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*# [[User:Jamasi|Jamasi]]
*# [[User:Jamasi|Jamasi]]
* "pp international"
*# [[User:LynX|lynX]]
== interwiki links ==
== interwiki links ==

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choosing a license

Every wiki demands for a license (for example within the text below the edit box). Stating nothing about it might be suitable for pirates but increases legal risks. Here you can discuss & vote what license you would prefer.

  • Public Domain
    1. Jan Huwald
    2. Antti Impiö
  • CC By 2.0
  • "All your rights are belong to us"-license with "viewing causes suing"-DRM and watermarks in the text ;-)
    1. Jamasi

choosing a name

One might want to change the name of this Wiki. Currently it is called "PP International" without stating that it is a wiki in it's name. You can vote for the following suggestions (by signing with "~~~" or make your own one:

interwiki links

Set up interwiki links for

These links allow you to create a web between all pirate parties discussion plattforms. This web is stable, even if the URLs behind change.

technical stuff

  • allow uploading files and support SVG done
  • add the PP-International favicon done
  • spread the administrative burden on several backs; this also to avoid a German world domination ;-)