the goods on the shelves of stores port. Suddenly he heard a "bang", a look back, a three-year-old young man down on them in front of the store, its nasal side there is a pool of blood, the hand also trembled,hollister uk. Mao Rong want to go to help them, but one of my colleagues told him the situation is unknown, or Do not move the patient well, the most urgent task is to call 120. Mao Rong own first encounter this kind of thing, and sometimes running around in circles, but he dialed 110, 120. In the process of waiting for the ambulance, but was Mao Rong meal accused. Some angry people passing Miss Yu: "like you do nothing about them, too inhuman." Mao Rong its interpretation had been reported, but the ambulance has not come yet. Miss Yu is still dissatisfied, they are still accused. After the ambulance to arrive, the man was sent to the Central Hospital. Panda property companies contradiction: they are actually responsible in order to save the stores of Carrefour layer, Ms. Lee said, when she happens to be passing by, see people down in the store before, "I thought it was a fight (because) or anything else. Anyway, my first reaction is to give us the security property called, but the woman (Miss Yu) in the next curse 'people down for so long, your ethics are not'. "Ms. Lee said, accusing them of Miss Yu When picked up fell to the ground men around this. Miss Yu said,hollister france, in a book, she found a number: "822 ...... 9 ...... like a phone number." She said this number reported to Ms. Lee by Ms,hollister. Lee calls in the past, however, "I asked to play not she love to ignore the answer, say 'play', said I was nosy. "because of this altercation, Ms. Yu and Ms. Lee tussle off. Ms,hollister paris. Lee said that the first move of the hand of Miss Yu, Miss Yu responded: "because she scolded me." Public: courageous thought overdone many people watched the entire rescue process, of course, in the process, they was surprised to see the quarrel,abercrombie. It is said that the two sides quarrel to save lives, but for the good things occurred in the quarrel, some of their views. 10 meters away from the optical shop stalls selling lighters, the boss told reporters: "In fact,abercrombie, in order to save lives, property and Taiwan told her to call 110 and 120 may be thinking of her courageous too overdone it, compete fiercely, and I think this too extreme, to say this is not a person, that is not this a lot of people are scolded,abercrombie france. "eyewitness Lee said:" The woman Miss Yu to play the woman (Ms. Lee),hollister shop, even the police are there to fight, of course, tried to mediate the police, dragged her down. fact, things are still very simple, are doing good. "processing the matter police Yuhua police station police officer Liu said: "since it is to save lives, and that the rescue itself, more important, should not produce such disputes, so its better early alarm the patient admitted to the hospital - the key is action ! "first aid medical emergency center in Changsha Nie doctors meet the sudden fall of the passers-by,louboutin, they should immediately call 120, while maintaining the site, waiting for an ambulance to come. Alarm people have some medical knowledge, the other necessary care professionals,lunette oakley, you should wait for rescue,hollister shop, if they are just the right are not allowed,hollister, do not easily moved patients.

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while fixed evidence

's residence and the surrounding investigation found no traces of Zhan long, but suspicious traces of blood found in his residence, suspect Lee may have been infringed,abercrombie uk, then expand your search. On the afternoon of September 24,hollister, the police found Lee dead bodies in Crossroads Village South corn head blunt injury. After further scene investigation and autopsy,mulberry, Lee Department homicide,louboutin. In view of the case material,hollister, Gaoyang party secretary of the Public Security Bureau, the Secretary Wei Ruofeng Song James Bond, the director of criminal investigation, Deputy Secretary immediately organized Interpol brigade jurisdiction Interpol Squadron, the police station and technical squadron police set up a task force launched by the detective work. Organized elite police task force in the extraction, while fixed evidence, investigating around the victim's social relations,abercrombie, Lee has been single living alone, and have some savings. Before the incident,abercrombie, Lee debt dispute with the village, the villagers Zhao, on several occasions to find Zhao Dun in. Accordingly,louboutin pas cher, the police around Zhao Expand external investigation found that Zhao has a major crime suspects,abercrombie france. September 25, police in accordance with the law of Zhao summoned to the Public Security Bureau for questioning,hollister. After interrogation, the suspect Zhao account of the facts of the crime due to debt disputes in the early morning of September 20,oakley, sneaked into the Lee family killed and dead bodies. At present, the suspect Zhao has been under criminal detention,hollister france, the case is under further pending.

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the baby only 1 year old

One villager said:" are with the sword,mulberry outlet, the scene also seen the murderer,hollister uk, the deceased The 30-year-old Liu Xiaofeng (sound),hollister paris, the baby only 1 year old,abercrombie uk, poor you,air jordan pas cher. "Three people were sent to Tang Du Hospital for emergency treatment,abercrombie france. This reporter has learned,mulberry, Tang Du Hospital last night admitted a the Huidong Village women have died,air jordan. From 120 sources confirmed,abercrombie france, The children rescued villagers couple have been he died,oakley. The Baqiao police have been involved in the case is under investigation,hollister.

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Wang will phone in the bag on the counter

WASHINGTON go to the store to buy things,air jordan, to see the counter has a mobile phone,abercrombie, pilfering away, thinking flawless, do not want to phone the owner to know themselves,hollister france! Yesterday theft suspect Wang Zhenjiang the the Jingkou Branch Sipailou police station and arrested him,lunette oakley. On the evening of September 30,abercrombie, working in a site near Zhenjiang Barn Wang, near the one I usually go to the canteen to buy cigarettes. He happened to find a cell phone on the counter, after some looking around and found no one,hollister uk, and the proprietress Nayan busy with other things and then into the back room. Confirm seamless absolutely safe, Wang will phone in the bag on the counter,abercrombie shop, and then quickly leave,hollister shop. The proprietress out, just find yourself on the phone on the counter, immediately suspect just to buy cigarettes Wang holding,abercrombie france, then alarm,abercrombie. The four arches police clues provided by the proprietress, yesterday arrested Wang. Interestingly, the How to know the face of police and captured their own, Wang also very surprised,hollister. Original, Wang often go to this small shop to buy things,air jordan pas cher, although not too much conversation, small shop proprietress even utter his name, but still remember him, Wang still thought he was the commissary stranger! The (Wang Chunxiang Wan Lingyun)

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then approached Xiaoyu pinch halo

's original food and beverage department quarters to pack up quilts originally placed in the corner of the room to shift by others and put on the carton. Female employees removed the quilt to open the carton, the result, she gripped next door colleague Xiaoyu wearing pajamas lying in it, there are traces of blood on the neck,abercrombie shop, not breathing. The female staff immediately called the police,oakley. After receiving the report, Yiwu City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade investigators and forensic immediately rushed to the scene,abercrombie. Forensic scene investigation, confirmed Xiaoyu Department of homicide,mulberry outlet. We learned that the police investigation,hollister, Xiaoyu, who has worked at the hotel for two or three years before the incident lobby foreman. July 29, 2011, 4:00 pm,abercrombie, the present work Xiaoyu did not appear at the hotel. Hotel side looking day unsuccessful, had thick North police station. Said the person in charge of the hotel, Xiaoyu is a versatile, very motivated girl,abercrombie, and the good level of spoken English,hollister paris. Murdered burglary was brought to light after visits by extensive investigation, the police found a garnish of hotel food and beverage department workers Mao Yongfei crime suspects. In the early morning of August 3,abercrombie france, a the Mao Yongfei Yiwu temple town houses were arrested. Under questioning, Mao Yongfei account of the July 21, he made many trips to other quarters sect, found that forget to pull out the 5th floor of a dormitory key was in the door, pull down so he hides own pocket. July 29 at noon, Mao Yongfei going to go around the dormitory, rummage some valuable things stolen. Open the dormitory door, but found that there has been anything of value. Mao Yongfei disappointed ready to leave the the found next door Xiaoyu quarters door ajar, and through the crack in the door,air jordan pas cher, there are few full of luggage has not been withdrawn. So, Mao Yongfei slipped into the to see Xiaoyu sleeping in bed,hollister france. He did not flinch, but bold enough to continue to rummage. Xiaoyu was awakened when he was prepared to remove a charging phone. Mao Yongfei saw his burglary was brought to light, then approached Xiaoyu pinch halo,hollister, tied behind their backs and hold to the dormitory next door. Xiaoyu wearing pajamas in the next quarters, Mao Yongfei from the color center, and raped her. Xiaoyu sober after non-stop for mercy, but Mao Yongfei still be brutally murdered. (End)

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sudden death in a school classroom. The date of 0900

's death, concluded: "Tan Tian Department aortic root dissection bleeding to death". In addition, dead inside of the left wrist, feet, knee outside of injuries, suspected fined running or doing push-ups fall marks left. At this point, together parents sued the school's civil case had begun. 1, a bolt from the blue: mother and instant yin and yang, the two separated Baise the public of Huang Xin of ink who lives Hepingjie 106, on June 26 this year, is an unforgettable day. She did not think anyway, Tan days, the only begotten son that day, studied at the High School of Baise, sudden death in a school classroom. The date of 0900, Huang Xin ink received the Tan Tian classmate, phoned, that his son suddenly collapsed in the second physical self-study class taxi immediately rushed to the Baise high school. Yellow see Xin ink, son fainted on the floor, a look of horror crowd of students in the classroom is high-one (21),abercrombie shop, overwhelmed standing next to the school doctor. Huang Xin ink, as the medical workers immediately to his son CPR rescue Subsequently, the 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, she quickly put into the rescue work to help medical staff. Meanwhile, Huang Xin ink constantly calling the name of Tan days and his speech, motherly love will win back his son from the hands of death. However, the miracle did not happen, Huang Xin ink had to face the harsh reality of the lost son. The order "does not affect the school teaching order, the request of school leaders, Huang Xin ink with the remains of his son and had to leave school. The net posts Jingbao: son sudden death actually because it was the night of the corporal punishment incident, of Huang Xin ink from the relatives and friends that appeared on the Internet an article entitled "Today Guangxi Baise students high school occurred in corporal punishment by teachers lethal event, I risked his life to" post , detailed disclosure After Tan Tiansheng before subjected to corporal punishment by school teachers. Posted by the network called "declined to name,abercrombie," he said in the post June 26 Saturday day morning high and one senior leader Tan Zhenwen teacher at the high Dormitory Building 4 and Building 5 caught late students. 30 late students were ordered to corporal punishment before the race, a teacher asked who has heart disease and low blood sugar, please raise your hands. "Tan days to raise their hands results Tanzhen Wen said:" malingering Did not want to run on the run a little more. After the run. "in a school athletic field, Tan Zhenwen 5" running slower "students, including Tan days Posted by including, with fine to do push-ups. Post person: "It was the teacher and I really can not go on, arms straight and asked me to support the body, and so has been propped." Back in the classroom, Tan Tianming significant abnormal performance first faint and then were unable to save died. See this post, Huang Xin ink husband Tan Steel night to the emerging area Baise City Public Security Bureau police station received a report, commissioned by the Guangxi Kim Forensic Center for an autopsy, determined to pursue justice for his son. Identification results: autopsy found the corporal punishment traces of July 17, Guangxi Kim Forensic Center issued an inspection and appraisal submissions that Tan days Department of aortic root dissection rupture hemorrhage. In addition,abercrombie uk, this submissions: 6.5 cm × 0.6 cm reddish brown the rampage dust-like prints "the inside of the left wrist, left hand back adhesive tape pasted prints; below the top of the left knee patella a 1.4 cm × 1.0 cm skin abrasions and subcutaneous hemorrhage; over the right knee patella two 3.0 cm x 0.1 cm epidermis zoned scars. "to get the inspection and appraisal submissions, Huang Xin ink more convinced of his son who had been subjected to school corporal punishment, thus becoming the rupture of the aortic root dissection incentives. Education sector: "corporal punishment is death." No evidence is found for the users in the post directed at the involved teachers, Baise high school high first-year director Tan Zhenwen write a written description of the material after the incident to Huang Xin ink couples, admitted the school on several occasions late students running, push-ups, such as corporal punishment, but insisted that posts in the situation is not the death of the Qin days, on June 26,air jordan pas cher, but before June 22. On the morning of June 26,mulberry outlet, corporal punishment process, Tanzhen Wen explained. 7:15, he came to the 3rd teaching downstairs, the ringtones after about 40 late, took late four classes of students lined up to bring more concentrated in the number of table tennis table at the lecture (none of which Tan where 21 classes) ,mulberry outlet, and later brought them to track and field to prepare fine running ultimately due to the soft-hearted and did not allow the students to perform real. In front of the track and field, Tan Zhenwen see some students stand here, It is understood that they are also the high first-year student, is caught by the senior grade on duty teacher,hollister, and then handed over to the high first-year deputy head of the mill Chi power brought Athletics field. Tanzhen Wen said he saw after a group of high school students, certainly not anyone of corporal punishment, but before what happened, whether he did not know, and explanatory material also did not mention the group of students there Qin days. Tan days after the death, for disclosure on the Internet, "corporal punishment is death," said the June 29 the Baise City Board of Education sent an investigation group to conduct a preliminary investigation and verification. On July 7, the of Baise City Department of Education survey reply to Tan-day parents said, According to the investigation, the incident occurred the morning,hollister, 7:15 Tan days students time to participate in the morning reading his seat around the students were confirmed Tan days without being late. After the end of the morning reading the first section is a chemistry class, The chemistry teacher He Huihui confirmed the day of the first class Tan days has been in the classroom. 8:15 first class after school classmate Liu Wei Qin days together to go to school canteen to buy breakfast. Section II is a physics class, physics teacher leave in advance to self-study courses, midway Tan heaven toilet back, suddenly collapsed soon head hit the side another student body. The Baise City Board of Education made this reply, because the autopsy no results Qin days, so the Department of Education to make "no witnesses,louboutin, and the conclusion of the testimony to prove Tan days due late in the day of the incident, and received corporal punishment in schools. In response, The yellow think Xin ink, the Department of Education on the details of the "late" statement is not accurate, Fuzzy late for morning reading with first class between different. Court: Parents resolutely "to discuss that" the course of the trial on November 26, Huang Xin ink couples Tan days a minor, the incident occurred during school, of its guardianship ownership school Moreover, the incident that day is a Saturday, schools violated the relevant provisions of the national education sector, not only does not allow children to a holiday home, also requires must be on time to class, and latecomers to corporal punishment, which eventually led to the death of Tan days, both of which have a causal relationship between the school can not shirk its responsibility,air jordan. Defendant Baise high school and their defense lawyer said the investigation conducted by the public security organs of the relevant personnel record of inquiry, the date of the incident, the school did not Tan days of corporal punishment, parents did not say Tan days Tan-day custody of contracts signed with the school, the school does not The guardianship, Tan days of the death of the school does not exist any fault. Therefore, the plaintiffs' claims is untenable request the court dismissed the plaintiff's request. At the same time, the the Baise high school expressed their willingness to mediate, 5000 yuan solatium for humanitarian appropriate to give the families of the deceased, but the prerequisite is to "recognize the school no-fault". Huang Xin ink and his wife, said the current school for at least four fault is verified that the school several times to use corporal punishment on students; violation of state regulations to organize students to make up classes; students unwell failed to take timely measures to inform parents; school at the first time of the incident There is no timely rescue. In view of this, the school's mediation conditions, lack of sincerity "We strongly do not agree,louboutin pas cher." After the date of the trial, the presiding judge said that the case as the parties to the mediation high, will choose a sentencing date,abercrombie. Reporter Wang Jianwei

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other patrol officers who heard reinforcements

's Court after hearing first instance verdict, guilty of robbery and sentenced the defendant to apply for a 4 years in prison and fined 3,mulberry outlet,000 yuan. Shen, male, 24 years old,abercrombie, no proper job,abercrombie uk, because of theft several times in a labor camp and sentenced,mulberry. May 26 this year,abercrombie, Shen came to of Shijiazhuang City Union Road near a large supermarket in the parking lot found a red electric bike, then took out the L-type picklock comes and live on the wrench on the car The conduct Picklock,abercrombie france. When he succeeded, ready to cart leave just found this patrol officers patrol the public security organs. The Guard quickly stepped forward to apply for an arrest,hollister, the application of a full revolt, also patrol officer's left arm bites, other patrol officers who heard reinforcements, and captured the final application of a uniform. Admissibility of the case, Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City People's Procuratorate,lunette oakley, according to China's Criminal Law "in the process of implementation of the crime of theft,air jordan pas cher, resisting arrest and spot the use of violence or threat of violence,hollister, in accordance with the provisions of the robbery and convicted and punished" to the applicant a suspicion of robbery prosecution to the court,louboutin, the court,hollister france, after hearing the above verdict.

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to cause significant harm

's Office has Deng prosecution to Badong County People's Court,oakley. The prosecutors charged Deng counts is the crime of intentional injury. Prosecutors believe Deng in the process of implementation of the defense,abercrombie, with a fruit knife stabbed Deng Guida 4 knives, including twice in the deadly, Deng died. Huang Dezhi arm injuries, 11.5 cm long wound, constitutes a minor. Prosecutors also believe Deng with a defensive, surrendered to the victims fault earlier and so reduce or exempt from punishment. In addition,abercrombie shop, according to the insider, Deng psychiatric appraisal results, conclusions: Deng has a mental disorder,abercrombie, but a part of the criminal responsibility. Deng accompanied by his family, residential surveillance,louboutin pas cher, waiting for the hearing. Two the Hubei lawyers, hired to Badong County Procuratorate inspection copy the materials related to the case and prepare a defense. Without Badong County People's Court confirmed the news that, Badong County People's Court will be held on the 16th hearing of the case of Deng. According to Yang Jianjun,mulberry outlet, once agent Zhouzhenglong case lawyer, defensive, first of all not a sin, just one episode in the case for sentencing to consider,abercrombie france. According to the provisions of Article 234 of China's Criminal Law, willful injury causing serious injury, three to ten years of imprisonment; causing death or caused serious injury to particularly cruel means to cause serious disability for more than ten years, life imprisonment or the death penalty,hollister. Comprehensive Deng defended when the plot, in accordance with Article 20,mulberry, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code, Deng justifiable defense obviously exceeds the limits of necessity,hollister online shop, to cause significant harm,abercrombie, should be mitigated or exempted from punishment,air jordan pas cher. ("Chengdu Business Daily" feeds)

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14 the Foshan police

' imprisonment,mulberry outlet. Police handling the case at the time to extract a "comprehensive" fingerprint. Sentenced to seven years in prison,abercrombie france, disguised into a dragon, the pseudonym "comprehensive" positive prison commutation won several awards, in accordance with the magnitude of commutation of prison he declared, in May of this year, he can be released from prison,abercrombie shop, but not long ago, He assaulted the inmates of the same prison cells, court Infliction year,hollister paris. The fingerprint check dew identity claiming also wanted to do one vote May 21, 2009,abercrombie, the Ministry of Public Security issued Class A Xiechatongbao, the requirements of the national public security organs at all levels of the major online fugitive investigation, among them into a dragon. May 24,oakley, Nanchang City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation police through online information retrieval, discovered in Jiangxi prison "comprehensive" and the Ministry of Public Security Class A wanted criminal into a dragon, "similar",hollister france, believed to be the same person. Nanchang Police immediately notify the prisons, solitary confinement implemented into a dragon,mulberry outlet. On May 31,abercrombie, the Nanchang police through fingerprint comparison technology to verify the true identity into a dragon. Jiangxi Police said the trial into a dragon and its confessed to the crime. He said that, if released from prison,mulberry, going to do it again a "ticket",mulberry, after recessive Maiming had finished the rest of his life. June 2,air jordan, 14 the Foshan police (including 8 SWAT) Jifu Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, the night will become dragon escorted back to Foshan. Time of the transfer, the camera, into the dragon said one sentence: "A Farewell to reporters comrades. Comprehensive Jiangnan Daily Legal News 1 2 3 4 5

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said she has a police friend told the like

's Office was informed so that together the recent bizarre cases. Lu Bin, Yangzhou suburbs, the junior high school graduate out into the world. Because no fixed job and indolent, often mixed and dubious, to do some sly deeds. Not long ago, Lu Bin, Yangzhou an upscale residential burglary, police patrol arrested. After appearing in court, Lu Bin truthfully confessed his crimes, he had replied: When the police asked him the whereabouts of stolen money, police 'to' go! "The Police how would violate laws and discipline to suspect" money This attracted the attention of the police,abercrombie deutschland. Lu Bin confessed some time ago, his lover Zhao Yan, a "large cap",abercrombie shop, "fine" to him 5000 dollars. Police realized that this is likely to be someone fake police extortion,hollister paris. A check, and sure enough. Director fined by the police, "who is Zhao Yan. Zhao Yan, 35-year-old, already married, have a lovely child,mulberry outlet. Because she usually proper job, so that her husband is a headache, the relationship between husband and wife is also very nervous,abercrombie. Do dream of getting rich. "Zhao Yancheng day, I heard that the marriage agency can" catch "to the" Millionaire "So after some camouflage when she registered the" change "has become an unmarried highly educated older young women. Before long, one of the conditions of the "standard" man, matchmaking notified to meet them. One the other "Fu Master", Zhao Yan, a very happy, they did not take long cohabitation, "Fu Master Lu Bin,abercrombie. Cohabitation, Zhao Yan was found each other turned out to be a sly believers. Lu Bin theft resulting normal "tribute" Zhao Yan did not break off. The one hand, Lu Bin desperately "work", on the one hand, Zhao Yan, a spendthrift, and also all day to reach out and ask for Lu Bin too much for some. After a certain period of time,mulberry, he proposed to Zhao Yan broke up. Zhao Yan is unwilling to let go of this "cash machine", Bin Lu tried to get back to her side. Bin Lu refused,hollister france, and found a new girlfriend,hollister, Zhao Yan was very angry. Zhao Yan again look at a marriage agency. Did not take long, but also a "Millionaire" hooked Coincidentally,louboutin, this man called Sun Jie Lu Bin is a "peer". Zhao Yan cried several times to the Sun Jie, Lu Bin is not a good thing,hollister online shop, Sun Jie promised to help her lessons Bin Lu. After the two discussed the decision by Sun Jie "play" police "even bankruptcy, Lu Bin, the two bought a fake police uniforms, false Jing Guanzheng. Zhao Yan to find Bin Lu, said she has a police friend told the like, such as do not want to be caught, it is necessary to take some money out,hollister. Sun Jie, "a kind of mold" performances, let Lubin Xin thought true, eventually fined $ 5,000. (Text characters pseudonym) (Hua Jiang Wang Xiang Chen Yong)

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Haifeng Procuratorate prosecution

's operating license, seal, books, and other leading companies from this long-term paralyzed, and so far can not operate. "Nightmare" from July 2007 to July 10, 2007, Zhou Rong was go to petition the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, Haifeng Economic Investigation Brigade police handling the case suddenly brought back Haifeng, and the next day on suspicion of "contract fraud "Zhou Rong implementation of criminal detention,hollister paris. On August 17 of the same year, Haifeng's Procuratorate approved the arrest of the alleged misappropriation of funds Zhou Rong,hollister; Zhou Rong had been detained in the detention center on November 29 of that year, did not apply for the release on bail. "I have a total of more than four months, a total of 138 days,air jordan pas cher, Zhou Rong Speaking of those days happened to his lifetime shame. The two court acquitted March 5, 2008, Haifeng Procuratorate prosecution, accused the defendant Zhou Rong guilty of misappropriation of funds, job occupation, refused to implement the arbitration award of Loan Fraud various offenses, Haifeng County Court. The collegiate bench trial. May 28, 2008, the Court has examined, "prosecutor accused the defendant Zhou Rong crime evidence, not guilty". Zhou Rong, the first trial acquitted, Haifeng County People's Procuratorate to the "original verdict the defendant Zhou Rong's judgment error" grounds to lodge a protest to the Shanwei City Intermediate People's Court,louboutin. In hospital hearing process,hollister, the the Shanwei Municipal People's Procuratorate protest inappropriate Haifeng County People's Procuratorate, to withdraw the protest in the hospital. July 4,mulberry, 2008,mulberry outlet, No. 17 (2008) Shantou Sino-French criminal Final 刑事裁定书 make a final ruling, permit the Shanwei Municipal People's Procuratorate to withdraw the protest to maintain the original verdict of Haifeng court. The claim the 4,000,000 public security is not accepted May 7,abercrombie, Zhou Rong hire a lawyer to Haifeng County Public Security Bureau proposed application for state compensation. He raised over 400 million state compensation,polo lacoste, including various due to policy changes required to pay additional taxes of about 300 million, 100 million for direct loss of corporate office expenses and staff salaries. May 12, Haifeng County Public Security Bureau gave Mr. Zhou Rong copy of the notice of application inadmissible compensation "sea of ​​public ((2010) lost pass word No,mulberry. 001), the notice said,abercrombie deutschland, according to the People's Republic of China on State Compensation Law and issue notice of criminal compensation obligations authorities determine the relevant provisions of Haifeng County Public Security Bureau, not compensation obligations authorities decided inadmissible. Zhou Rong said in the detention center, he contracted rheumatism, stomach problems,louboutin, still need medication. He indicated that they would continue to appeal to the higher authorities. "Nanfang Dushi Bao" feeds

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I do not know why the press 7 layer elevator to the 7 layer

' access, fear of being dropped bicycle hit,abercrombie uk. Dropped the bike smashed cable Ms,hollister paris. Yang lived an old building,mulberry, some time ago underway floor stucco, steel window renovation, construction team in the top of the entrance to prevent the construction things out injured people have put up care board,mulberry outlet. The bike just throw in nursing board,abercrombie. Chow recalls, the Dongcheng housing renovation company, around 6:00 on the evening of August 6,hollister, he was standing opposite the entrance,louboutin, a sudden loud noise overhead, thought engineering was hurt, and ran downstairs to look up bike man upstairs threw down,polo lacoste. See Chow, thrown to two cars, first an electric bike, and later dropped the bike hit the front car. When the car is falling, the first hit on the construction of the cable and the hanging bar, 100-meter-long cable and 6 meters long hanging bar are smashed. The surveillance video locking suspects neighbor report, the police and obtain a surveillance video of the building, visible surveillance video the Even the household 丁某 have major crime suspects. On August 24 丁某 suspected criminal detention of the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means, now detained in the Dongcheng District Detention Center. According to Ding Mou confession, the evening of August 6, he came home from work. The day drink a little high, the living on the 5th floor,hollister, he was wrong according to the 6th floor. Ding out of the elevator to see two cars near the wall, and that the two cars blocked the road,air jordan, want the car to move to a layer just throw ground children,mulberry.丁某 two cars into the elevator, but because of excessive drinking, I do not know why the press 7 layer elevator to the 7 layer, Ding Mou begins the elevators will be the car to move out, and then the two cars from the seven-story front at the windows of the elevator dropped,louboutin pas cher.

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Yan Ke Liu Chenxi Guan-Jun Chen

's Network Changsha, August 12 "Magui Qiu rescue is not once or twice." August 10, Liu Qiaocun HE Yue pure several villagers, a dense reports by villagers fingerprints or signed name sent to the town government: they want is an ordinary peasant woman power! The ordinary peasant woman called Ma Guiqiu. 4 days ago,lacoste, State Road 107,mulberry, Xiangtan County Road Dipu Liu Qiaocun Yuejin group sections consecutive 3 accident occurred. Rescue injured people,air jordan pas cher, 54-year-old peasant woman Ma Guiqiu killed. On the morning of August 6, in the morning,hollister online shop, 10, who lives in the side of the road Magui Qiu suddenly heard the sound of highway upload burst of shrill screeching halt,mulberry outlet. State Road 107, a steep sharp bends,abercrombie deutschland, due to the wet weather, a truck loaded with beer plunged into the paddy fields on the right side of the road. While Ma Guiqiu ready to the paddy fields rescue the occasion,abercrombie, cab broke down the glass and climbed out. The Ma Guiqiu see their condition is not serious,hollister france, Mangjiang three people to the home, they wash Yajing scoop to clean water. Ma Guiqiu is enthusiastic rescue these persons in distress when a car accident occurred less than 20 meters in distance lorry accident site: a 19 passenger rushed down the nearly 10-meter-high slope,hollister, the door overturned plunged right another piece of paddy fields, heard the shouts, braved heavy rain once again the arrow rushed to the crash site, carry from home to the ladder in between the road and the bus passengers pull uphill to call near The villagers come to rescue. When the the car remaining three wounded, a heavy goods vehicle approaching,hollister, with his back to the road is bent on saving lives Magui Qiu simply not aware of the dangers behind, more do not have enough time to escape,abercrombie uk. Due to the wet weather, the runaway truck slams Ma Guiqiu knocked down in the paddy fields, then roll her head and upper body tightly suppressed. Site together to rescue the masses, Ma Guiqiu rescued out, but it never stopped breathing. Dangerous terrain,abercrombie, nearby traffic accidents have occurred. Experience the size of a car accident in the past, Ma Guiqiu in the side of the road is always a rush to save lives, and never care about the pros and cons. Because of Ma Guiqiu over the years has been helpful, so this time after her rescue process misfortune, Liu Qiaocun villagers spontaneously came to her home, rain to bid farewell to the ordinary peasant woman, and spontaneously signature stamped joint The civilian heroes success. (Yan Ke Liu Chenxi Guan-Jun Chen)

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Liu Yunpeng

's Daily, Shenzhen, August 9 (HU Mou,louboutin, Liu Yunpeng) the evening of August 8, a man online posting,hollister france, falsely claimed that a bomb had been planted in a large gymnasium. After police arrested fabricate intentionally spreading false terrorist information under criminal detention according to law,abercrombie, the man actually said posting just in order to improve the visibility of its network. August 8, 22 am, a website forum such a post, the Post said "I have planted a bomb in the Grand Canal venues,mulberry, you'll see", with the Universiade venues location photo . Informed that posts information,air jordan, the the Shenzhen police attaches great importance to the immediate mobilization of police to inspect the venues. After repeated searches,hollister online shop, not the presence of the museum discovered the explosive device,hollister paris. 23:00 that night,hollister, the Shenzhen police will to Posting the people Chen Moufu control,hollister. In Longgang Area Garden residence After trial, Chen Moufu confessed, saying their behavior in the online posting of this post is just a prank, in order to improve their online visibility for their actions, and now he regretted. Present suspicion fabricate,mulberry outlet, deliberately spreading false terrorist information, Chen Moufu police criminal detention according to law. Police tips, fabricated,air jordan pas cher, intentionally spreading false terrorist information seriously disrupting social order, the parties will be liable for either online posting or send SMS, microblogging, we should pay attention to his words and deeds,louboutin pas cher.

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Leung Kwan driving 502 bus

's operating income continued to decrease, The company has organized staff to take temporary checks, change the coin box, strengthen the regulatory and other means, to some extent, curb operating income continued to decline. But it did not last long, since March, these key vehicle operating income appears again reduced. Surveillance video data transfer to see the bus company installed inside the vehicle, suspected collusion is the bus driver and the theft suspects committing the crime. After receiving the report, pocketing detachment of the Third Brigade deputy captain Su government led the police carefully watched the whole process of the suspects on car theft, a careful analysis of the video background, moving scene, police basic grasp of the implementation theft suspect sections situation and focus on trips. Part 502 Road, 503 Road bus for suspicious objects. Chen Yun bus 502 Road,hollister paris, 503 Road bus departure Wuhou machine cast bridge, heading for Chengdu University of Technology, Sunshine District. 502 Road and 503 Road departure, leaving a U-shaped sections of passing the Third Ring Road, Des Voeux Road from the originating station in front of the first site to another end, from one end of the U-shaped, under normal circumstances, the bus with no passengers 's. When the bus went to the bottom of the U-shaped - Third Ring Road, Des Voeux Road to the Wuqing Dong four sections, when the pedestrians,abercrombie deutschland, few cars, when the suspects start. She hit into the net police combed the key departure time of the vehicle and the driver of the suspect list secret monitoring in an ambush telephone solicitation, police around the machine cast bridge bus departure station from 4 pm Third Ring auxiliary road side, and Wu Qingdong a roadside trail deployment of police waiting. After a week of waiting, but did not see the suspect car and committing the crime. Police theft rings may be alert to re-adjust the program, monitoring suspects one by one investigation to determine the whereabouts of the suspects,air jordan pas cher. On the afternoon of the 11th, the panel got the news, a man named Gan strong suspicious drivers to near Su slope bridge an auto repair shop to pick up the car, another was Gan Ming, the company's drivers will appear in the east of the city. Task force two-pronged, the two men arrested in one fell swoop. Later,mulberry, after another driver involved in the case, Andrew Chan Ping, Leung Kwan Ho Kai, arrested and brought to justice. Under questioning, the gang suspects Qiang Gan Gan refused to explain to committing the crime facts, while the rest of the bus driver involved in the case after another account of the theft of the facts of the crime. It is understood, is responsible for the theft of two women,hollister, but not know the residence of two, the panel had to sit back and wait. 17:30,abercrombie, the the suspects being surveyed public security organs Leung Kwan phone suddenly rang the beam panic original phone is responsible for the start suspects Yuan Yung incoming. Tonight you want out of the bus not "Phone came the voice of a woman, a schematic of the police, Leung Kwan said out of the bus after the half-hour,hollister france. "That old place waiting for you." Yuan Yung said. Police immediately arranged police rushed the machine cast bridge 502 bus originating station, Leung Kwan driving 502 bus,mulberry, two police officers sitting on the floor of the bus,hollister, and the implementation of the arrest suspect Apart from a few words perpetrator . 5:50 Xu, Yuan Yung, Luoxiu really Voeux Road, Third Ring Road, a place about 30 meters from the bus, and when they are preparing to commit crimes again, the police task force arrested an ambush in the car. Spot from more than 10 to the seizure of the key used to open the coin box of the bus, two men carrying a bag and body, to special tools Qiaodao coin box wallet as well as newspaper and packed ready to share the booty to the driver's money. Pull people into the water more than 10 vehicles frequently start with the main suspect to scrutiny, gang Qiang Gan Gan Ming Department of brothers, in 2005, they have candidates to Chengdu Chen Yun bus company driving public transport vehicles. Gan Ming in March this year on suspicion of setting "authority" in the coin slot bus, dismissed. Suspect Yuan the content, Luoxiu Department Qiang Gan, Gan Ming brother's wife. Since March this year they gang brothers driving the 502 bus car keys and special tools theft bus coin box money every time the hundred or so. The Gann Brothers has internal shortcut name driver pulled into the gangs. Two female suspects involved in the operations of the gang's driver, at a pre-agreed road, waiting in the wings on the car to commit crimes, afterwards bisected stolen money to be involved in the driver. Upon review,hollister, the two suspects has 502,503, more than 10 vehicles bus crime. About May 5,polo lacoste, the company's management is frequent-machine vote Bridge bus station, suspected theft mastered by the company, decided to reduce the number of theft suspect found. On the 11th, they feel that the company does not have the next move, decided on the train again committing the crime, did not think he was the police caught red-handed,lacoste. According to the preliminary police verification, the gang has committed crimes nearly a hundred times, involving nearly 40,000 yuan. Currently, the police are involved in the rest of the driver as well as the suspects to use special tools to conduct further investigation. (Text suspects per capita as a pseudonym) Morning Post reporter Xiao Shu Yun photography Hua Xiaofeng

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Yan Yan received the man's phone

​​responsibility in Qincheng Squadron received Xinzhou City Public Security Bureau 110 command center command: a young woman received a strange man's phone at noon on August 9 , the person claiming to be able to its handling of a driver's license, then beaten and raped implemented this the woman Pianzhi Teton Village Spa Resort, a hotel, and now the woman has successfully escaped from the control of the man,abercrombie deutschland. After receiving the command, the Bureau police immediately rushed to the victim waits for the location,mulberry outlet, and comfort the woman,mulberry. It is understood that, in the morning of August 9, alarm Yan Yan (a pseudonym) received a strange call,air jordan pas cher, claiming to be a man in the phone can be its handling of a driver's license, no vigilance of Yan Yan convention that a good location is the ultimate in phone Teton Village men met a guesthouse,abercrombie france. Yan Yan never imagined that, after meeting with the man immediately reveal a hideous face,louboutin pas cher, beating and rape of Yan Yan,air jordan, after the man again YanYan brought urban rental again the implementation of the rape. 4 o'clock in the morning of August 10,louboutin, Yan Yan to take the man sleeping only took the opportunity to be escaped snare. Fled rental,mulberry, Yan Yan received the man's phone, the phone man its repeated threats and intimidation,hollister. After days of the investigation and Mopai visited, police investigators successfully mastered a lot of clues. Order in the shortest time lock the suspects, police request Jizhen staff support, and eventually locked the suspect hiding location. The morning of August 13, after a long period of the months of waiting for work,lacoste, Police Xin House District a rented room and arrested the 25-year-old suspect Lee also captured other drug addicts Moumou. It is understood that Lee confessed to their own facts of the crime,abercrombie, the case is under further investigation. (End)

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the cleaning lady Wang's husband

's Procuratorate Zhang and five murderers "intentional homicide" for prosecution, the cleaning lady Wang's husband, a sky-high price of 40 million yuan compensation incidental civil. In mid-November 2008, due to personal emotional entanglements, the defendant Zhang to find she had taught students Danmou to discuss,hollister france, by Danmou to find people living in Shenzhen Lee (Female) tied to the car poured drugged after jumped into the river to drown,hollister, and promised to give remuneration,lacoste. Defendants Danmou to the defendant Houmou inform the matter, Houmou agreed to take part and introduced Humou often a join. Subsequently, Zhang to twice as operating expenses 12,hollister,000 yuan to Danmou. November 29, 2008, Dan Mou, Humou often a Houmou 4 from Qingdao rented a black modern car, drove thousands of miles to come to Shenzhen, confirmed Lee's address, they live in the vicinity hotel. Later,mulberry outlet, a few people in Shenzhen, if you want to put a man drowned just too hard, so the original plan changed to direct drive Lee killed Zhang again to Danmou of 20,000 yuan. December 5,abercrombie, 2008, at 6 o'clock, when the cleaning lady Wang after Danmou mistakenly thought the target person, Lee appeared Humou car accelerated rammed Wang,abercrombie france, lead to the cleaning lady Wang systemic multiple injuries, is still in coma,air jordan. The morning of December 6 the same year, the murderer was caught in a hotel, and then,mulberry, as usual in the school,mulberry outlet, Zhang was also arrested. Reporter learned that Zhang and Danmou has been the prosecution intentional homicide prosecution will soon be heard in court. Incidental civil action, the families of the victims of the high price of 40 million yuan compensation. The victim's attorney Ouxiang rich, the amount of compensation is reasonable and legitimate, work out in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Including post-treatment, care, payments, lost income,louboutin, costs, and a variety of statutory subsidies,hollister.

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contact the kidneys buyers

's Procuratorate Public Prosecution to prosecute Jeong, 16 organizations betray human The organs the case. Reporter learned all aspects of the situation, the case called our largest ever cracked one of the human organs crimes cases with suspected of organizing betrayed: verify the current 51 kidney organ involved more than 1,000 yuan in embezzled money,hollister paris; From finding dependent personnel to sell their kidneys, contact the kidneys buyers, to lease the hospital, villas surgery Abstract kidney, this criminal gang organizations, dominated the entire process of selling human organs, the scale of surprising. From the middleman to the formation of gangs case number one suspects Jeong, male, born in 1969, high school education, Anhui people. According to Jeong accountable to the authorities handling the case, from the end of 2007, he began to engage in the middleman trading of kidneys activities the first hospitals looking for the uremia patients that need to do the transplant surgery receptor, then put online to find a kidney , etc. after the donor, Jeong will contact the donor, recipient meet with type, after the donor, how surgery receptor to contact appropriate Maishen people, Jeong longer control. Each describes the successful surgery, Jeong can earn a referral fee of 5,000 yuan to 10,hollister,000 yuan. From late 2007 to March 2008, Jeong total middleman from 30 units to 40 units, transplant surgery, a profit of 20 million to 30 million. After March 2008, Jeong suspend the illegal activities of the middleman transplant surgery. Beginning in March 2010, Jeong In order to reap more illegal profits, began to build a larger criminal gangs. Reporters learned that the gang members some had to sell their kidneys for body through Maishen the understanding of Jeong and stay to help Jeong find people to sell their kidneys; some long entrenched urology looking at major hospitals need a kidney transplant treatment of patients with uremia; Some gang members are responsible for the rent in Haidian the District Xiaojiahe Xibeiwang places, and long-term dependent recruited from the country's donor and donor identity card taken away to prevent escape; Some gang members are professional doctors nurses responsible for donor surgery Abstract kidney, and bear the body of the donor postoperative recovery care. Subsequently, in the organization up to 9 months to sell a kidney criminal process, Jeong sold to the price of the uremic kidney transplant patients each kidney gradually raised from 15 million to 22 million or more. Kidney between each demand 19-year-old young man Zhang,hollister france, is a typical kidney organ donor. This reporter learned that, after dropping out of high school, Zhang away from home for work but still often money to the family, the beginning of his family also often supply Zhang, but then do not give Zhang the day-to-day expenses. Zhang pique with his family, not give money Maishen. Family members do not believe, do not want to Zhang has really search the Internet to do donor the information Maishen, and on a good contact and Jeong gang members in a QQ group, to sell one of his kidneys to a price of 25,000 yuan, and on the same day take the train arrived at Beijing from Inner Mongolia. After the train, Zhang A man received a the Haidian District Xiaojiahe a rented room. Zhang described, he was blindfolded brought one inside the house, where there are a lot of other donor waiting matching. According to the prosecutor handling the case, Bai Lei explained, the donor blindfolded avoid Jeong gang afterwards find specific location, and then to request additional funds to the latter. Near Zhang was taken to the hospital for a kidney matching check, with a much-needed kidney transplant surgery uremic patients with type success. Wang, a typical uremic patients. Found sick in seven or eight years ago, years of dialysis treatment does not prevent disease progression,hollister online shop. After sufferers introduced, Wang came to Beijing treatment in the hospital that can be bought from a man named Jeong kidney transplant surgery. And Jeong gang members contacted Wang promised the other offer, agreed to a price of 220,000 yuan to buy a kidney. Wang then matching to the Jeong gang, Zheng Moushun Lee land their dependents more than 20 donor find a donor for the transplant surgery and Wang. According to the prosecutor handling the Bear Road, in the present case, there are more than 50 portraits of Zhang as arrangements by Jeong, who embarked on the operating table because of economic pressures. Anesthesia wake up after a kidney has been taken out, I do not know gone in exchange only between 20000-25000 yuan reward. Jeong understand formal medical staff involved have done middleman and business gradually "on the Road", only the donor directly introduced to the receptor themselves to coordinate the surgical method, not only the low success rate for each successful time Up to a profit of 10,000 yuan. In order to make more money, he must build a kidney transplant medical team for their own services. Jeong confession, the Spring Festival in 2010, he was introduced by a friend to a hospital doctor in Anhui Province, Xiaoxian Zhou. Jeong told Zhou kidney trading profits, each led to a kidney transplant surgery three to four million profit, and promised each do a 25,louboutin,000 yuan to Zhou Abstract kidney surgery for a variety of labor costs and other overhead. Jeong's behest, Zhou came forward to tenant Tongshan County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province,polo lacoste, the hospital's operating room, and doctors responsible for surgical Zhao, Yang Jeong recruited,mulberry, responsible for anesthesia doctors Zhao , which Yang and even a hospital vice president. According to Bai Lei, initially, Jeong Doctor Zhao and Yang, who claims to be a civilian staff of a large hospital in Beijing, the need to engage in technical cooperation and Xuzhou, set up a dialysis center and a kidney transplant. Although Zhao, who felt he was just a small local hospital doctor, on technology, on the qualifications of the big hospitals in Beijing can not take the initiative to find their own cooperation. Remuneration front in a few thousand dollars at a time surgical Zhao,air jordan, who still frequent Abstract kidney surgery in a the township hospital operating room where not raise another one,abercrombie, as long as the surgery done in the arrangement of Jeong et al. surgery done to take the money. Late, when Abstract kidney surgery transferred to Beijing, Zhao et al. Taking into account the doctor out of the province to practice medicine field hospital appointment letter invitation is required, in order to seek self-comforting, Zhao et al even let Jeong to Beijing on behalf of the hospital to give them a few The doctor sent a letter of appointment, to employ them to Beijing surgeon surgery. Jeong, in accordance with the requirements of these doctors, to produce their own extremely simple letter of appointment, Zhao, who also understand that this letter of appointment is forged. Subsequently, from March 2010 to June 2010,hollister, the in Jeong organization, Zhou, Zhao et al spark Township Hospital in Tongshan County, a total of surgical removal of the more than 20 living donor kidney, transported to Beijing sold to need a kidney transplant surgery in patients with uremia. In order to facilitate the transportation kidney, Jeong also dedicated to the price of 690 yuan each, from medical equipment sales organization bought six boxes of transportation kidney. Three kidneys residential area built black hospitals "In June 2010, the in the last from spark township hospitals to Beijing transportation kidney, the chariot of Jeong a traffic accident, not only caused the car can not be used and the vehicle suffered serious losses. Take into account the risk of long-distance transport while summer transportation kidneys is not conducive to the preservation, Jeong began planning the timely sent to the relevant hospital in Beijing to establish a pick renal the base Abstract kidney surgery, in order to facilitate the removal of kidney donors and recipients do kidney transplant surgery. In September 2010, after a long-term planning, Jeong through the housing agency in Haidian District Yihushanzhuang, the price of 7,000 yuan per month to rent a 4-storey villa and in accordance with the requirements of several doctors in the gang, one after another from Xuzhou purchased all the required medical equipment Abstract kidney surgery, eleven equipment into, this 4-storey villa is located in the family area. Pre careful preparation, Jeong total cost of more than 50 million yuan to establish a one or no rescue equipment designed to do the Abstract kidney surgery "black hospital. According to the prosecutor handling the case described, the building inside and outside the 4-storey villa building no obvious signs, but in fact the internal layer is the doctor's quarters and pharmacy, two-story dispensing rooms, wards and nurses quarters, three operating rooms and observation rooms, four The layer is a restaurant living area. According to a gang responsible for the care of the matron Fan memories, just came to this hospital, "I see that is responsible for the care of nurses have no nurse, no gowns,hollister, and in addition to several Xuzhou (referring to surgery professional doctor), there is no doctor. dirty environment, simple equipment, what documents, licenses, regulations are not necessary anesthesia, rescue medications, are to Jeong was at my request to buy that place is simply not the hospital, just a place Abstract kidney. According to Bear Road, in order to facilitate the post-operative care for kidney donor derails other serious consequences, the Jeong specifically allow associates to work in a hospital of Xuzhou support a come to Beijing to live in Yihushanzhuang "black hospitals" and restoration work; responsible for the preparatory work before the surgery and postoperative donor recruitment through the website online just graduated from medical school nurses Wang is responsible for the surgical disinfection, surgical procedures to a doctor in the delivery of medical equipment and take care of the body of the donor postoperative recovery ; recruited gang members Wang to do chauffeur,mulberry outlet, responsible for the transport of the donor to the villa, and the destruction of medical waste generated in the donor surgery; cleaning cooking even hire specialized personnel for the entire hospital, doctors, nurses, donor . Reporters also learned that Abstract kidney surgery transferred to Beijing before each surgery, Jeong will notify Zhou to contact a doctor morning Beijing, by Jeong girlfriend Wang to the station or airport to receive the doctor directly rushed Yihe Villa. Removal of 3-6 a day, ranging from kidney surgery is done at night, then back to the station, the airport left Beijing by Wang drove doctors. Organ donation system needs to be improved, according to Bai Lei, the case suspects Jeong has previously infested nephropathy relatives around looking for a suitable matching kidney, and thus found a human organ trade market demand. Haidian Procuratorate before handling several cases of human organ trading cases have such characteristics: lawless elements themselves or the people around him had had the experience of looking for organ trading, and thus exposed to the whole process of trading in human organs, and then embarked on a crime road. The data show that China's 1.5 million patients need organ transplants to save lives, but also less than one percent of the number of organs available for transplant each year. Vice Minister of Health Huang Jiefu recently revealed, organ donation this year, the pilot will be in the hospital in full swing with organ transplant qualifications. At present, the Ministry of Health has announced 163 Furniture Human Organ Transplant qualified hospitals, covering 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). The industry generally believe that no organ donation organ transplants. Organ supply is scarce, mainly due to the very low rate of organ donation. In March 2010, the Red Cross Society of China and the Ministry of Health jointly launched the National Human Organ Donation experimental work. Experimental work in 2011 expanded to 16 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). ■ case Italy click from the middleman to the formation of gangs self Abstract kidney "black hospital, prompting the main reason for the formation of human organs underground trading system, due to the current system of organ donation in China needs to be improved, leading to a large number of patients to the urgent need of organ black market to seek a transaction to form an objective to promote human organs underground trading system. Therefore, we should vigorously improve the organ donation system.

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do not pursue cheap

​​hundreds of square meters, plans to build a total of more than 30 house, each over 100 square meters,hollister, a Methodist Sanshiyiting has sold two-thirds of the selling price of about 2,000 yuan per square meter, a suite of nearly 20 million asking price. "The house was built very firmly anti-8 earthquake, is a full-frame structure, or situ of Yang Peiyun. He told reporters that, If you have to buy, you can pay, they are engaged in the "pre-sale system. He admits that the house is a small property room,hollister france, unable to handle real estate license. Who had bought the Yang house "owners", said Yang Jian these small property room "better position, compared with those developers to build commercial housing price per square meter to several hundred dollars lower. He said, the price is right,mulberry, buy more, mostly around the village or town on the person. Undocumented housing fined more than 10 million currently, Yang room legal In this regard, Liangping County Construction Committee, construction and management of Branch staff and a man told reporters that Yang's house did not go through any formalities,hollister paris. Not long ago,abercrombie, the county government unified remediation of illegal housing, a deputy magistrate in charge also led his unit to go Qu rivers and lakes, and found that Yang did not go through the land, planning, Liangping County the Qu rivers and lakes of towns and villages office Minister Li formalities, punishable by a fine of more than 10 million of Yang County Land Bureau, Planning Bureau and on behalf of the Construction Committee,lacoste. Minister Li said that in late December 2012, Yang will be fined contributed the county designated account,air jordan pas cher, they continue to return to work to build, "he is actually the equivalent in money to buy land,hollister. Chongqing Bojia LLP lawyers literary-called "small property room" refers to the construction of houses in the farmers' collective land to non-payment of land premium and other costs, there is no urban planning, the Construction Committee approval of the management department management,hogan outlet, construction process also There is no supervision and inspection. The lawyer reminded the senior lawyer literary existence the four risk Chongqing Bojia LLP reminded that the purchase of a small property room, buy a small property room,mulberry outlet, there are four major risks, the public is advised to buy when you do need to consider carefully, do not pursue cheap, but to consider The long-term future. He said, first of all there is no real estate license,louboutin pas cher. This type of housing is built on collective land, does not allow foreign sales, there is no legal guarantee. In other words, buy this house can not get a state-issued certificates of title. The demolition is difficult to compensate. Can not handle real estate license, those "cheap room" is actually illegal buildings outside the scope of government regulations, and national planning phase of the conflict, is also likely to be demolished, and the "owners" will not get resettlement compensation . In addition, the literary lawyer also said that the quality is difficult to guarantee that no human supervision, the quality of housing, some developers will cut corners to make money, there are security risks. This type of housing in addition to the quality of housing and housing sale warranty is difficult to guarantee, after the arrival of the property management is also very easy problems. Supporting imperfect. Generally not related facilities, the considerable trouble in the future if disputes arise, fighting off a lawsuit. He also reminded that we will encounter later bequeathed trouble, due to the lack of property rights, inheritance will encounter many unexpected trouble,louboutin.

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captured. Subsequently

's first invasion of the public security organs Vehicle Administration Information System, alleged destruction of computer information systems, the sale of the national documents 8 sin gang was a clean sweep . >> 126 cars did not do the number plate there vehicle information on November 25 last year, the the Xiantao City traffic police detachment Vehicle Administration police found a Xiqiao Shi: two high-end cars number plate, the issuing authority for them the library council traffic management information system, but can not find the original registration information, query the library of the National Public Security Traffic Management Information System can be found. Cross-checking, the police confirmed that the Institute does not do for two cars number plate. This in the end is how is it Provincial traffic police corps then the Xiantao police report survey found, query the library of the National Public Security Traffic Management Information System, a total of 126 Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Audi, Lexus and other brands of high-end luxury cars, there is a similar situation. Who 126 cars issuance of a license plate Who these illegal cars, with the true identity of the National Public Security Traffic Management Information System query library Case caused by the Ministry of Public Security, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to, and specify the Xiantao police solve the case as soon as possible. Mid-December 2008, Xiantao police set up a special class of an investigation led by Deputy Secretary Ye Tieguan, the panel through the investigation, preliminary to determine the matter of suspected hacker intrusion vehicle driving management information system of the public security organs, due to tampering with the information. Survey of brand owners do police investigators to grasp the matter with a man surnamed Wu. After two weeks of investigation, on December 24, the special class police that Wu lived in Jiaxing,louboutin, Zhejiang, rushed the local five days and five nights Dunshou and arrested him. The police Tushen, Wu confessed, November 2007 to November 2008, he passed on the line after a total handle others such number plate 35 sets,mulberry. >> Super administrator behind the scenes was a traffic police team development program after several months of investigation, in March of this year, investigators special class master Wuhan after a situation. Informed of special classes in the evening of March 17 this year, a and other suspects Weimou, in Wuhan Yijuminlou cards,abercrombie deutschland, the Ye Tieguan rate police immediately arrested after a Weimou, and find out behind the scenes heavyweights pay strong. 30-year-old Fu Qiang, Wuhan Mouth after Department of Shenzhen Information Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan Office Engineer. Fu Qiang has extensive computer knowledge and extraordinary skills in the development of computer software used to help Hubei Province Public Security Department, Office of Science and Technology at the Golden Shield develop software for the development of provincial traffic police corps vehicles driving tube, has a library of the information super management members' identities. March 18, the special class with the provincial traffic police corps, to help maintain the name of the system software, "fishing" out Fu Qiang,polo lacoste, captured. Subsequently, the police across five provinces and cities in Hubei, Shanghai, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hunan, this gang has captured several other suspects, and detained more than 10 units of high-end vehicle involved. >> The underground Vehicle Administration Office brand 126 sets of profit-making 1500 more than 000 cases covering 25 provinces, has now come to light,hollister france. 2007, Wuhan jobless Weimou by helping people do license plate for profit, and posted on the Internet, seeking "partners", Fu Qiang see post,lacoste, provide some of the vehicle's license information to the Weimou Once the business is successful, Fu Qiang according to extract information from 100-200 dollars each,mulberry outlet. See Fu Qiang "resourceful",hollister, in November of that year, Weimou tentatively asked Fu Qiang, the possibility to enter the vehicle information to police traffic control system add to do fake brand for smuggling high-grade "black car" charged "fees". Fu Qiang heard can make big money, and took advantage of was a provincial traffic police corps vehicles driving over the special status of the program management information system development, using a software to query the database to obtain the database user table, and then try to use the super-administrator user and password login database, add data successfully,hollister paris. Meanwhile, Fu Qiang also be purchased online hackers parity bit calculation program to crack user passwords, so that data entry Vehicle Administration system. After Weimou invasion of public security vehicles driving pipe system message that Fu Qiang,louboutin pas cher, highly prized. After him through the network with a contact, said the the formal license plate can be smuggled cars do. After a quick online posting contact owners apply for the license plate has contact with the owners of Shandong, Zhejiang, Hunan, and Sichuan, and charge fees ranging from 50 thousand to 160 thousand yuan per run a license plate. Xiantao, police said, until the incident just a short time, Wu and others illegally apply for a license plate of a total of 126 sets, involving more than 1,500 yuan,hogan outlet. Involved 126 "black car", the police are trying to track down more than 1,500 yuan in embezzled money, most of the suspects squandered and transfer the money has been recovered less than one million. The Xiantao City Public Security Bureau Network Supervision Team, Fu Qiang gang invaded the information system of the public security organs,hollister, the cases of illegal profits, the first of its kind in the country.

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30 today

's Bank of China, the answer is: no,abercrombie. If people encounter someone in the streets so-called exchange 1000 yuan,lacoste, should alarm. New version of 1000 yuan, 800 yuan to sell, or else "Last night, the public Mr. Yan in Dongzhimen people exchange" the new version of the RMB. According to Mr. Yan said, he was at the Dongzhimen fancier is walking home,air jordan pas cher, a middle-aged man suddenly pulled,hollister. "The new version of the 1000 yuan, 800 yuan to sell, or else " Mr,hollister online shop. Yan said, the man claiming to be the unit just wages,hogan, for fear that the new version's money well spent, but they were very eager to use the money, you want 1000 yuan "cheap sell,mulberry outlet. Mr. Yan said, the man pulled a face value of 1,hogan outlet,000 yuan RMB is yellow, says the People's Bank of China, 1000 yuan and so forth,mulberry. Hearts suspicious of Mr. Yan did not agree to this sale, called the hotline to the newspaper reflect this. The reporters found that Baidu online query,hollister paris, on the face value of 1,000 yuan RMB pages up to more than 300 million articles, many of them disclosed in this version of the renminbi faces of the posts, there are many users questioned the authenticity of the par value of RMB. Related statement at 10:30 today, the reporter on whether to have a face value of 1,000 yuan RMB consultation with the People's Bank of China. According to the Headquarters Office of the Information Services Department of the People's Bank of China,louboutin pas cher, a woman said, if the central bank released a new version yuan, will be through formal channels available to the public,abercrombie deutschland, Mr. Yan seen this sell "the new version of 1000 yuan" behavior should be fraud in public encountered a similar situation should call 110.

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